Debbie Collier’s husband speaks out

The husband of murdered Georgia realtor Debbie Collier broke his silence Friday — nearly two weeks after her naked burnt body was found in a ravine about 60 miles from the couple’s home.

“She was a beautiful woman and I loved her,” Steve Collier, 67, told The Daily Mail from his Athens home.

“It has been a long two weeks and I’m very tired,” he reportedly said, while fighting back tears. “My wife was a wonderful person.”

The widower later spoke with The Post at his home and said investigators haven’t shared many details with him beyond what’s been made public.

“Police found my wife’s body in Habersham County, near Clarkesville, Georgia. They said it wasn’t suicide and it wasn’t a kidnapping,” he said. “They said it was murder. If they have any more information, they haven’t shared it with me yet.”

Police have not named any suspects or motives in the murder case, and were waiting for autopsy results to determine Collier’s cause of death.

Debbie, 59, was found dead near Tallulah Falls on Sept. 11, a day after leaving her home in a SUV that was rented because her vehicle was in the shop, police said.

Her daughter Amanda Bearden, 36, told police that her mom had Venmoed her $2,385 along with the message “They are not going to let me go, love you” on Sept. 10.

A neighbor told The Post she heard “a commotion” at the Collier residence on the evening of Sept. 9, and had frequently heard screaming coming from the home.

“Somebody comes up to visit on the weekends [and] in the evenings, and there’s loud screaming and fighting,” the neighbor said, saying the visitor was a younger woman.

Steven Collier told cops he last encountered his wife at 9 p.m. the night before her disappearance and didn’t see her leave the following morning because they sleep in separate beds due to his snoring.

Her rental vehicle — which was found near her body — was still in the driveway the next morning when he went to work, he said.

Bearden and her boyfriend, who both have a history of domestic arrests, said Thursday they had been interrogated by detectives who also confiscated their phones.

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Who is Andrew Giegerich?

Andrew Gieregrich body cam footage

Who is Andrew Gieregrich?

Andrew Gieregrich is a former MMA fighter and also Amanda Bearden ex-boyfriend and Amanda Bearden is Debbie Collier’s daughter.

Amanda Bearden had a protective order on Andrew at the time of the video was taken. Amanda also claims that Andrew hit her and left marks such as this bruise.

Amanda’s Bruise

He also wrote this alleged note. As well as has a history of domestic violence. On May 10th, 2021 with this green marker making this chilling note. Debbie Collier also posted on May 10th on her facebook that she “Fell” And had these bruises from that fall but some speculate they allegedly came from Andrew.

Debbie Collier’s facebook photos

 He was jailed for six days last week, beginning on Sept. 16, on a probation violation and ordered to show proof of substance abuse treatment within 20 days, court records show. He has since been released and was spotted back at the home Friday. His reason for being arrested in June for an active warrant after police responded to Bearden’s home for a domestic violence call. Three months later, police arrested him again for violating an order of protection, beating on her door and disorderly conduct.

Andrew allegedly wrote this note.

Yet Andrew and Amanda are seen together driving up to Amanda’s house according to fox news

Beardon and Giegerich said they had last seen Debbie the previous day when she had bought them lunch. 

Police records show Beardon and Giegerich have long had a volatile relationship. 

After the May 2021 incident, a fast track arraignment was made for him in June 2021, noting it was his “second or subsequent arrest for a family violence offence” and putting the ban on him contacting Bearden. 

However, he was charged with violating that order in September 2021 after he went to Amanda’s residence and allegedly “banged on doors and windows demanding to get inside,” according to the court documents. 

That same month, he was arrested for misdemeanor DUI, having marijuana, not wearing a seat belt, not having required tag lights and reckless driving. 

He pleaded guilty to not having the required tag lights and reckless driving, and the rest of the charges were dismissed. 

Giegerich pleaded guilty in January to the domestic violence counts against him and was sentenced to 12 months probation.

He was then arrested again for violating his parole on August 26 and ordered to serve six days in jail and to show proof he had entered a substance abuse treatment program within 20 days. 

Amanda Bearden and Andrew Giegerich arrive together at her house Friday. Bearden's mother Debbie Collier was found dead under gruesome circumstances off a rural highway earlier this month.

Amanda Bearden and Andrew Giegerich arrive together at her house Friday. Bearden’s mother Debbie Collier was found dead under gruesome circumstances off a rural highway earlier this month. 

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Lisa Irwin

Lisa Renee Irwin was only 10 months old the last time she was with her family. They commonly called her, pumpkin pie.

October 3, 2011 a neighbor came over for dinner, the kids played and the moms had some wine.

On October 3, 2011 her mother, Deborah put her to bed in her crib in her room in Kansas City Missouri. In another room, her two older half brothers (One from each parents previous relationships) slept without knowing anything out of the ordinary was happening.

Jeremy, Lisa’s father had been working a night shift, he arrived home around four am to find that several lights were on in the house and Lisa’s bedroom door was ajar. The front door had been unlocked, and several cell phones were missing.

She was reported missing shortly after 4 am, as soon as Jeremy realized she wasn’t in the house, and a search of the area was done but no trace of baby Lisa was found.

Deborah, who admits she had been drinking that evening, couldn’t 100% recall if her last check on her baby daughter had been at 10:40 pm or 6:40 pm.

The parents, Deborah in particular were first blamed. On October 19, cadaver dogs found a scent near the mothers bed…Though even trace amounts of blood could have had a hit… and the carpet was never removed from the home. and burnt baby clothes were at some point found in a neighborhood dumpster. There was so much focus on the parents, some people actually think too much time was spent on them and not enough exploring other options. At one point the cops even told her she failed a polygraph test to try and get her to confess but she had actually passed.

Someone was seen walking in the neighborhood with a baby. A neighbor saw the lights in their house go off between 10:30 and 11:00 The stolen phones had activity on them, always in the neighborhood never more than 1/3 mile away. There was a phone call made to someone a short walk away. The screen covers to windows were pushed in.

Parents believe she was kidnapped and sold.

She would now be 9 years old. There is a 100,000 dollar reward for her.

Pshyic says body was dumped along the banks of the Missouri River

Theories: A drunken Deborah took her to bed, accidentally smothered her and covered it up. (That drunk how could you cover it up?)

John “Jersey” and his Ex Megan, who lived nearby and was the one called. She claims that she shares the phone with a roommate and the calls weren’t to her and she doesn’t know anything about the Irwin family. Though her ex… Jersey might know the Irwin’s… he supposedly had an alibi.

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Update: Bryan Kohberger affidavit Idaho murders

Adriann Barrett