Hello Kitty Murder

Fan Man-yee was 23 years old

May 14 1998

Hong Kong China

She had a rough childhood she grew up in a girls home. After that she was battling with addiction and she turned to prostitution to help pay for bills. After she had her son she decided to stop the prostitution and the drugs. She finally got a job at a night club as a hostess where she met Chan Man-lok

Fan and her son

Chan was a pimp and a drug addict as well he had been in and out of Jail prior to meeting Fan.

She stole Chans wallet which had $4,000 in it. As soon as Chan realized that his money was gone and Fan was the last one with him he sent his two henchmen to find Fan and bring her and the money back to Chan. They brought her back to his place and Chan planned to rape her and sell her for prostitution to teach her a lesson to not to steal from him. They decided that putting her out for prostitution wasn’t enough they began to torture her. They Raped, beat, burned, and forced her to eat human feces.

Chan Man-lok, 34; Leung Shing-cho, 27; and Leung Wai-lun, 21

Kidnapped by three men

her skull was found in a Hello Kitty doll

 They took her to an apartment at No. 31 Granville Road, Tsim Sha Tsui

For days they tortured her and kept her as there prisioner

She was kept captive for a month before she died it is beleived she died of her injuries

She was raped and beaten She was then dismembered it is not sure if this was after or during her death her skull was then placed into a Hello Kitty Mermaid doll.

And discarded the rest of her body there was a tooth and her organs recovered

Her remains were only found after Chan’s girlfriend led them to the case.

The Jury could not rule that they indented to kill her but could only rule that they intended to torture her.

14 year old girl told police that she was being haunted by a woman called Fan Man-Yee

The police first brushed it off as she was just a teenager She then told police she had a hand in killing Fan Man-Yee The minor has not been named she went back twice after that to police and let them know she had a part in the murder of Fan then they finally started to believe her. When she insisted that they come back to her boyfriends Chan’s house with her and they did they found out her Ghost was an actual nightmare.

She was claimed to be Chan’s girlfriend was also being pimped out by Chan she was 14 years old. And said she watched while Chan and his henchmen did these things to Fan She said in a testimony that she witnessed Chan kicking Fan in the head over 50 times

The 14 year old said that she remembers Chan and his henchmen talking about Fan’s death and how she must of ODed on meth. They moved Fans body to the bathtub and they dissembled her body. They would cook her flesh and eat it and forced her to eat it as well. They however saved her head and boiled it. They put her head in a Hello Kitty Mermaid doll and put her teeth and organs into plastic bags.

14 year old photo with Fans remains

Unfortunately, due to the state of Fan Man-yee’s remaining body parts, the police and medical examiners were unable to determine a cause of death.

There was no doubt that she had experienced indescribable torture, and that the three men had inflicted much of the damage to her body, but there was no way to tell whether a drug overdose or the torture was to blame.

As a result, the three were convicted not of murder, but manslaughter, as the jury believed that though they had caused her death, death was not the intent. The charge left Hong Kong’s public reeling from the Hello Kitty Murder, but the trio was sentenced to life in prison – with the possibility of parole in 2020

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