Hi-Fi Murders

April 22, 1974

Michelle Hansley 19 brand new and her jr manager standly Walker age 20 was there

4-5 Black males entered the shop The two known suspects in this murder are Dell and William Andrews

They pistol whipped Standly and drug him behind the counter but before they could lock up the store

Byran Courtney Nesbitt which goes by Courtney came into the store before the perpetrators could lock up. Byran said he came into the store to thank Standly for letting him use a parking spot while he ran his errors he also said he had a little crush on Michelle.

Michelle came out of the bathroom to find Standly and Bryan bleeding on the floor and 4-5 men standing over them.

Courntey also got pistol wipped and was drug behind the counter

The men took the hostages into the basement at gun point. Binding there ankles and wrist with electrical tape. But in a haze of trying to get everyone to the basement and out of site they forgot to lock the door.

orin and courtney survived the attack

In walks Standly Walkers Father William Andrews said he got Standly to call for his father and tell him he was in the basement.

Courtney Nesbitts mother came in looking for her son. She saw that his car was parked out fornt so she went in. I call this Parental instinct to know something is not right.

She noticed blood on the floor and turned to leave and Dell said that he grabbed her knocked her unconscious and shot her in the head.

Dell also testified that this is when his full rage began and he grabbed Michelle into the bathroom room and raped her. It was then he saw the drano. He poured the drano into cups and when asked when it was he said it was vodka and sleeping pills. That this was just to knock them out while they got away.

They started screaming and convulsing and had blisters on there mouths. Dell said that he saw it in a movie once and thought it would be a good way to kill them. But the hostages kept spitting it out and then they tried to tape there mouths shut.

William Andrews was also an accomplice

But the tape wouldn’t stick because of there blisters. When Standlys father refuesed to drink anymore drano they stuck a ball point pen into his ear and stomped on it.

They shot all 5 hostages in the head thinking they were dead.

Two vans loaded up with all of the electronics They also take $37,000 from the safe.

The bodies were discovered 3 hours later by Standly walkers brother and mother came to the store. They phoned police. Standly and Michelle was dead.

A phone tip came in saying they heard Willam Andrews talking about one day they were going to rob the hi-fi music shop and kill everyone inside. Police traced the call back to the Air Force base. They started searching in the dumpsters to see if anyone disposed of anything.

police search a dumpster in hill air force base there they found personal belongings of the victims

Byran Courtney Nesbitt and Orin survived these attacks The drano caused pediment brain damage to both of the victims

Carroll Courtneys mother died on the way to the hospital

The police noticed Dell lived at this air force base and he was already a suspect in another murder of him stabbing another man in the face They got a warrant to search his house there they found a rental agreement to a storage locker

Storage locker also contained a half of a bottle of drano and Michelles panties in it.

a get away driver Keither Roberts testifies against them he serves time in prision for Robery

Dale is exicuted in 1987 but Andrews appeal lets him live 5 more years

Andrews never pulled the trigger he said that was never the plan but he faces the death penelty reguardless. Andrews said there plan was to kill anyone That Dell did that all on his own but the tip that came in said otherwise

I personally think now days that wouldn’t happen if you didn’t pull the trigger you wouldn’t receive the death penalty

in 1992 Andrews is executed

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