Karen Mitchell

11/25/1997 Eurkea CA

Was just 5 days shy of turning 17 from Eureka when she disappeared. She was known as an Alternative kid who liked REM and smashing pumpkins, she made her own hemp necklaces. She was last seen at her aunt’s shoe shop which was a shop for Dragqueens she left that shop that day, and was never seen again. Then she went to a daycare where she had a job interview. Robert Durst was also known for hanging around this same exact shop. He was also confirmed to be there the same day Karen went missing. This sketch was drawn of someone who said they saw Karen get into a car with a man that looked a lot like Robert Durst.

Annie Casper, Karen’s aunt, was her legal guardian and owned a shoe store inside Bayshore Mall. The shopping center was in the 3300 block of Broadway Street, approximately one mile from Karen’s place of employment. She briefly visited her aunt’s business before departing from the mall at approximately 2:45 p.m.

A witness stated that Karen may have entered an unidentified light blue four-door 1976 to 1978 sedan, which was possibly a Ford Grenada, a Mercury Monarch, or a Nissan. The vehicle had California license plates and “Eureka” imprinted on the rear plate’s frame.

When she didn’t arrive home that night her mom called her aunt and her aunt said she never came back she told her that she was going to this job interview and then going to go home.

Her mom drove everywhere and put up posters within a few hours of her disappearance from LA to Eureka which is 650 miles. The police of course told her she had. to wait 48 hours before they would get involved.

Mary Casper her mom said she had been acting out lately and that even her aunt out in Eureka offered to take her for a while to help have things cool off at home. So She gave her sister Annie Casper guardian rights to karen.

She had savings in her bank account that was never touched. She also had a plane ticket that she got for a gift for Christmas that was also never touched. This was to go to other schools in California for college.

Mary her mom ended up staying in Eureka for 6 months looking for any sign of her daughter. There was dog searches, groups of people trying to find her.

Trinidad and Eureka are both in Humboldt County, a part of California known as a stronghold of the marijuana production industry. The region is filled with redwoods and greenery and beaches of light-colored sand punctuated by dark, jagged rocks. It is famously liberal, attracting itinerants and Vietnam veterans and sundry sorts of dissenters from the American mainstream since the tumultuous 1960s. A common nickname for the area is the “lost coast”.

The area is known as a place to hide – the novelist Denis Johnson once wrote of these towns that they were “places a person could disappear into” – and undoubtedly that was part of what attracted Durst here. He has often professed his love for marijuana.

Durst owned an office in Eureka for 15 years with the Real Estate business he inherited.

Sightings of Karen:

in to say that they’d been asked for money by a girl answering Karen’s description in Tempe, Arizona.

So the family went to Tempe. It was the summer of 2001. They stayed at a motel, and they went out and talked to the large transient population that was then in that city. They told the motel manager why they were there. They showed Karen’s picture everywhere. They interviewed local kids, who did say they’d seen someone who looked like her.

And then one day while they were out, Mary said, “we got a phone call from the motel manager, and he says: ‘I think Karen’s here.’” They rushed back to the hotel. “I couldn’t breathe the whole time,” Mary said. James said he was “almost fainting”.

The hotel manager insisted they call the police. When they came, the officers were the ones who knocked on the door of the motel room while Mary and James waited in the parking lot. They saw the door open; they saw the police officers talking with someone inside. And then the girl stepped out. It wasn’t Karen.

“She walked by right everybody and she walked right up to me and said: ‘I’m so sorry,’” Mary said. And then, the girl who wasn’t Karen hugged her.


She ran away

she is a victim of sex trafficking

She was murdered

One suspect is Robert Durst Mary has gone as far as to write Durst and ask him for any information on his daughter’s whereabouts.

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Could Robert Durst or Ted Bundy be responsible?

Lynne was last seen leaving her dormitory on the Middlebury College campus in Middlebury, Vermont on December 10, 1971, the first day of final exams before Christmas break started. She apparently stopped at a local health food store, All the Good Things, and bought dried prunes, and was seen eating them outside the store at 12:30 p.m. She said she was going to take a bus to New York, but the bus had already left.

Lynne returned to campus and was seen in her dormitory. She left her room at 12:55 p.m. She was on her way with her friends to take a final exam in her English Drama class when she said she had forgotten her favorite pen and was going to go back to get it. The exam was scheduled for 1:00 p.m.; she never showed up.

She had signed up for classes next semester why would she do that if she was just going to run away?

At 2:15 p.m., Lynne was seen standing on Court Street, across the street from All the Good Things eating a bag of prunes that she bought at the all good things store and the bus stop where she’d been earlier. This is the last time anyone ever saw or heard from her.

Lynne had mentioned the idea of faking her own death and starting life anew prior to her disappearance, but her friends did not take her seriously. In the letters she wrote frequently to family and friends back home, she admitted she felt homesick and had considered withdrawing from school. However, she never indicated she was planning on dropping out of sight or leaving college before the autumn term was over, and she did register for spring semester classes.

At first it was speculated that perhaps she had ran off the New York as she had told the fellow student while standing at the bus stop that afternoon. She talked about how awesome it would be to go to New York and she just wants to run away there.

She left her identification, checkbook, and all her personal belongings behind when she vanished. She may have been carrying $30 in cash with her. Campus security was alerted to her disappearance two days after she was last seen, but her sisters were not notified for a week. It is worth noting that she did not have a car so she often took the bus or got a ride with someone she knew or hitchhiked.

Her roommate was gone for the holidays but other students realized she was missing and called her Sisters and told them she was missing her sisters told the police and they said just wait to see if she arrives around the holidays.

Her bike was missing but it was later discovered that she let her boyfriend use it and it was in his dorm. It wasn’t unusual that they shared the bike.

Her boyfriend was deemed clear as a suspect being he was in class at the time and a lot of people verified his whereabouts

Her sister says that for her to leave two weeks before Christmas was just not like her yes she talked about having a new life and being someone else but don’t we all wish that especially when you are a struggling young woman in college?

Her relatives don’t believe she was unusually distressed. She took her English Drama class seriously, had perfect attendance, and studied hard for the final exam she never attended. Although her academic performance at Middlebury wasn’t as good as it had been in high school, she wasn’t failing any classes.

There were several possible sightings of Lynne after her disappearance, but none of them were confirmed. Several people made confessions of involvement in her case, but all of their statements turned out to be false.

Little evidence is available as to her fate, but Lynne’s disappearance is considered suspicious and her family believes she died shortly after she was last seen.

She was a freshman at Middlebury in 1971 and lived in Simsbury, Connecticut when she was not at college. Lynne enjoyed writing at the time of her disappearance and had kept a journal during her senior year of high school.

In 2015, authorities announced they were looking at Robert Durst as a possible suspect in Lynne’s disappearance. He and his wife, Kathleen, owned All the Good Things in 1971.

So we have this theory that Robert Durst did it but something that I don’t see being said is what about Ted Bundy? He was in the area in December of 1971 in Vermont his birthplace is only 45 mins from her school she would have been the right age and had brown hair which so did all of his victims. There is an unconfirmed Murder and rape of a woman just 12 miles from Lynne’s school and this happened on January 24 1971 Rita Patricia Curran, a 24-year-old elementary school teacher There is nothing that for sure puts him in Vermont at that time but that time is determined to be unaccounted for on the timeline of Ted Bundy.

Robert or his wife Kathie were never questioned on Lynne’s case years later police try to question Robert Durst will not comment on the case and his lawyers have told police they don’t have enough evidence to question him.

There have been several false confessions of people who were on Death Row but none have been ever confirmed

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Kathie Durst- Robert Durst

Robert Durst’s mother died a violent death in front of Durst when he was 7 years old. His dad took him outside and told Robert to wave at mommy as she was on the roof. Then she jumped off the roof right in front of him. At her funeral people were telling him she was right here in the box and he jumped on the box and told people to get mommy out of the box. After that, he would run away a lot and hide. His father didn’t really make up for his mom not being there.

Theories that 1971 in Vermont Lynne Shultze is connected to Robert she went missing at All good things store which is owned by Robert Durst and is never seen again.

Robert didn’t want to take over his dad’s real estate business but he agreed to his dying wishes and sold his shop.

She was a medical student who disappeared on January 31 1982 her husband Robert Durst has been the prime suspect. She lived in Manhatten New York. Robert says he was having some alone time around the time of Susan’s disappearance.

There were these letters sent to the police about the case with the misspelling of Beverly on it and then after Susan’s disappearance Her son-in-law gets a letter with the same handwriting as the letter with her name on it and it struck her son-in-law as odd. wihch is from Robert Durst.

Another detective said that he interviewed the doorman and that he never saw Kathie so both accounts have been written in court documents.

Robert was the heir to a real estate agent.

His current wife said she couldn’t remember where Robert or she was during the death of Susan even tho they were newlyweds

Susan was killed by a gunshot wound her dad was the David was a major part of the Jewish Mafia. Rumors were that it was due to her father’s line of work.

Jim would find Kathies diary and she wrote that Robert would bash her head in and forced her to get an abortion. And She even wrote that she saw a divorce lawyer.

Karen Mitchelle and Kristen Modafferi both vanished in LA also when Durst was living there

He was filmed on a documentary called the Jynx and while he was on a bathroom break they caught him talking to himself saying There it is, You’re caught, what the hell did I do? Killed them all of course.

Roberts Durst’s nephew thinks it is very odd that his whole family just doesn’t talk about Robert or anything about him.

The night that Kathie was allegedly killed by Robert he called Susan shortly after. The theory here is that Susan called the black brothers to take care of Kathie’s body. The theory is these two were paid off and then go separate directions. Harry goes to Canada. Morris ended up living in this apartment. Where Dorthy was living in apartment #2 and Morris was in #3 was in and these two separated and were never seen together again or called each other nothing. Apparently, Dorthy travels a lot so wasn’t there most of the time.

Morris Black seemed to be completely nonexistent he also had a brother Harry who also seemed to be non-existent but more research found that he was previously in the Mafia as well. Both of the brothers had been working for the Durst organization. The widow of Harry said that he and Morris helped make Kathie Durst disappeared. The theory is that Susan knew the black brothers through mafia connections.

Morris Black resurfaces in 1998 he threatened to blow up the local gas company over a refund and was arrested in 2000 Robert Durst allegedly killed Susan. Then shortly after Robert gets the apartment across from where Morris lives and pretends to be Dorthy Seiner.

Some speculate that how well Morris has dismembered the person who did it had to of done it before.

1997 16-year-old Karen Mitchelle went disappearing and Robert was in that area the same time she went missing. There was. also, a witness said they saw Karen with an older man the day she vanished and the composite sketch is very similar to Robert. And Robert visited her aunt’s clothing store the day she went missing called Dressed in Drag. There is footage of Karen waiting on what was allegedly Robert in Drag.

The examiner on the body even said the person who did this knew what tool to use to cut on what bone what part of the body.

Right now he is in jail for possession of marijuana and possession of a firearm which is a felony for having both together. There has been enough evidence collected now to determine that a trial is to be set for Susan. Also with this news, the case of his late wife is being re-investigated.

The first note to the Beverly Hills police office had Susan’s address.

in 2015 Robert has been arrested for the killing of Susan Berman and in 2018 a judge declared there was enough evidence for them to proceed with prosecution but it was to start in March of 2020 but that has been pushed off due to the pandemic.

December 11 2000 he remarried a woman called Deborah Durst and she is currently still married.

In this interview, he talks about himself in the third person a lot.

Kirsten did have divorce papers written out but it wasn’t fully done yet Robert did know about this divorce.

Robert Durst just days after her disappearance was throwing away her things her friends went through his trash they also found this note that said Tow dump, bridge, boat, shovel as well as a lot of her things, her diary, her hairdryer, her brush, toothbrush, clothing.

Robert claimed he and morris, a cranky and confrontational loner, struggled for control of Durst’s .22-caliber target pistol after Black grabbed it from its hiding place and threatened him with it. During the struggle, the pistol discharged, shooting Black in the face. Then he dismembered the body and tossed it because he was afraid of getting murder charges and that no one would believe him.

Robert- I was the dominant one in the relationship I told her what to do and she did it and then she started to change when I made her get an abortion then she started to say she wanted her independence, They agreed that he didn’t want kids he said if you keep the baby we are going to get a divorce and you are going to raise this one on your own. He says he would be a jynx. He says he doesn’t remember the first time I slapped her but I did it all the time slapped pushed hitting it never got any better.

The night she disappeared she was going to a party and she was taking the car and asked if he wanted to come and he didn’t want to go so he didn’t go. Then she says I want to go to the city and he says I didn’t want to go and that she couldn’t have the keys to the car because he didn’t want her to go this was a pushing shoving hitting argument. He claims she did get the keys from him and took off. And that is the last time he saw her.

He says he contacted her brothers and sisters and they told him you have been having problems that she probably just took off for a bit. And will come back This was on Sunday on Thursday he goes by and he goes into the police and reported her missing.

He told the police that he took her to the train station and then went to get a drink and went back home. He said that he was hoping this would get the police to leave him alone and make it so that the police would actually make it so that she was a missing person’s account so they would leave him alone and actually search for her. He said he dropped her off so that she could go back to their home in Manhatten to go to nursing school the doorman of the building claimed to see her that day. But there are theories that the doorman was paid off.

Also on Monday the next day said Kathie called the Dean saying she was sick theories are Susan called.

No corpse or any crime scene for Kathie’s disappearance

arrest him I don’t know what is in the house what a disaster I was wrong I am having difficulty with the questions what the hell do I do Killed them all of course

Handwriting on the two letters is identical a handwriting analysis said that they could have only been made by one person. Also, the fact that this letter was given to police by Susan’s-son-inlaw he honestly said previously he thought that Robert was innocent.

We do know police put this off a lot and just go meh she’s probably fine and will come back to some degree that does make sense.

The neighbors claim that she never came home or had that argument that night but did they not see her perhaps?

None of the Durst family would do any interviews they would not get involved at all when Kathie disappeared.

The Durst house was never fully investigated not until after he was arrested They did find hidden walls in the Durst home. They did a search of the lake they said if anyone knew what happened would have been Susan she protected him from the press. She was proud of her dad she had his mugshot framed he was a knows murder and a mafia boss.

Robert turned down the divorce that was present to him by her lawyer.

His eyes are dark as black. he claims he doesn’t know where she is or what happened to her but he thinks she is dead.

with him talking about himself in the third person it makes me think if he has different personalities. Christmas eve she wasn’t answering and was late for dinner. She was killed Mafia-style back of the head with her kneeling down.

No carpet on her floors no heat no drawers turned over the computer was there deadbolt secured which indicated that she let them in that it was someone she knew. She was also the author of the book Easy Street. The Mafia is also a possible suspect. She wrote. a lot of screenplays too. But none of them ever got bought. She was in desperate part of the money and it is also thought that she got involved with the mafia and borrowed money she could not pay back. And what better way to kill her for the payments she couldn’t make than to do it right before she went. to talk to the detective. She was good at manipulation and also thought that maybe she blackmailed Robert a few times she got a few checks that were over $50,000.

Morris was cut up into 20 different pieces.

When Robert was arrested for murder on Morris Black he was arrested on bail with $250,000 he paid it and got out and then went on the run and then was caught stealing a $6 chicken sandwich and was back in jail.

Once the tabloids came out and said they are reopening the investigation of Kathie Durst and he claims he went to Galveston and decided he wasn’t going to use his name again he didn’t want to be Robert Durst anymore. His defense claimed that the detective was running him out of town. And made it seem like she was really trying to get him and was personally after him so he ran away. He decided to disguise himself as a woman he also shaved his eyebrows and his head. He also had a new ID as well. He said he also then had to be Mute because he couldn’t sound as how he sounds. He claims that he came in a cross with Morris Black. He told Robert that not to leave the light on because the electric bill came to Morris and he nodded and continued on. They ended up spending time together and watched TV together too. Morris said he knew she wasn’t a woman and came out and asked Robert why is he doing that and he said he just needed to hide and Morris said yeah I know how that. is I went through that. He knew that Morris Black had a gun in his home. Morris was in Roberts’s apartment and he had an eviction notice and Robert says he was upset about it that he grabbed his gun and shot the eviction notice and Robert said put your gun down I want you out of here. There was an eviction notice with a gunshot wound at the apartment. The next day he said he noticed his door was open and the tv was on and that Morris was sitting there and he was angry. Morris swiveled the chair and he looked at him and Robert said give me the gun give me the gun. And Morris stood up and Robert said he went for the gun on the chair. In the state of Texas, you can “Handle it as you see fit” and he knew that. he said he was trying to get the gun away from him and the gun was up against his chin and the gun accidentally went off Robert claims. They interviewed several people that claimed they never saw the two together even tho Robert claims they went out all the time. Morris did know Roberts’s real name and knew he was rich. There is thoughts of blackmail that if you don’t help me money wise I will tell the police. Sorry, you don’t butcher someone put him into pieces put him into bags, and dump him in the ocean without a motive that is not self-defense. He said he cut him up because he couldn’t just drag out the body in a bag but dismembering him and putting him into garbage bags then it just looked like trash. He claims he also used Morris’s tools besides a bowsaw he bought. He claims no one would believe him in the self-defense case with the case of Kathie was open. He put the torso in a suitcase. The state could not prove that it wasn’t self-defense. The state only charged him on murder, not on dismemberment that is how he got off honestly.

Kathie’s case was reopened and Susan was questioned shortly after she was questioned she was murdered.

A lot of people think that Robert only murdered the people that he felt threatened by them for whatever reason.

On May 17 2021 the case of Kathie has been reopened and is going to be classified as a homicide.

He says on camera when his lawyer comes out no one ever tells the whole truth.

Doug his brother put a protection order on Robert. And Robert ended up at his house and broke that order.

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Update: Bryan Kohberger affidavit Idaho murders

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