Professional bull rider murdered suspect in custody

The Salt Lake County Third District Court has filed charges against the woman who is alleged to have shot and killed professional bull rider Demetrius Allen, also known as “Ouncie Mitchell,” while he was visiting the city for the Utah State Fair.

Lashawn Denise Bagley, 22, is accused of nine third-degree felony counts of felony discharge of a firearm as well as one first-degree felony count of murder.

According to the police, Bagley shot Allen as he stood outside of her residence in Salt Lake City around 900 South and 200 West. According to reports, Allen was attempting to retrieve rodeo equipment worth roughly $10,000 that he had left in her apartment and her car. Apparently, bullets were fired as he was pounding on the balcony door, according to the authorities.

Bagley reportedly informed the 911 operator, “They’re beating on my window,” during a call just prior to the shooting. The 911 operator allegedly questioned Bagley what the loud noises were after hearing them and she allegedly replied, “I’m firing.”

A 27-year-old man was killed as a consequence of domestic abuse, and Salt Lake City Police are currently looking into the incident.

Responding police discovered Demetrius Omar Lateef Allen, also known by his riding name Ouncie Mitchell, with a gunshot wound outside of an apartment building close to 900 South and 200 West. When Gold Cross arrived to take Allen to a nearby hospital, officers started providing emergency medical care right away. Allen later passed away from his injuries.

The suspect, LaShawn Denise Bagley, 21, has reportedly been securely brought into custody by the police.

Police discovered Allen and Bagley were acquainted and had an on-again, off-again connection through an investigation conducted by the SLCPD Homicide Squad with the help of the SLCPD Crime Lab. Allen, a professional bull rider, is thought to have traveled to Salt Lake City to attend the Utah State Fair while lodging with Bagley.
After leaving the fair, the two allegedly got into a fight at a bar in downtown Salt Lake City. Rounds were fired, leaving numerous bullet holes, and when Allen returned to Bagley’s residence to retrieve his belongings, shots were fired.
Bagley has been lodged in the Salt Lake County Metro Jail on felony firearm discharge and murder charges.
According to police, this is the tenth murder case.

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The couple traveled with 8-year-old daughter’s body in the trailer to spend more time with her 3 months after the death

Three months after their daughter, 8, passed away, a couple crossed state lines with her body in a U-Haul trailer because they “wanted to spend more time with her,” according to the police.

According to the Mitchell Police Department, Mandie Miller, 33, and Aleksander Kurmoyarov, 28, were detained in Mitchell, South Dakota, on Wednesday after authorities discovered they were hauling the girl’s body from Washington State to the Pine Ridge Native American reservation in South Dakota.

In contrast to Kurmoyarov’s account, Miller told detectives that her adopted daughter had passed away on September 10. According to him, the child passed away in Airway Heights, Washington, just before Halloween. According to investigators, Kurmoyarov said that he and Miller didn’t report the girl’s death or seek medical assistance for her because they wanted to spend more time with her and were worried about getting into trouble.

They failed to inform South Dakota or Washington State police about the 8-year-passing. old’s Instead, the Davison County Coroner called Mitchell police on Wednesday to report that the couple had contacted him, letting them know of the odd and dismal scenario.

Officers located the U-Haul with the casket and the child’s remains inside after following the pair to a residence in Mitchell. The pair had been in South Dakota for four days and around two days in the city.

Miller and Kurmoyarov were each charged with one count of failing to report a child’s death to law enforcement. They were taken into custody as Washington and South Dakota police conducted separate investigations.

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Man Escapes Farmhouse To Tell World His Family Has Been Trapped In Secret Room For 9 Years

A 25-year-old Dutchman entered a bar in the Dutch region of Drenthe. He had long, unruly hair and an untidy, dirty beard, and he appeared puzzled and disoriented.

The young man placed a drink order and struck up a conversation with Chris, the bar’s proprietor. As it turned out, the enigmatic customer had a terrifying tale to share.

The man continued by revealing to Chris that he and his five younger siblings had been residing in the cellar of their father’s farm house in Ruinerwold, a tiny isolated community close to the bar.

He asserted that they had been cut off from the outside world for about ten years. Under their “doomsday” father’s orders, the siblings “waited for the end of time” throughout.

In an effort to put a stop to their seclusion, this young man had finally been able to leave the bunker and leave the expansive land.

Chris helped the man call 911 — and now it was time for the police to go and see what exactly had been going on inside that farmhouse for so long.

What the cops found inside the home left them completely stunned. Watch the video to find out.

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10- year old accidentally kills mother before Christmas

A ten-year-old boy’s dream was to have virtual reality. After obsessing over it and seeing what seemed like everyone else playing them online, he wondered how cool it would be to own one. And he had a plan. He was going to ask Santa for one, just like in the movie A Christmas Story. just like when Ralphie really wanted that BB gun, the Red Ryder, and when all hope was lost, he ended up getting one for Christmas after all.

His mom however has been a single mom since Her son was a baby. She was currently working two jobs just to support them. They lived in a run-down neighborhood. She came home from work one night and the house was ransacked she had worked so hard this last little bit to put together everything she had in her savings to get her son one gift. With getting a bonus from work and working overtime she was able to get enough money to buy her son a Virtual Reality system that he has been wanting all year. Her son was a hard worker and never complained about his chores, got all A’s in his class quite a kid but a good kid.

Yet most years for Christmas all she was able to get him was things he needed like shoes and a new backpack. She knew he was going to be surprised. But this so happened that the day her house was broken into that they stole the Virtual reality system that she had scraped and saved for. She was devastated she had worked so hard to get him this gift. But at least she thought to herself at least he doesn’t know so he won’t be disappointed. She did indeed tell him that the gifts were stolen but she did not mention anything about the VR gaming set. Since then she bought a gun for protection just in case. She had never shot a gun before so she ended up going to a shooting range and learned how to use it for protection just in case she ever needed to.

Not knowing how she was going to even afford clothes this year for Christmas she was crying in her room. Her son came in and told his mom that it was okay that he had a plan and that it was going to be okay. She then asked what do you mean you have a plan? The boy ran to his room and ran back to show his mom that he wrote a letter to Santa to ask him to get him a VR headset and get his mom a nice Jewelry set as well. “Santa has never visited us before but I have been so good this year and I don’t think he will mind just this one Christmas if he comes to our house just once.”

His mom was heartbroken and crushed by the kindness of her son’s heart. His mom has never had the heart to tell him that Santa isn’t real, but she also doesn’t have the money to afford to ever get him anything. She guessed it was time she told him the truth. She tells The Boy that Santa is in all of us and that it is in what we do to help people and share the joy with them that is the true Santa that Santa the magical Santa isn’t real but the joy of being able to do kindness for others is very real.

The boy turned very pale and started to hyperventilate. “What do you mean Santa isn’t real?” He screamed, ” That was our only hope to have our one chance at having a good Christmas, and now that is gone!” His mom tried to comfort her son to tell him they will get through this and they are going to be okay. “I want to kill those robbers.” He screamed; he saw the gun on his mom’s nightstand, and he grabbed it from her. He fought back and forth with the gun in hand, trying desperately to get it away from him. And then the gun went off. His mom collapsed to the floor with a gunshot wound in her stomach, and she started convulsing and foaming at the mouth. He backs away and just starts screaming “MOOOOOMMMMYYYYY” “HELP MOMMY SOMEONE HELP”

Neighbors heard the commotion and called 911 by the time the cops got there his mom was pronounced dead at the scene. The boy was charged as an adult last month with alternate counts of first-degree intentional homicide or first-degree reckless homicide.

Wisconsin law requires children as young as 10 to be charged as adults for certain serious crimes, though the boy’s attorneys can seek to move the case to juvenile court. The boy, who family members said has mental health issues, is being held in juvenile detention.

The prosecutor in the case asked the judge to require the boy to be released into the custody of a family member should he post bail. The judge did not impose that restriction.

The boy mostly kept his head down during the hearing. The judge ordered that he not be placed in shackles or any other kind of restraint and forbade the media from publishing any personal information about him, including his image and address.

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Murdered: Amanda Batch

Amanda was a 19-year-old with dreams and a life to live. According to friends, Amanda and her ex-boyfriend Dustin McCowan had decided to be friends, Dustin was dating another girl at this time, and he and Amanda had been dating on and off for two years; in between, they had had other girlfriends or boyfriends. But sources say that Amanda was causing issues between Dustin and his new girlfriend, and it came to a point where Dustin was asking Amanda not to hang around anymore.

September 15th, 2011 around 10:31 pm Amanda’s mom calls 9-11 saying she hasn’t been home since around 6 pm but with her being an adult and the fact that her missing person report was never officially filed they said to call back 24 hours later. With this being a small town neighbors took it upon themselves to band together to find her. They found her car around 6:52 am which was vacant and still had her wallet in it.

a neighbor then says that they saw Dustin holding Amanda’s body on a train track and screaming, “no no no Amanda please wake up!” Then the neighbor claimed to call the police. Amanda was found with a single shot to the neck where police said she would have died instantly.

Dustin McCowan was arrested in the case and claimed that he was jealous and upset at Amanda and that he killed her. Here is the thing: there is no DNA evidence that he killed her. The bullet that killed her was the same as Dustin’s dad’s police gun but his police gun was never recovered. There is no proof that Dustin murdered Amanda, yet his trial was held in the same small Poke county where it happened in. The jury sentenced Dustin to prison for murder, but he has stated time and time again that he did not murder Amanda. He tried to get his conviction overturned but was unsuccessful, but he keeps trying to get his name cleared. His father did not content with his house being searched, and they never got a warrant to search his home.

To me personally, this does not seem like a fair trial. This was done in the same small town where this tragedy happened. This is also not what I would call a “rage murder”; this was a one-bullet murder. Most rage murders are messy. There are theories that his dad had something to do with her murder, but no charges have ever been made against him the murder weapon has also never been found.

I attempted to reach out to the family, but they would not comment on this matter. I reached out to Dustin via email and his lawyer, and I await their response.

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Fed Ex driver kidnaps and murders girl

According to authorities, a FedEx contract driver in Texas was detained on Friday and charged with kidnapping and murder in the death of a 7-year-old girl who had been missing for two days.

Athena Strand vanished on Wednesday from her home in Paradise, Wise County, sparking a massive community search with some 200 volunteers.

Athena Strands recent photo

According to Wise County Sheriff Lane Akin, she was discovered dead on Friday by officials 11 miles southeast of the city of Boyd.

During a news conference on Friday night, Akin stated, “We do have a confession.”

According to Akin, the driver, Tanner Lynn Horner, 31, was detained on suspicion of capital murder and aggravated kidnapping.

In lieu of $1.5 million, he was being detained in a prison.

Tanner Lynn Horner who killed and murdered her

Friday night, it was unclear whether Horner had a lawyer who could represent him.

According to Akin, Athena came home from school on Wednesday afternoon as usual, and around 6:40 p.m. her stepmother reported the child missing.

Around the time she was reported missing, Horner brought a package to the residence, according to Akin on Friday night. According to him, detectives think the girl passed within an hour or so of the kidnapping.

At a news conference, officials remained mum on the child’s cause of death and reason for passing.

In a statement, FedEx said that the business is completely assisting law authorities and that its prayers are with the family.

Wise County Sheriff Lane Akin said that Horner had confessed to the crime. “We really can’t get into the content of the confession, but I will say that we have a confession,” he said. “It’s still very, very early, but we wanted to make sure that we got the information out.”

Who Is Tanner Lynn Horner?

Horner is a 31-year-old driver who worked for the FedEx delivery company. FedEx issued a statement late on Friday, saying: “Words cannot describe our shock at the reports surrounding this tragic event. First and foremost, our thoughts are with the family during this most difficult time, and we continue to cooperate fully with the investigating authorities.”

Horner, who is from Fort Worth, Texas, attended Azle High School and does not appear to have a criminal record in either Wise or Tarrant counties.

Horner’s social-media accounts revealed that he had worked for the Uber ride-sharing app as a driver and been an employee at various stores.

Horner was also an aspiring musician and said he was a vocalist in a band, according to his social-media sites. He also said online that he was engaged to be married, and posts suggest that he became a father for the first time. He also describes himself as “non-neurotypical. “

Where Is Tanner Lynn Horner Now?

Horner is being held in the Wise County Jail on $1.5 million bond. Further details about the case and Horner’s trial will be released by the authorities over the coming weeks.

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The boy in the box finally has a name.

According to the Philadelphia Police Department, the boy’s body, known in the media as “The Boy in the Box,” was discovered naked and severely battered. The infant is buried at Philadelphia’s Ivy Hill Cemetery, where his monument refers to him as “America’s Unknown Child.” However, after his identity is made public, a name might be added.

A memorial at the site of the discovery of the child’s body reads: “Police Officers Elmer Palmer and Samuel Weinstein responded to the then-rural Susquehanna Road on February 26, 1957, to investigate a report of a body found in a box. They found a young boy’s naked, beaten body there who was thought to be between 4 and 6 years old. The “Boy in the Box” was this unidentified child. He’s never been given a name. His case is still pending. Now referred to as “America’s Unknown Child,”

The youngster, who is thought to have been between 4 and 6 years old, was placed in a box and dumped by the side of Susquehanna Road in Fox Chase in 1957. It is one of the most infamous unsolved homicides in the city. He was starved, beaten to death, and naked.

Ivy Hill Cemetery’s gravestone for him has the inscription “America’s Unknown Child.”

Investigators worked on the case nonstop for decades, and since the boy was discovered, homes have been built nearby. Authorities have scoured tips for years and proposed theories, all of which have since been disproved.

According to sources who spoke with NBC10 on Wednesday, authorities have successfully identified the boy and located the boy’s birth certificate thanks to DNA evidence.

At a news conference sometime next week, authorities are anticipated to reveal their conclusions.

Philadelphia Police Capt. Jason Smith said, “There have been quick developments as it relates to that investigation,” but he couldn’t reveal the new information until the planned news briefing.

The search for a suspect will then begin after the investigation is restarted, he added.

According to reports, the boy is related to a well-known Philadelphia family.

“To have a name on that stone, that’s what everybody has been wishing forever,” Linda Tamburri said. “I’m just glad I’m here to actually know I’ll see that little boy’s name on the stone.”

Cemetery workers at Ivy Hill were brought to tears Wednesday when CBS3 Investigations told them Philadelphia police now know the name of “The Boy in the Box.”

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Eleni Kassa update

The body of a 31-year-old Tennessee mother was found in the trunk of a crashed car driven by her girlfriend in Michigan.

Eleni Kassa was reported missing on 18 November when she didn’t pick up her daughter at school the previous day, WKRN reported.

Investigators say Ms. Kassa vanished after a “possible domestic violence incident” in connection to her girlfriend Dominique Hardwick, 36.

The mother’s phone and car were found at her apartment, and she was thought to be riding with Ms. Hardwick in her Dodge Charger.

Dearborn, Michigan, police officers found the Charger on Sunday 27 November, Michigan State Police said.

When police tried to pull over the car, the driver sped off and collided with a home.

Police were issuing warnings to the driver when a gunshot was heard. The driver was identified as Ms. Hardwick and she was pronounced dead at the scene of the crash from a self-inflicted gunshot, the Kansas City Star reported.

Police located Ms. Kassa dead in the trunk of the vehicle. She had “trauma that was not a result from the crash” police said, but the cause of death remains unclear.

A passenger in the front seat was taken to the hospital. Her identity hasn’t been made public but police have said that she has been questioned regarding the death of Ms. Kassa.  last week and that his sister was “a wonderful mother, and she is a wonderful sister, and she’s just everybody’s favorite person”.

As of Wednesday morning, a GoFundMe fundraiser for the family had raised $38,085 out of a goal of $100,000.

Ms. Kassa was described on the page as a “loving sister, niece, aunt, and mother of a wonderful 6-year-old daughter, who now has to navigate life without her mother”.

“Eleni also lost her parents when she was 4 years old, she and her siblings were raised by their grandmother, they all grew up as a very close family unit,” Ms. Kassa’s siblings wrote. “They have survived multiple adversities as a family, but never in our worst nightmare could we have imagined that this could happen to her of all people.”

“Most of the family has flown to Tennessee, to coordinate with police and family on the next steps, and raising the funds to fly her body back to Eritrea for funeral arrangements,” they added.

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Quinton Simon’s remains found

According to police, remains discovered in a landfill in Georgia are thought to belong to a toddler whose mother reported missing from his Savannah home in October.

Leilani Simon, the mother of the kid and the only suspect, in this case, was detained on suspicion of malicious murder, concealing a death, and false reporting/making false statements on Monday in Savannah, according to Chatham County Police Chief Jeffrey Hadley.

Millions of people have followed Quinton’s case ever since and have been waiting for answers, according to police writing.

In anticipation of a bond hearing set for Tuesday, the mother of the boy was being held in custody in Chatham County. If she has a lawyer is not immediately known.

Police tweeted that they don’t expect any additional arrests in this case. A multi-agency search for the boy began just hours after Simon reported her son missing, according to Hadley. FBI agents were in charge of the operation. View more on this story here

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Missing woman Jolissa Fuentes has been found!

Jolissa Fuentes has been missing for two months.

22, was reported missing Aug. 8 after she didn’t return home and couldn’t be reached, police said.

“We wish that we had better news,” Selma, California, Police Chief Rudy Alcaraz said at a news conference, adding, “I wish that we could have brought Ms. Fuentes home.”

Jolissa Fuentes. (Fresno County Sheriff's Office via Facebook)
Jolissa Fuentes. (Fresno County Sheriff’s Office via Facebook)

On Monday, searchers found the wreckage of Fuentes’ car and a body, along with the woman’s belongings, in a ravine near Pine Flat Lake, officials said.

Tire tracks went through vegetation and off a cliff, and search and rescue team members had to rappel down to reach it, the Fresno County Sheriff’s Office said.

It was a single-car accident, Alcaraz said. Officials said no foul play is suspected.

The coroner’s office must confirm the identity of the remains.

A body believed to be that of a California woman reported missing two months ago was found at a wrecked car that apparently went off a cliff, officials said Tuesday.

Jolissa Fuentes, 22, was reported missing Aug. 8 after she didn’t return home and couldn’t be reached, police said.

“We wish that we had better news,” Selma, California, Police Chief Rudy Alcaraz said at a news conference, adding, “I wish that we could have brought Ms. Fuentes home.”

Jolissa Fuentes' car near near Pine Flat Lake, Calif. (Fresno County Sheriff's Office via Facebook)
Jolissa Fuentes’ car near near Pine Flat Lake, Calif. (Fresno County Sheriff’s Office via Facebook)

On Monday, searchers found the wreckage of Fuentes’ car and a body, along with the woman’s belongings, in a ravine near Pine Flat Lake, officials said.

Tire tracks went through vegetation and off a cliff, and search and rescue team members had to rappel down to reach it, the Fresno County Sheriff’s Office said.

It was a single-car accident, Alcaraz said. Officials said no foul play is suspected.

The coroner’s office must confirm the identity of the remains.

Fresno County Sheriff Margaret Mims said, “There’s little doubt that we have found her.”

That area of Pine Flat Lake had been searched, but Alcaraz said the area is “a vast amount of geography” with heavy foliage and cliffs. Search crews rappelled more than 200 feet down one cliff and then had to descend another, he said.

It was Alcaraz who on Monday found vehicle debris and tire tracks near Trimmer Springs Road that led investigators and search teams to the crashed car below, the sheriff’s office said.

“He promised me he was going to find my daughter,” Fuentes’ father, Joe Fuentes, said at Tuesday’s news conference.

“He’s my hero,” he added.

Alcaraz said he went to the area because he had a fresh set of eyes, and “I just got lucky.” The location is at a bend in the road.

Fuentes was known to enjoy the area of Pine Flat Lake, and she may have just gone for a drive when the accident occurred, Alcaraz said.

The California Highway Patrol is investigating.

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Update: Bryan Kohberger affidavit Idaho murders

Adriann Barrett