The couple traveled with 8-year-old daughter’s body in the trailer to spend more time with her 3 months after the death

Three months after their daughter, 8, passed away, a couple crossed state lines with her body in a U-Haul trailer because they “wanted to spend more time with her,” according to the police.

According to the Mitchell Police Department, Mandie Miller, 33, and Aleksander Kurmoyarov, 28, were detained in Mitchell, South Dakota, on Wednesday after authorities discovered they were hauling the girl’s body from Washington State to the Pine Ridge Native American reservation in South Dakota.

In contrast to Kurmoyarov’s account, Miller told detectives that her adopted daughter had passed away on September 10. According to him, the child passed away in Airway Heights, Washington, just before Halloween. According to investigators, Kurmoyarov said that he and Miller didn’t report the girl’s death or seek medical assistance for her because they wanted to spend more time with her and were worried about getting into trouble.

They failed to inform South Dakota or Washington State police about the 8-year-passing. old’s Instead, the Davison County Coroner called Mitchell police on Wednesday to report that the couple had contacted him, letting them know of the odd and dismal scenario.

Officers located the U-Haul with the casket and the child’s remains inside after following the pair to a residence in Mitchell. The pair had been in South Dakota for four days and around two days in the city.

Miller and Kurmoyarov were each charged with one count of failing to report a child’s death to law enforcement. They were taken into custody as Washington and South Dakota police conducted separate investigations.

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