One kidnapped Ohio infant found, search continues for twin

One of the two newborns who were taken from a parking lot in Columbus, Ohio, on Monday night has been found, but police are still looking for the second youngster.

The black 2010 four-door Honda Accord that Nalah Jackson is suspected of driving has been reported stolen, and authorities have issued a photo of the suspect.

Kason and Ky’air Thomas’ mother left the two babies in their running car seats as she entered a restaurant on Monday at 9:45 p.m. EST. The car was gone when she came back, which prompted the creation of an Amber Alert for the missing twins.
Ky’air Thomas was discovered on Tuesday at the Dayton International Airport outside, seated in a car seat. That day, the temperature ranged from 37.4 to 18.6 degrees Fahrenheit.

Thomas Kason is still missing. 

As of 4:30 p.m. EST, there have been no confirmed sightings, thus the Amber Alert has not been expanded to adjacent states but is still in effect in Ohio.

On Wednesday, police said that they had spoken with witnesses who had seen Jackson near the airport parking lot on Tuesday.

Tuesday was spent by family members looking for the missing infants in parking lots and shopping centers.

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Two Bodies Were Found Ten Days After Two Teens Went Missing In Toledo, Ohio

— following the disappearance of two teenage boys in Toledo, Ohio, to make arrests.

The dead, which were discovered in a vacant home that burned down earlier this month in a fire that is thought to have been started intentionally, have not been identified by authorities. On Thursday, local TV images showed law enforcement and family members of Kyshawn Pittman, 15, and Ke’Marion Wilder, 16, at the house’s rubble.

The boys were last observed alive climbing into a silver SUV on December 3 at Maumee Bay State Park. The last thing Pittman’s mother reportedly heard from him was when he requested her to book him a Lyft from a party at the Maumee Bay Lodge.

The two remains were discovered at the house, which burned down two days after the teenagers were last seen there, the Toledo Police Department reported on Thursday. According to Lt. Dan Gerken, identifying the bodies will take some time.

Five people have been taken into custody, nevertheless, in relation to the youngsters’ disappearance. After police claimed they lied about the whereabouts of the youngsters, Crystal LaForge-Yingling, Corbin Gingrich, and Carissa Eames were charged earlier this week with obstructing an investigation. Cruz Garcia and Diamond Rivera were both accused on Thursday of two counts of kidnapping and obstruction of justice, respectively.

LaForge-Yingling, Gingrich, and Eames are linked to Wilder’s girlfriend, according to Wilder’s sister. I don’t care about anything else. I just want him home, that’s it.”

“He was picked up from a party, and that was the last time we have known to see him or speak to him,” Nadolny said. “He spoke to a family member on FaceTime Saturday, and that was the last time we’ve heard or seen anything. No communication whatsoever.

“It’s like a movie we never wanted to be a part of; it’s horrible,” she said. “We just lost his mother less than a year ago. This is just horrible. It’s literally been a nightmare. Our family is falling apart.”

Reynolds told the news outlet that she and others have been searching, knocking on doors, passing fliers out.

“It’s hard to do, people turning the fliers away, all types of stuff,” she said. “It feels like everybody has something to do with it, I just want them at home.”

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The boy’s body stuffed into a washing machine

Authorities in Texas have released a report showing that a 7-year-old boy found dead in a washing machine suffered a traumatic childhood and had multiple interactions with child protective services before his death.

Prior to Troy Khoeler, 7, being discovered dead inside a washing machine in Harris County, Texas, in July, the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS) conducted two investigations over a four-month period, according to a report that was made public, KRIV-TV reported.

After authorities were unable to establish whether the bruises and marks on Khoeler’s body were caused by abuse or accidents involving other children as the parents claimed, both investigations were ended.

The parents who adopted Khoeler from foster care in 2019—Jermaine Thomas, 42, and Tiffany Thomas, 35—were detained and charged in relation to Khoeler’s passing last month. Khoeler was abused and traumatized throughout his life, according to the study. His drug withdrawal symptoms first appeared when he was a newborn after his biological mother acknowledged consuming Xanax and hydrocodone without a prescription while she was pregnant.

When both of their opiates tests came back positive, Khoeler was taken from his mother’s care because to worries that she did not grasp his feeding regimen.

Khoeler’s bruises around his eyes were reported to child protection authorities in January, and the young boy claimed his cousin had assaulted him with a toy. However, the report indicates that Khoeler was unable to provide any additional information and that his story did not seem to be compatible with the marks.

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The couple traveled with 8-year-old daughter’s body in the trailer to spend more time with her 3 months after the death

Three months after their daughter, 8, passed away, a couple crossed state lines with her body in a U-Haul trailer because they “wanted to spend more time with her,” according to the police.

According to the Mitchell Police Department, Mandie Miller, 33, and Aleksander Kurmoyarov, 28, were detained in Mitchell, South Dakota, on Wednesday after authorities discovered they were hauling the girl’s body from Washington State to the Pine Ridge Native American reservation in South Dakota.

In contrast to Kurmoyarov’s account, Miller told detectives that her adopted daughter had passed away on September 10. According to him, the child passed away in Airway Heights, Washington, just before Halloween. According to investigators, Kurmoyarov said that he and Miller didn’t report the girl’s death or seek medical assistance for her because they wanted to spend more time with her and were worried about getting into trouble.

They failed to inform South Dakota or Washington State police about the 8-year-passing. old’s Instead, the Davison County Coroner called Mitchell police on Wednesday to report that the couple had contacted him, letting them know of the odd and dismal scenario.

Officers located the U-Haul with the casket and the child’s remains inside after following the pair to a residence in Mitchell. The pair had been in South Dakota for four days and around two days in the city.

Miller and Kurmoyarov were each charged with one count of failing to report a child’s death to law enforcement. They were taken into custody as Washington and South Dakota police conducted separate investigations.

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Man Escapes Farmhouse To Tell World His Family Has Been Trapped In Secret Room For 9 Years

A 25-year-old Dutchman entered a bar in the Dutch region of Drenthe. He had long, unruly hair and an untidy, dirty beard, and he appeared puzzled and disoriented.

The young man placed a drink order and struck up a conversation with Chris, the bar’s proprietor. As it turned out, the enigmatic customer had a terrifying tale to share.

The man continued by revealing to Chris that he and his five younger siblings had been residing in the cellar of their father’s farm house in Ruinerwold, a tiny isolated community close to the bar.

He asserted that they had been cut off from the outside world for about ten years. Under their “doomsday” father’s orders, the siblings “waited for the end of time” throughout.

In an effort to put a stop to their seclusion, this young man had finally been able to leave the bunker and leave the expansive land.

Chris helped the man call 911 — and now it was time for the police to go and see what exactly had been going on inside that farmhouse for so long.

What the cops found inside the home left them completely stunned. Watch the video to find out.

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The boy under the floorboard drowned in a toilet.

According to court filings, the small child who drowned in a toilet bowl and whose decomposing body was discovered under the floorboards of a house in rural Arkansas had been dead for three months.

Investigators were informed by Ashley Rolland, 28, that her son Blu had been disciplined by Nathan Bridges, her live-in partner, 33, after the child bit his finger. The 6-year-old daughter of Rolland was discovered inside the house with serious scalp burns that Rolland claimed were also brought on by Bridges.

They are both accused of murder in the first degree, mistreatment of a corpse, tampering with tangible evidence, and endangering the welfare of a child. Additionally, Rolland is accused of two felonies for allowing child abuse.

The unknown is the age of the children, who are not related to Bridges biologically. Blu would have turned six years old on December 16, the day his body was found, according to Karen Rolland, the children’s paternal grandmother. However, according to court records, he was born in 2017, making him 5 years old, which is consistent with the age of his burned sister, who is believed to be 6.

Ashley Rolland is cooperating with the officers, telling them that her son was killed on September 9 after Bridges chastised him for biting his finger, according to the affidavit submitted in Lee County Circuit Court. Rolland also claimed that Bridges held her daughter’s head under extremely hot water as “punishment” for misbehavior, resulting in burns.

The boy’s death was discovered after Rolland’s 57-year-old ex-mom-in-law called the police after her son, the kids’ biological father, tried to pick them up for a court-ordered custody visit on December 16 in the morning. The father became concerned when just the daughter—whose scalp burns had scabbed over—was present. According to the complaint, when police arrived at the residence at 10:45 p.m. to check on the resident’s welfare, they discovered freshly hammered flooring and “disturbed soil.”

Anita Widby, who describes herself as a friend of the paternal grandmother, stated that Karen Rolland had been attempting to obtain custody of the children for more than a year on a GoFundMe page created to assist with paying for the funeral of the deceased kid. Widby said that the child who is still alive has endured unspeakable abuse. This child’s hair had been chopped off, she is malnourished, cracked ribs, and many many burns on her body in various stages of healing,” she wrote on the plea for funds. “These injuries are presumed to be from her mother and the mother’s boyfriend. Later, Karen was notified that the youngest grandchild’s decomposing body had been found.”

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14-year-old girl attempted to kill a friend’s stepdad

A 14-year-old Idaho girl admitted trying to kill her buddy’s stepfather with a friend, according to the prosecution.

According to The Lewiston Tribune, Chloe Marks of Lewiston pleaded guilty on Tuesday. When she is sentenced on February 23, she could spend up to 25 years in juvenile detention and jail.

When the incident happened in February, Marks and Triston Arnzen were both 14-year-old middle school students; both have been charged as adults. Arnzen, now 15 years old and from Lewiston, has entered a not-guilty plea to two counts of attempted murder related to the bullet wounds sustained by his stepfather and his stepsister, age 11. Prosecutors claim that Arnzen and Marks planned the shooting after George Hamblin Jr., Arnzen’s stepfather, informed them they couldn’t visit the park. The family’s firearm was taken by youths, according to the prosecution, and Marks shot Hamblin with it before giving it to Arnzen. Then, according to the prosecution, Arnzen shot his stepfather once more before turning the gun on his stepsister. She was pursued and shot twice in the leg. During a preliminary hearing in June, Lewiston Police detectives Brett Dammon and Cody Bloomsburg said Marks told them that she agreed to the shooting because, “YOLO,” an acronym for “you only live once.” Bloomsburg also testified that Arnzen told him the pair took some time to “build up the courage” before the shooting and that he stopped shooting at his stepsister because he thought the gun was empty.

During that hearing, defense attorneys noted that Arnzen did not have any parent present during the police interviews and that Marks’ parents first agreed to let her be interviewed before she was considered a suspect in the case.

On Tuesday, Marks’ defense attorney Rick Cuddihy said the plea agreement was reached after mediation, and that the agreement says Marks can serve time in juvenile detention until she is 21. After that, she may be released by a judge or sent to adult prison.

“The benefit to my client is that her stay in juvenile detention might be her only stay in jail,” Cuddihy said.

Arnzen’s defense attorney, Greg Rauch, could not be immediately reached for comment.

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8 teenage girls stabbed a man to death

In connection with the stabbing death of a 59-year-old Toronto man in what police are calling a “swarming” attack, eight adolescent girls are being charged with murder.

Following the weekend murder, officers from the Toronto Police Service charged the teenagers on Tuesday, according to the agency.

Just after 12:15 a.m. on Sunday, police responded to an allegation of an assault in downtown Toronto and discovered a male with stab wounds, according to Police Detective Sgt. Terry Browne. The individual was then taken to a hospital, where he passed away.

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The victims identity will not be made public by the police until his next-of-kin has been reached. In the fall, according to Browne, the victim relocated to a nearby homeless shelter.

According to Browne, who spoke to reporters, “as the inquiry progressed, it became clear very early on that the individuals involved in this were being described as eight young females.” According to him, police found the suspects near the scene of the attack and detained three 13-year-old girls, three 14-year-old girls, and two 16-year-old girls, accusing them of second-degree murder.

The suspects connected on social media.
According to Browne, the same girls got into a fight earlier that evening in the vicinity of the man’s murder. He declined to provide further information, but he did state that the girls were allegedly trying to steal a bottle of alcohol from the victim, according to the detectives.

“(The suspects) got to know one another on social media. They originate from several locations throughout the city, Browne said during a press briefing. “We have no idea how or why they connected that evening or why they chose to travel to downtown Toronto. How long they had been acquainted with one another is unknown. At this time, I wouldn’t classify them as a gang.

They took part in a “swarming,” according to Browne. He opted not to mention if the teenager recorded the assault.

He claimed that several weapons had been taken, but he would not specify what sort. All of the girls, according to him, are Canadian, and three of the suspects have a history of running afoul of the law.

I’ve been in policing for almost 35 years and you think you’ve seen it all,” Browne said in an interview with The Associated Press. “Anyone who isn’t shocked with hearing something like this has clearly just thrown in the towel and just said that anything is possible in this world. Eight young girls and most under the age of 16. If this isn’t alarming and shocking to everyone, then we’re all in trouble quite frankly.”

Browne said police spoke to the parents of the teens.

“I can tell you it was a shock to find out that their children were involved in an event like this,” he said.

Canadian authorities did not release the girls’ names because they are minors.

Browne said they remain in custody and are due in court for an appearance Dec. 29.

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Last video of missing 11-year-old Madalina Cojocari

The last time missing 11-year-old Madalina Cojocari was seen, according to camera evidence provided by North Carolina police, she was getting off her school bus.

The camera shows the sixth-grader getting off at her stop on November 21 at 4:59 p.m., which Cornelius police say is “the last time we have independent confirmation of when she was last seen,” which is about 20 miles north of Charlotte.

Madalina can be seen in the video sporting a gray T-shirt and a ponytail. A backpack’s black straps can be seen.

Madalina’s mother and stepfather reportedly informed detectives they last saw her on November 23. However, officials are now looking for additional witnesses outside of the family to determine the precise time frame of her disappearance.

When Madalina’s mother, Diana Cojocari, reported her missing to Bailey Middle School on December 15, a police investigation into the girl’s abduction was started.
The mother was approached “on multiple occasions” by school staff to find out the reason Madalina wasn’t at school before the report was made.

Diana Cojocari, 37, and Madalina’s stepfather, Christopher Palmiter, 60, were detained on Saturday and charged with failing to notify authorities of a child’s absence after it had been three weeks since anybody had heard of the youngster.

The State Bureau of Investigation and the FBI are assisting in the hunt.

According to police, as a precaution, officers are conducting land and water searches in Lake Cornelius in addition to the region around Madalina’s house.

Madalina is characterized as being 90 pounds in weight, 4 feet, 10 inches tall, with brown eyes and hair.

Calling the Cornelius Police Department at 704-892-7773 will connect you to the department’s information line. The girl’s mother waited three weeks to tell her ex-husband because she thought it would hurt their current relationship she also waited three weeks to contact the police and let them know she was missing.

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Motel 6 shooting timeline

In the early morning of Wednesday, Dec. 14, two Bay St. Louis police officers were killed in the line of duty while responding to a welfare concern at Motel 6 on U.S. 90. Their names were Sgt. Steven Robin, 34, and Officer Branden Estorffe, 23.

The two officers went to the motel to respond to a 911 call made by the front desk on behalf of a guest named Amy Anderson. After arriving on the scene, Robin and Estorffe talked with Anderson, who had an 8-year-old child with her, for around half an hour. During this time, a phone call was placed to Child Protective Services.

Shortly after the call was made, Anderson started shooting at the officers in the motel parking lot. Robin was shot in the head and died instantly. Estorffe was shot and succumbed to his injuries later in a nearby hospital. Anderson also perished in the shooting, but the child that was with her was not harmed.

The Mississippi Bureau of Investigation, the agency responsible for investigating all of the state’s police shootings, initially thought that Anderson’s gunshot wound was self-inflicted, making her death a suicide. According to Public Service Commissioner Sean Tindell, MBI investigators later found that a round discharged from Estorffe’s gun was actually responsible for Anderson’s death.

A candlelight vigil was held on Thursday at Bay High’s Tiger Stadium in honor of the fallen officers. Family members of both victims and hundreds of community members were in attendance. A joint funeral service for the officers who died together will be held on Wednesday at the Bay St. Louis Community Center, 301 Blaize Ave. Visitation for family, friends, and community members will begin at 9:30 a.m., and the funeral service will begin at noon.

Here’s a timeline of what happened that Wednesday morning. Some of the times listed below are approximate.

2:30 a.m.

Ocean Springs veterinarian Amy Brogdan Anderson, 43, arrives at Motel 6 in Bay St. Louis with an 8-year-old child. They check in at the front desk.

3:35 a.m.

The Motel 6 front desk manager calls 911 at Anderson’s request. The manager says that the guest (Anderson) sounded distressed.

3:38 a.m.

Officer Branden Estorffe arrives at the scene and is joined a minute later by Sgt. Steven Robin. She tells officers that she feared for her life and that her and her daughter were being followed by a white pickup truck.

3:39 a.m. — 4:18 a.m.

Robin and Estorffe meet up with Anderson to address her 911 call. Anderson tells the officers that she is being followed by a white pick-up truck, and that she fears for her life. Robin and Estorffe investigate Anderson’s allegations, gather information, and take statements. The officers interact with Anderson and the 8-year-old inside and outside their motel room.

Concerned about the minor’s safety in Anderson’s care, Robin and Estorffe decide to call Child Protective Services. Shortly after, Anderson and the child begin loading their vehicle, and Anderson informs the officers that they will be leaving Motel 6.

4:19 a.m.

Seated in the driver’s seat of her brown Toyota Highlander, Anderson fires one shot at Robin, who was standing by the driver’s side door. The bullet hits him in the head, killing him instantly. Officer Estorffe, who was on the phone with Child Protective Services, hears the shot and immediately returns to the vehicle. As he approaches, Estorffe and Anderson exchange gunfire. Both individuals are hit, and their injuries are fatal. Estorffe was alive when he was removed from the scene, but died shortly after at a nearby hospital.

The investigation into this shooting is open and ongoing. The Mississippi Department of Public Safety will release additional details to the public upon its completion.

Could Amy really be fearing for her life? And was afraid someone was going to kill her and her daughter? And if so who? She was concerned enough to call the cops about this white pickup truck. Could she have been fearing for her life when the police told her they contacted CPS? What are your thoughts?

According to Jerry her ex-husband she had threatened her pedophile ex-husband with the same firearm she used in the gun battle that ended her life.

Amy Brogdon Anderson menaced her former husband, Royce Carroll “Jerry” Mize, with the 9mm handgun when he was released on bail after being arrested for performing oral sex on a 10-year-old girl in June 2017, the Daily Mail reported.

Mize, 63, is currently serving a 10-year sentence for sexual battery at Leake County Correctional Facility.

Anderson, 43, had two children from a previous relationship and married Mize in 2011.

Mize’s sexual misconduct with his minor victim occurred in Feb. and March 2017, and the couple divorced shortly after. He is currently serving a 10-year sentence.

In the divorce filing, Anderson requested custody of the couple’s young child, as well as her two older children.

“[Mize’s actions] have been extremely damaging to the mental health and physical health of Amy, and that the continuance of the marital relationship would cause further serious damage to both her mental and physical health and well being, and to the physical health and well being of the minor child,” the documents read.

Royce Jarroll “Jerry” Mize is currently serving a 10-year sentence for sexual battery.MDOC

In his own court filing, Mize claimed that Anderson had stolen or lost some of his possessions, including a Chevy Silverado truck, clothing, and prescription glasses. He also described the moment she waved the 9mm pistol at him when he tried to retrieve his RV while out on bail.

Anderson, who just started a new job at Lakeview Animal Hospital last month, checked herself and her 8-year-old daughter into a Motel 6 a short distance from her Ocean Springs home around 2:35 a.m. on Dec. 14.

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Update: Bryan Kohberger affidavit Idaho murders

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