5 Murderers Who Claimed to Be Possessed by Demons

5 – John Jenkin

In the summer of 2013, 25-year-old John Jenkin from Cumbria, England expressed fears that he would kill his mother.

Whilst in a deranged state, he approached a van driver, put his hands in the air in a surrender motion and cried out: ‘I am armed, but it’s not in my hands.’

Desperate to avoid committing such an atrocity, Jenkin tried to end his life by drowning himself in a river. He was discovered later that day, unstable, and smeared with his own blood after cutting himself with shells.

John Jenkins at age 25

After his failed suicide attempt, Jenkin was admitted to a psychiatric hospital. However, staff judged him as low risk and released him. Later that evening, he confessed to a group of friends that he was ‘possessed by demons’. He also said: ‘I am the devil, I need to confess.’

The following morning, Jenkin butchered his mother and sister with an axe.

After the killings, Jenkin was found naked crouched behind a bench, acting erratically. When a police officer asked him if he had taken anything, Jenkin replied: ‘Lives.’

4 – Jason Dalton

There are over 160,000 Uber drivers worldwide. For one of them, the incredibly popular transportation Smartphone app was his licence to slaughter.

Jason Dalton has been described by those who knew him as a ‘nice guy’ and a ‘good family man’. Hardly the sort of person one would expect to massacre six innocent individuals.

However, in February 2016, that is exactly what Dalton did.

According to police reports, Dalton claims that the Uber app on his phone began displaying Satanic iconography, including Lucifer’s Eastern Star. Once he pressed the button on the application, he became Satan’s puppet.

Over the next month, Dalton shot six people and attempted to take the lives of two others in between collecting his clients. All of his victims were chosen at random.

In interviews with police, Dalton consistently gave the same response to every question asked of him:

‘Why did you pick up a bullet proof vest?’

‘The Devil made me do it.’

‘Why did you pick up a gun that day?’

‘The Devil made me do it.’

‘Why did you kill these people?’

‘The Devil made me do it.’

In the aftermath of Dalton’s arrest, it has been clear that his mental state is far from stable. During a preliminary hearing, he made a verbal outburst and interrupted his first victim, and survivor, Tiana Carruthers, whilst she was testifying. The statements Dalton made were indecipherable and deranged, resulting in him being dragged from the courtroom after his victim began to cry.

The case of Jason Dalton is neither singular nor unique. Rather, this case is a chilling reminder of a symptom of modernity. As more and more people use smartphones and their applications, claims of demonic possession through a technological medium are becoming more common.

3 – David Berkowitz a.k.a. ‘Son of Sam’


That was David Berkowitz defence for his murderous rampage in the summer of 1976 in New York City. All in all, he killed at least six and seriously wounded seven others. Throughout his killing spree, he would leave a trail of taunting notes for the police. In them, he would claim to be ‘Beelzebub’, a ‘monster’, amongst many other things.


Of all his claims, Berkowitz stated that he was killing to get blood for ‘Father Sam’. Berkowitz referenced himself as the subjugated ‘Son of Sam’. He would write, in erratic scrawling handwriting, that he was ‘programmed to kill’ for ‘papa Sam’ who ‘needs some blood to preserve his youth’. In one of his letters he warned that ‘to stop me you must kill me. […] Shoot to kill […] or you will die.’

Upon his arrest, Berkowitz claimed that a ‘possessed’ demon dog had instructed him to perform the killings. However, weeks after his confession, his story altered. The murders, he professed, had been committed as part of a series of ritual killings for a Satanic cult to which he belonged. He offered his chilling warning: ‘There are other Sons out there, God help the world.’

Even today from his prison cell in New York, Berkowitz asserts that diabolical forces were at work, and he was merely a vessel to be used to sate their bloodlust.

2 – Arne Cheyenne Johnson

Shortly after 6pm on 16th February 1981 in Connecticut, Debbie Glatzel watched on in confounded horror as her ordinarily even-tempered fiancé repeatedly plunged a five-inch pocket knife into her boss and landlord’s chest. The victim would die an hour later in hospital, sparking an historic murder case in American legal history.

At his trial, Arne Cheyenne Johnson pleaded not guilty to the murder charge. The defence was as follows: it was not Johnson who had murdered Alan Bono, but a demonic entity which inhabited his body.

The story behind such an implausible defence involves the alleged possession of David Glatzel, the 11-year-old brother of Johnson’s fiancée, who was living with the couple prior to the murder.

Strange happenings first began in the summer before the murder. David awoke in the night, sobbing in fear after being visited by hideous creature: ‘a man with big black eyes, a thin face with animal features and jagged teeth, pointed ears, horns and hoofs.’ The beastly apparition had issued a warning: Beware.’

The visions amplified. David’s beast was now haunting him during the daytime. Each time the child experienced a visitation, deep scratches would appear on the front door of the family’s home. Red marks also began to appear on David’s body.

Everyone in the household believed the boy’s claims. According to his sister, Debbie, it was out of character for him to lie. She related how ‘He never liked anything spooky, not even scary comic books.’

Increasingly worried for young David, a priest was summoned to bless the house – to no avail. The possession escalated to such heights that the family were taking shifts to monitor the boy during the night. Eventually, the involvement of the paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren was sought.

Lorraine, who asserts the gift of clairvoyancy, described encountering a ‘black misty form’ during her first meeting with David. She immediately knew that they were ‘dealing with something of a negative nature’.

Lorraine has stated that, over the course of several visits, ‘David made numerous references to murder and stabbings’.

In an attempt to save David from his unceasing tormentors, Johnson taunted the demons during exorcisms to enter his body and leave the boy alone. Alas, the challenge was accepted.

In the months leading up to the murder of Alan Bono, Johnson’s fiancée reported that he would ‘go into a trance’.

‘He would growl and say he saw the beast. Later he would have no memory of it. It was just like David.’

Johnson had changed.

It was six months later that Johnson brutally attacked his landlord, stabbing him in a frenzy as he growled like a beast.

1 – Michael Taylor

In the 1970s, Michael Taylor was largely an ordinary figure in the town of Ossett, Yorkshire. He, his wife Christine, five children and their pet poodle lived peaceful and happy lives. Their house was always full of laughter, with friends and neighbours describing Taylor as cheerful and good-natured. However, to the disappointment of the community, the Taylors were not particularly religious. This prompted friends and neighbours to invite Michael and his wife to a Christian Fellowship group led by a lady named Marie Robinson. Contrary to what one might expect, Taylor developed a sudden and obsessive zeal for the group and, in particular, an infatuation with its charismatic leader, Marie. He would spend an inordinate amount of time with her, even staying up all night to repeatedly perform the sign of the cross to ward off evil powers. It was clear that Taylor was under her spell.


Long gone was his cheerful and easygoing nature. Now, he was infuriated, venting anger at Marie. Marie would later state that his eyes changed to something bestial, and that he began to speak in tongues. Taylor claimed that he had no memory of such an incident.

Due to the terrifying and unnatural character displayed by Michael that night, the local vicar stated that the man was possessed by demonic forces. So, on the 5th October 1974, Michael Taylor was exorcised.

As soon as the exorcism began, Taylor acted violently. He growled and snapped at all those around him. His behaviour was so erratic that he needed to be physically restrained. Over the next eight hours, the crazed man would have crucifixes stuffed inside of his mouth while being doused with holy water. During those hours, 40 demons were supposedly exorcised, with the exception of three: Insanity, Anger, and Murder.

The priest, exhausted by the ordeal, ordered the Taylors to go home and prepare for the next round of exorcisms.

The priest should have kept Michael in chains.

Two hours later, Michael’s hands were wrapped around Christine’s throat. With his bare hands, he would gouge out her eyes, rip out her tongue, and disfigure her face beyond recognition. After his wife lay dead, Taylor went outside and killed the family dog also. His neighbours would find him later wandering the streets, naked, and soaked in his wife’s blood, shouting over and over again: ‘It is the blood of Satan!’.

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Hello Kitty Murder

Fan Man-yee was 23 years old

May 14 1998

Hong Kong China

She had a rough childhood she grew up in a girls home. After that she was battling with addiction and she turned to prostitution to help pay for bills. After she had her son she decided to stop the prostitution and the drugs. She finally got a job at a night club as a hostess where she met Chan Man-lok

Fan and her son

Chan was a pimp and a drug addict as well he had been in and out of Jail prior to meeting Fan.

She stole Chans wallet which had $4,000 in it. As soon as Chan realized that his money was gone and Fan was the last one with him he sent his two henchmen to find Fan and bring her and the money back to Chan. They brought her back to his place and Chan planned to rape her and sell her for prostitution to teach her a lesson to not to steal from him. They decided that putting her out for prostitution wasn’t enough they began to torture her. They Raped, beat, burned, and forced her to eat human feces.

Chan Man-lok, 34; Leung Shing-cho, 27; and Leung Wai-lun, 21

Kidnapped by three men

her skull was found in a Hello Kitty doll

 They took her to an apartment at No. 31 Granville Road, Tsim Sha Tsui

For days they tortured her and kept her as there prisioner

She was kept captive for a month before she died it is beleived she died of her injuries

She was raped and beaten She was then dismembered it is not sure if this was after or during her death her skull was then placed into a Hello Kitty Mermaid doll.

And discarded the rest of her body there was a tooth and her organs recovered

Her remains were only found after Chan’s girlfriend led them to the case.

The Jury could not rule that they indented to kill her but could only rule that they intended to torture her.

14 year old girl told police that she was being haunted by a woman called Fan Man-Yee

The police first brushed it off as she was just a teenager She then told police she had a hand in killing Fan Man-Yee The minor has not been named she went back twice after that to police and let them know she had a part in the murder of Fan then they finally started to believe her. When she insisted that they come back to her boyfriends Chan’s house with her and they did they found out her Ghost was an actual nightmare.

She was claimed to be Chan’s girlfriend was also being pimped out by Chan she was 14 years old. And said she watched while Chan and his henchmen did these things to Fan She said in a testimony that she witnessed Chan kicking Fan in the head over 50 times

The 14 year old said that she remembers Chan and his henchmen talking about Fan’s death and how she must of ODed on meth. They moved Fans body to the bathtub and they dissembled her body. They would cook her flesh and eat it and forced her to eat it as well. They however saved her head and boiled it. They put her head in a Hello Kitty Mermaid doll and put her teeth and organs into plastic bags.

14 year old photo with Fans remains

Unfortunately, due to the state of Fan Man-yee’s remaining body parts, the police and medical examiners were unable to determine a cause of death.

There was no doubt that she had experienced indescribable torture, and that the three men had inflicted much of the damage to her body, but there was no way to tell whether a drug overdose or the torture was to blame.

As a result, the three were convicted not of murder, but manslaughter, as the jury believed that though they had caused her death, death was not the intent. The charge left Hong Kong’s public reeling from the Hello Kitty Murder, but the trio was sentenced to life in prison – with the possibility of parole in 2020

Movies: There’s a secret in my soup

Bones Season 4 episode The girl in the mask is biased on her.

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Hi-Fi Murders

April 22, 1974

Michelle Hansley 19 brand new and her jr manager standly Walker age 20 was there

4-5 Black males entered the shop The two known suspects in this murder are Dell and William Andrews

They pistol whipped Standly and drug him behind the counter but before they could lock up the store

Byran Courtney Nesbitt which goes by Courtney came into the store before the perpetrators could lock up. Byran said he came into the store to thank Standly for letting him use a parking spot while he ran his errors he also said he had a little crush on Michelle.

Michelle came out of the bathroom to find Standly and Bryan bleeding on the floor and 4-5 men standing over them.

Courntey also got pistol wipped and was drug behind the counter

The men took the hostages into the basement at gun point. Binding there ankles and wrist with electrical tape. But in a haze of trying to get everyone to the basement and out of site they forgot to lock the door.

orin and courtney survived the attack

In walks Standly Walkers Father William Andrews said he got Standly to call for his father and tell him he was in the basement.

Courtney Nesbitts mother came in looking for her son. She saw that his car was parked out fornt so she went in. I call this Parental instinct to know something is not right.

She noticed blood on the floor and turned to leave and Dell said that he grabbed her knocked her unconscious and shot her in the head.

Dell also testified that this is when his full rage began and he grabbed Michelle into the bathroom room and raped her. It was then he saw the drano. He poured the drano into cups and when asked when it was he said it was vodka and sleeping pills. That this was just to knock them out while they got away.

They started screaming and convulsing and had blisters on there mouths. Dell said that he saw it in a movie once and thought it would be a good way to kill them. But the hostages kept spitting it out and then they tried to tape there mouths shut.

William Andrews was also an accomplice

But the tape wouldn’t stick because of there blisters. When Standlys father refuesed to drink anymore drano they stuck a ball point pen into his ear and stomped on it.

They shot all 5 hostages in the head thinking they were dead.

Two vans loaded up with all of the electronics They also take $37,000 from the safe.

The bodies were discovered 3 hours later by Standly walkers brother and mother came to the store. They phoned police. Standly and Michelle was dead.

A phone tip came in saying they heard Willam Andrews talking about one day they were going to rob the hi-fi music shop and kill everyone inside. Police traced the call back to the Air Force base. They started searching in the dumpsters to see if anyone disposed of anything.

police search a dumpster in hill air force base there they found personal belongings of the victims

Byran Courtney Nesbitt and Orin survived these attacks The drano caused pediment brain damage to both of the victims

Carroll Courtneys mother died on the way to the hospital

The police noticed Dell lived at this air force base and he was already a suspect in another murder of him stabbing another man in the face They got a warrant to search his house there they found a rental agreement to a storage locker

Storage locker also contained a half of a bottle of drano and Michelles panties in it.

a get away driver Keither Roberts testifies against them he serves time in prision for Robery

Dale is exicuted in 1987 but Andrews appeal lets him live 5 more years

Andrews never pulled the trigger he said that was never the plan but he faces the death penelty reguardless. Andrews said there plan was to kill anyone That Dell did that all on his own but the tip that came in said otherwise

I personally think now days that wouldn’t happen if you didn’t pull the trigger you wouldn’t receive the death penalty

in 1992 Andrews is executed book movie

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The Grimes Sisters

Barbara age 15 and Patricia age 13 went to see “Love me tender” for the 15th time on December 28th 1956. They were big Elvis Presley fans.

When they didn’t return home, a huge theory was that they had run away.

Their bodies were found on the side of the road January 22 1957. There had been a lot of snowfall and so it seems they were covered and then the recent thaw had reveled them. Both were completely unclothed. None of their clothing was ever found.

According to the official report they died within four to five hours of their disappearance due to the contents of their stomach being what it is believed they ate at home and theater snacks. Toxicology reports showed no drugs or poisons in their systems. (Also, no alcohol)

Their technical cause of death was “Secondary Shock”. Which basically means their body temperatures dropped below a point that supports life.

Despite official report of them dying within hours of their death there have been reported sightings of the girls between them going missing and their bodies being found. Also, in contradiction to official reports the Chief Investigator for Cooks County coroner’s office, Harry Glos believes that the marks on their faces were acts of violence not rodent marks. He thinks they were alive until January 7th based on the weather, and he also thinks that both girls WERE sexually assaulted. He believes that the facts were kept quite to protect the girls reputations. (Hiding things like taht the girls used to hang out outside bars and convince older men to buy them drinks to bring out)

Edward, or Bennie Bedwell whom looked somewhat like Elvis and was an illiterate “Semi-drifter” made a confession to the killings. He claimed that they all hung out for a while around town and then when they refused sex he beat them and threw them out into the cold. (He had fed them hot dogs in his statement before killing them) Because it didn’t match the official report, he claimed police had bribed him, he was illiterate the confession was thrown out. Plus there was no concrete evidence.

Read some of the sightings from wiki

Their Mother died in 1989 at 83 never knowing who had killed her children or why.

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