Lisa Irwin

Lisa Renee Irwin was only 10 months old the last time she was with her family. They commonly called her, pumpkin pie.

October 3, 2011 a neighbor came over for dinner, the kids played and the moms had some wine.

On October 3, 2011 her mother, Deborah put her to bed in her crib in her room in Kansas City Missouri. In another room, her two older half brothers (One from each parents previous relationships) slept without knowing anything out of the ordinary was happening.

Jeremy, Lisa’s father had been working a night shift, he arrived home around four am to find that several lights were on in the house and Lisa’s bedroom door was ajar. The front door had been unlocked, and several cell phones were missing.

She was reported missing shortly after 4 am, as soon as Jeremy realized she wasn’t in the house, and a search of the area was done but no trace of baby Lisa was found.

Deborah, who admits she had been drinking that evening, couldn’t 100% recall if her last check on her baby daughter had been at 10:40 pm or 6:40 pm.

The parents, Deborah in particular were first blamed. On October 19, cadaver dogs found a scent near the mothers bed…Though even trace amounts of blood could have had a hit… and the carpet was never removed from the home. and burnt baby clothes were at some point found in a neighborhood dumpster. There was so much focus on the parents, some people actually think too much time was spent on them and not enough exploring other options. At one point the cops even told her she failed a polygraph test to try and get her to confess but she had actually passed.

Someone was seen walking in the neighborhood with a baby. A neighbor saw the lights in their house go off between 10:30 and 11:00 The stolen phones had activity on them, always in the neighborhood never more than 1/3 mile away. There was a phone call made to someone a short walk away. The screen covers to windows were pushed in.

Parents believe she was kidnapped and sold.

She would now be 9 years old. There is a 100,000 dollar reward for her.

Pshyic says body was dumped along the banks of the Missouri River

Theories: A drunken Deborah took her to bed, accidentally smothered her and covered it up. (That drunk how could you cover it up?)

John “Jersey” and his Ex Megan, who lived nearby and was the one called. She claims that she shares the phone with a roommate and the calls weren’t to her and she doesn’t know anything about the Irwin family. Though her ex… Jersey might know the Irwin’s… he supposedly had an alibi.

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Update: Bryan Kohberger affidavit Idaho murders

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