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Episode index:

1:Chick-Fil-a theory and maybe hit and run?- David Barwick and Terry Bubba Reviews

2: Birds aren’t real: Cami Sheppard

3: The Crow and the PI- Joyce Tina Gallegos and Gabrielle Di Stefano

4: Housewives of SLC: Baby Deorr Kunz

5: Whippits: Cabin 28

6: Will the real Katy Perry please stand up?: Jon-Benete Ramsey

7: The not so cold case Brie’s Birthday: Aubrey Carroll

8: Beam me up Rice-O: Rico Harris

9: Thanos and the possible serial killer: Tina Janose

10: Elisa Lam part 1

11: Elisa Lam part 2

12: Spirits, Aliens, and Cults: The Jamison Family

13: Grimes, Crimes that Rhymes: Grimes Sister Murders

14: 2 Bio fathers coco for coco puffs: Daybell Family Investigation

15: Accused but maybe innocent? Elisabeth Salgado and the Hayine family massacre

16: The Town of shrimp: Jason Royter

17: Captain love goes to Arrby’s: Ashleigh Love

18: Locked in the garage: Thomas Valva

19: Don’t do drugs or eat people: Andrew Sadek

20: The sisters of Las Vegas: Karla Rodriguez

21: Beware of Friday the 13th: Kelli Boredoex

22: It’s the end of the world as we know it. Robert Hollis

23: The space jam stalker: Dorthy James Scott

24: Earthquakes, Baseball bats, and a chopped off dick: The Dardeen Family

25: What you missed during Covid-19: Atreyue Kolomana Finai and Jaxson Brown

26: The donut shop murder: Pallic Patel and Bhadreshkumar Chetanbhai Patel

27: Dead or alive? Lauren Thomson

28: To friend or Unfriend?: Billie Payne and Billie Jane

29: 2 best friends go down the hill: Abby and Libby


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