Pedophiles could lose parental rights under new law

A new rule could result in paedophiles convicted of serious sexual offenses losing custody of their children.

The mother who paid £30,000 in legal bills to prevent her pedophile ex-husband from seeing their kid is the subject of the proposed legislation reform, which was brought about by a story from the BBC.

Following her hearing the account, Labour Member Harriet Harman proposed a change to the Criminal Justice Act.

The most serious sexual offense—rape of a kid under the age of 13—is covered under it.

In an interview with BBC News, Ms. Harman stated that future offenders of that crime would be “automatically deprived” of their parental rights.

“He will be able to get them back only if he goes to the family courts and is able to persuade them that it is in the child’s best interests that his parental rights are restored,” she continued. “I had to protect my child from her paternal dad.” “In the case of a child rapist, that is unlikely.”
The Lord Chancellor, who oversees courts, jails, and probation, is known to the BBC.

“A chance for change”
Former Labour Party deputy leader Ms. Harman claimed to have suggested the modification after learning about Bethan’s experience on BBC Radio 4’s Today show.

“[I] knew that because the government had legislation going through parliament, there was an opportunity for change, so I tabled a new clause to change the law,” she stated.

After being found guilty of major charges of paedophilia, Bethan’s ex-husband was prohibited from having any contact with children other than his own.

But even while incarcerated, he continued to have control over his daughter’s health, education, and travel, which caused issues when Bethan decided to take a vacation overseas.

In November of last year, the Cardiff Family Court limited the father’s powers after ruling in Bethan’s favor. It is now prohibited for him to speak.

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