Was Rico Harris taken by Aliens?

We have talked about the theory that Rico Harris could have been taken by aliens. His car was found at yolo county regional state park. While there weren’t any reported UFO sightings the day he disappeared there are reported UFO sightings a few days after. As well as hearing a sonic boom really loud noise. Even though these sightings are a few days off. Could that still have been an alien abduction?

Rico Harris

Our whole story on missing person Rico Harris here want to listen to the episode? Click here.



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Nicola Bulley Accident or Murder?

Yesterday in South Woodham, Essex, where Nicola Bulley was born and raised, close to 250 people attended a memorial service for her. Among them were grieving friends and former neighbors.

More than three weeks after she was last seen, on January 27, the 45-year-body old’s was discovered in Lancashire’s River Wyre on Sunday.

After dropping off her two children at school, she vanished while taking her dog for a walk at St. Michael’s on Wyre. “South Woodham Ferrers is a very close-knit community. When unfortunately tragic events happen everyone kind of pulls together,” family friend Kerry Linehan told EssexLive.

Nicola Bulley

“The family is well known and even though they moved up north, they still hold a massive piece of all of our hearts.”

Earlier, an inquest heard that Bulley was identified by dental records. The coroner also confirmed her body can be released for a family funeral to take place.

Key Points

  • Nicola Bulley’s friends and neighbors join the vigil
  • Over £20,000 was raised to support the family of Nicola Bulley with funeral costs
  • Inquest opened into Nicola Bulley’s death
  • Three reasons why it may have taken so long to find Nicola Bulley’s body

Following the death of a young mother who was also reported missing, a police officer from the force that received criticism for the Nicola Bulley search is being looked into for gross misconduct.

In July of last year, just hours after being reported missing, Kiena Dawes, 23, was struck by a train near Garstang, Lancashire.

Nicola Bulley missing person poster

According to testimony given at the beginning of an inquiry into her death, Nicola Bulley was located using her dental data.

The 45-year-dental old’s records, which the police had received from her dentist’s office, were inspected by surgeon Andrew Ian Edwards, according to information provided to Preston Coroner’s Court.

Paul Ansell, Ms. Bulley’s partner, and any other family members did not attend the hearing, which lasted for about five minutes.

Her family alleged she was “let down” by Lancashire Police after her death.

The media, social media sleuths, and the police have all come under fire since Nicola Bulley vanished.

On Sunday, the body of the 45-year-old was discovered in Lancashire’s River Wye, but many unresolved issues remain.

The PA news agency examines what inquiries have been opened since her death was found and why they are required in this article.

After dropping her kids off at school that morning, Ms. Bulley vanished on January 27 while walking her dog.

Two walkers found her on a path that had been traveled by officers before, according to the police, and the body was properly recognized the next day.

There are a variety of possibilities, according to experts, as to why Ms. Bulley may not have been discovered sooner.

Nicola Bulley body Was found

“Although the area where she was found is just within the tidal section, I doubt she moved up and down the river very far,” a professor who studies rivers told The Telegraph. According to experts, social media algorithms that reward and promote controversial content contributed to the spike in online interest in the Nicola Bulley case.

After it was determined that Nicola Bulley, a mother of two, was the body recovered in the River Wyre on Sunday, the public collected more than £10,000 for her family.

A GoFundMe account has been started by Ms. Bulley’s friends and relatives to raise money for her funeral arrangements and to support her partner Paul Ansell and their two young daughters.

The body was found on Sunday morning about a mile from the location where the mortgage advisor was last seen taking her dog on a walk three weeks prior.

Following the death of a young mother who was also reported missing, a police officer from the force that received criticism for the Nicola Bulley search is being looked into for gross misconduct.

In July of last year, just hours after being reported missing, Kiena Dawes, 23, was struck by a train near Garstang, Lancashire.

Her family alleged she was “let down” by Lancashire Police after her death.

On Sunday, the body of the 45-year-old was discovered in Lancashire’s River Wye, but many unresolved issues remain.

The PA news agency examines the inquiries that have been opened since her death was found and why they are required.

A map that contrasts the precise position of the body discovered in the hunt for missing dog walker Nicola Bulley with the places where she was last seen and her phone was discovered has been made public.

Bulley was last seen walking down the towpath at Allotment Lane at about 9 a.m. on January 27. On Sunday, at about 11.35 a.m., the corpse was discovered in the River Wyre close to Rawcliffe Road.

The immediate vicinity where the mortgage advisor was last seen, the caravans at Wyreside Farm, and an abandoned house were all searched by police.

Yesterday, Nicola Bulley’s friends and former neighbors gathered in her hometown for a candlelit vigil.

More than three weeks after she was last seen, on January 27, the 45-year-body old’s was discovered in Lancashire’s River Wyre on Sunday.

After leaving off her two children at school, she vanished while taking her dog for a walk in Saint Michaels on Wyre.

At her native South Woodham Ferrers, Essex, the vigil started at 8 o’clock last night.

“There’s a lot of people that still live in the community who know Nicola or her sister Louise. The family is well known and even though they moved up north, they still hold a massive piece of all of our hearts.

“When Nicola went missing, we all felt so helpless being down south, but we all remained beside the family.”

The police watchdog has launched an investigation into a welfare check on Nicola Bulley carried out by Lancashire Police on 10 January, days before she was last seen.

An IOPC spokesperson said: “Following a referral by Lancashire Constabulary on 16 February we have started an independent investigation regarding contact the force had with Nicola Bulley on 10 January 2023.

“We were notified by the force that an officer attended the family home on that date as part of a welfare check.”

Yesterday, Nicola Bulley’s friends and former neighbors gathered in her hometown for a candlelit vigil.

A mile or so from where she was last seen on the river at St. Michael’s on Wyre, Lancashire, missing mother Nicola Bulley was eventually located on Sunday.

There are a lot of possibilities, according to experts, as to why Bulley may not have been discovered sooner.

“Although the area where she was found is just within the tidal section, I doubt she moved up and down the river very far,” a professor who studies rivers told The Telegraph. The professor, who did not want to be named, said he believed Bulley was most likely in the same spot throughout the search operation.

A street artist has created a mural to Nicola Bulley in the town where she grew up, South Woodham Ferrers in Essex.

Danny Bench, who has completed the mural, went to William de Ferrers School with Ms Bulley, and was friends with her sister, Louise Cunningham, who approved the work before he started.

He told The Mirror he took two days off work to do it.

Publication on Amazon of books about Nicola Bulley has prompted anger and accusations of profiteering.

Three books were briefly advertised on the site, before being taken down.

Leader of Wyre Council, Cllr Michael Vincent, branded them “nothing short of disgusting”, saying whoever wrote them was “capitalizing on her death”, the Lancashire Telegraph reported.

Others branded the books “shameful and beyond disrespectful”.

Nicola Bulley memorial

The family of Nicola Bulley has said they can let the mother of two “rest now”, as questions linger over why it took more than three weeks for her body to be discovered.

Ms Bulley’s body was pulled from the River Wyre in Lancashire on Sunday after the 45-year-old was last seen on January 27.

She had been walking her dog in St Michael’s on Wyre after dropping her daughters, aged six and nine, at school.

Lancashire Police called a press conference on Monday, where the force did not address the widespread criticism it had received for releasing some aspects of Ms. Bulley’s private life into the public domain.

Police also did not disclose why it took 23 days to find her body in the river.

A man who says he discovered Nicola Bulley claims he used his “gifts” as a “medium” to lead him to the missing mother’s body. Jason Rothwell, who describes himself as a spiritual medium, wrote on social media that “yes, it is me in the images in the media currently circulating”.



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Missing man found dead in home 8 months later.

The Troy Police Department has released pictures of the missing posters that show Richard Maedge. The dead guy committed suicide and was discovered by his wife in a mummified state in a closet in their house some months later.

An Illinois coroner recently made an effort to explain how a missing man’s body was discovered inside his own house several months later.

Jennifer Maedge, Richard Maedge’s wife, reported him missing on April 27, 2022. Richard Maedge, 53, is from Troy, Illinois, which is a part of the St. Louis metro area in adjacent Missouri. On December 11, 2022, his widow discovered his body, according to Troy Police.

Police were informed by Jennifer Maedge that her husband had last been heard from the day before he disappeared. She claimed that he called to inform her that he would be leaving work early. But it appeared like he didn’t come home that day. While her spouse had departed, he had left behind his wallet, keys, and automobile.

“The case is still under investigation by the Troy Police Department and the Madison County Coroner’s Office,” the department An autopsy has been scheduled for a later date and time.” “I decided to put the Christmas tree up, and I was looking for a tote of Christmas ornaments, and that’s when I discovered him,” Jennifer Maedge told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. “He had committed suicide.”

Police first refused to say where the man’s body was discovered. According to reports, Troy Police Chief Brent Shownes also declined to comment on the state of Richard Maedge’s remains. But most importantly, there was no sign of wrongdoing.

“He will be deeply missed,” Jennifer Maedge told KTVI at the time. “Even though we didn’t want the outcome that we had, it’s still an outcome that we can, you know, put him to rest.”

The man’s sister, however, was incensed that law enforcement failed to find her brother. “I need answers from the police chief,” Marilyn Toliver told the Post-Dispatch. “I need answers from the mayor. How is this even possible? Mistakes were made, and I want answers. If it means filing a complaint and going all the way to the governor, I will. I’m not going away. I’m just now beginning to say stuff out loud. I should have been screaming from the beginning, but I was suckered in by the police department saying they were doing their job and looking for him.”

The long-missing guy committed suicide, according to Madison County Coroner Steve Nonn, who made the announcement a few months later. The coroner stated that there was no indication of foul play and there were no more injuries.

Richard Maedge was discovered in a secret closet space. His widow claimed that she just discovered him after going to get Christmas decorations for the approaching holiday. His body was in a mummified state, the coroner’s office reported, Madison County Chief Deputy Coroner Kelly Rogers told KTVI earlier this month.

According to Rogers, the body’s mummification accounts for the lack of a distinct stench and the length of time it took to be discovered.

Nonetheless, authorities said that there was no dearth of smell at all. The Maedge home was described as a “hoarder home” by Rogers, who also mentioned that the first time the police investigated the place, they detected a “sewer-like” odor inside. Jennifer Maedge even gave them a follow-up call to mention an odd odor.

According to Troy Police Chief Brent Shownes, cadaver dogs were even used for a third search.

The plumber Jennifer Maedge eventually contacted and confirmed the odor was being produced by sewage gas, according to the deputy coroner. The mystery scent appeared to disappear after the plumber covered a sewer pipe in the basement, according to Rogers.

The deceased’s relatives had warm memories of him.

“He was the ultimate ‘Mr. Fix It,’ very creative with mechanical design and repair,” Richard Maedge’s obituary reads. “He enjoyed watching the Blues Hockey, Cardinals Baseball and NASCAR. He loved his family and the times they spent together.”

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Found: Missing girl in the woods

Katherine Van Alst

June 16 1946 5 members of the Van Alst family arrived at the Devil’s Den in Western Arkansas to spend the week camping in a cabin they rented. They headed up to the swimming area where there was a creek. This swimming area had a deep section but if you were not a great swimmer you stayed with it. Now Katherine was ended up in the deep end and a stranger lifted her out of the water her father came over and asked what she was doing and the woman explained that she was struggling in the deep end.

And instead of going into the water Kathrine then walks into the backside of the damn it was like a gradual slope And her father was able to watch Kathrine and the boys at the same time. But one time when he is looking at the boys and goes to look at her and then Katherine is gone. He then asks the boys and the woman who helped her out of the water if she had seen her.

Then he gets everyone who is at that cabin and everyone helps to look for her they go into the water and the forest area about an hour after looking for her and she still hasn’t been found Katherine’s father calls the police. Two days go by of them searching. Then after that, they assume that she drowned so they started draining the creeks but she wasn’t there. So they keep looking for her. 6 days total go by of her missing and they are looking in the wooded areas and they saw a cave and they saw a girl in a bathing suit that said here I am and besides just scratches and a few bug bites she was just fine.

Kathrine Van Alst Found

The volunteers that found her even said she was eerily calm They even took her to the hospital and they said she was perfectly fine. So this Eight-year-old who has never spent any time in the woods before somehow survived six days on her own in the woods. for six days and six nights with only a bathing suit on. Despite there being no purified water anywhere near her. She was relatively well-hydrated and only lost a couple of pounds. Also, she was found seven miles away from where she was originally seen last. Now those miles form an airborne view but when you are in the mountains you climb uphill downhill you zig and zag to get to where you are going rescuers actually think on foot she walked around 30 miles. And she did it barefoot!

When authorities asked her how did she do this she said she couldn’t remember and she didn’t know how she got lost in the first place. She only remembered sleeping on warm grass the first night, then her next memory is waking up in a cave on day six. She has no memory of what happened in between that time and somehow wasn’t super dehydrated or malnourished. Some think that she just wandered off and just doesn’t remember what happened.

Others think that something was chasing her and adrenaline kicked in and that is why she was able to go that thirty miles, and it was so traumatic that her mind blocked out the experience.

  1. Someone may have abducted Katherine from the campsite and taken her to the cave where she was found. However, this theory seems unlikely given the distance she traveled and the fact that she was found alone.
  2. Katherine may have been aided by someone who found her in the wilderness and helped her reach the cave where she was found.
  3. There is also the possibility that Katherine’s disappearance and survival are simply the results of chance and luck. It’s possible that she stumbled upon the cave where she was found by chance, or that she was able to survive through sheer luck and resourcefulness.
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Mother missing on Mother’s Day

Suzanne Morphew, a mother of two from Colorado, went missing on Mother’s Day, May 10, 2020. She was last seen by her husband, Barry Morphew, who claimed that he left early that morning for a job in Denver and returned home to find his wife missing.

Following her disappearance, an extensive search effort was launched, involving local law enforcement, the Colorado Bureau of Investigation, and the FBI. However, no trace of Suzanne has been found so far, and her case remains unsolved.

Barry Morphew was initially cooperative with investigators but has since stopped speaking with them. He has not been named a suspect in his wife’s disappearance, but investigators have said that they are exploring all possibilities.

Suzanne’s family and friends continue to search for her and are asking anyone with information about her disappearance to come forward. The Chaffee County Sheriff’s Office has also set up a tip line for the public to provide information related to the case.

Suzanne Morphew

If foul play was involved, potential motives could include financial gain, a domestic dispute, or jealousy/infidelity. However, it’s important to note that these are just possibilities and there is no concrete evidence to support any particular motive at this time.

It’s also possible that Suzanne’s disappearance was not a deliberate act, and instead was the result of an accident or some other unforeseen event. Without more information, it’s difficult to speculate on the motive behind her disappearance. The investigation is continuing, and law enforcement officials are working to uncover any leads or information that may shed light on what happened to Suzanne.

The family of Suzanne Morphew has been very vocal and active in their efforts to find her and bring her home. In the immediate aftermath of her disappearance, her husband Barry and her two daughters issued public statements pleading for her safe return.

Since then, Suzanne’s brother and other family members have spoken out about the case, expressing frustration with the lack of progress and calling for more information to be released. In interviews and social media posts, they have shared their memories of Suzanne and urged anyone with information about her disappearance to come forward.

While the family has not publicly commented on any specific theories or suspects, they have made it clear that they are committed to finding out what happened to Suzanne and bringing her home. They continue to offer a reward for information that leads to her safe return.

Here are a few of the theories:

  1. Foul play involving her husband: As mentioned earlier, Barry Morphew has been under intense scrutiny since Suzanne’s disappearance. Some theories suggest that he may have been involved in her disappearance, although he has not been formally named as a suspect.
  2. Abduction: Some believe that Suzanne may have been abducted while out for a bike ride, which was one of her favorite activities. However, no evidence of abduction has been found.
  3. Animal attack: The area where Suzanne disappeared is known for its wildlife, and some have speculated that she may have been attacked by an animal while out for a bike ride. However, there is no concrete evidence to support this theory.
  4. Suicide: Some theories suggest that Suzanne may have taken her own life, although this seems unlikely given the lack of evidence supporting this theory.
  5. Random act of violence: Another theory is that Suzanne may have been a victim of a random act of violence, with no connection to her or her family.

Again, it’s important to emphasize that none of these theories have been proven, and the investigation into Suzanne’s disappearance is ongoing.

Recently Her Husband had gone to court to petition to receive his items that are in police custody you can read more about them here.

Find Susanne Morphew Facebook

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Has Madeline McCann been found?

‘I discovered what happened to Madeleine McCann, and I connected the dots,’ says Julia Wendel. ‘It’s so stressful trying to get people to believe me

Madeleine McCann, a British toddler who went missing in Portugal 16 years ago while on vacation with her family, is said to be a 22-year-old Polish woman who claims to have confirmation of her identity.

Julia Wendel, the young woman whose claim went viral on social media, claimed last week that she had been abused as a youngster by a German pedophile who was a key suspect in the disappearance. She added that the McCann family had contacted her about running a DNA test to see if they were a match.

Wendy is 21 years old, but she thinks her age might be off. Maddie was born in May 2003, making her age as of right now 19 years old. Wendel claims she shares the same eye abnormality as the missing child, and she claimed to resemble Madeleine’s parents, Gary and Kate.

A source close to the McCann family has said in recent news reports that “The family is willing to examine any references and is not taking any chances. They must consider all the circumstances, and the girl does resemble the other girl. Nobody is arguing that point. There is a possibility that it is her if what she claims is accurate.”

Wendel claims that she was unaware of the McCann disappearance until she began enquiring about her parents’ stories regarding her childhood, which she had no memories of. Wendel stated: “The memories are very blurry, and when I talked about them with my parents, things didn’t match up. They always tried to change the subject.”

“My teacher at school said that I didn’t always attend school, but my parents insist that I did,” she continued. “After all that confusion, I started doing my own research, I discovered what happened to Madeleine McCann, and I connected the dots. It’s so stressful trying to get people to believe me.”

Julia Wandelt, 21, went viral last week after posting on social media, claiming that she is Madeleine, and posting evidence including birthmarks that look similar to the missing British girl.

Julia, from Poland, claims to have a freckle on her leg and a speck in her eye in the same places as the British girl, as well as ­looking similar to her parents Kate and Gerry.

Now, she has shared comparison photos of herself and Kate McCann smiling. The separate images were posted as a collage to her @iammadeleinemcann Instagram page with people suggesting they resemble one another.

It’s understood the McCanns are taking no chances and want to find out if the mysterious social media user is in fact their daughter who has now been missing for almost 16 years.

A source close to the McCanns said: “The family is taking no chances, they are willing to look at all leads. It is important they look at all of the factors, the girl does look similar. There’s no disputing that.

She claims that the Polish and British police have ignored her and that she needs a DNA test to establish her identity as Madeleine, who vanished from her vacation apartment in Portugal 16 years ago.

The young woman’s family in Poland appears to have abandoned her, despite the fact that it is claimed the McCanns had consented to the DNA test.

She sobbed and revealed that her own family had contacted her to voice their disapproval.

She said: “My grandma phoned me,” in the video. She declared that I am a very awful person and that she no longer wants to interact with me. She began yelling at me.



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Suzanne Morphew’s Husband’s plea to retain his items.

Suzanne Morphew is a Colorado woman who went missing on Mother’s Day, May 10, 2020, while on a bike ride in the Maysville area. Her disappearance sparked a large search effort, and her family and law enforcement officials have been seeking information about her whereabouts.

Despite extensive searches, including the use of drones, cadaver dogs, and hundreds of volunteers, no trace of Suzanne Morphew has been found. The Chaffee County Sheriff’s Office has been leading the investigation, and they have not publicly identified any suspects or persons of interest in the case. The FBI and CBI (Colorado Bureau of Investigation) have also been involved in the investigation.

Suzanne Morphew’s family has offered a $200,000 reward for information leading to her safe return, and her husband, Barry Morphew, has also publicly pleaded for her safe return.

A Colorado man who had previously been charged with murder in connection with the disappearance of his wife attempted to recover property that had been taken by law enforcement.

Tuesday saw a hearing for Barry Morphew in Fremont County. A motion to restore the property was submitted on May 26, according to court records. On April 18, Barry’s criminal charges associated with Suzanne’s disappearance were dropped. Barry’s belongings had been in the hands of the prosecution for over two years, and the motion claims that “there is no nexus between the goods and the location or circumstances of Mrs. Morphew’s disappearance.”

On Tuesday, a court rejected the motion and ruled that the evidence would not be returned. Barry didn’t show up for the hearing. On Mother’s Day in 2020, Suzanne was reported missing in the Salida region. Her remains have not been located as of yet. As the search for Suzanne goes on, KKTV 11 News Correspondent Jack Heeke visited Salida on Monday to speak with locals. Despite the fact that it has been months since Suzanne vanished, many people aren’t giving up hope. Missing Suzanne posters can be found all throughout the town of Salida.

Barry’s attorneys submitted the motion to recover his property.
Iris Eytan, the lawyer for Morphew, said in a statement that “we contended in the motion the things should be released to Barry since they are being wrongfully detained for no valid purpose.” “Bernard is innocent, as the law understands, and in this country, we simply do not detain people’s property indefinitely when no charges are filed. As you may remember, Ms. Stanley [the 11th Judicial District Attorney] rejected the “no-body homicide” because she erroneously thought that a body was necessary to press charges against Barry after two years. Nine days before trial in April 2022, Ms. Stanley claimed they were on their way to Suzanne but were stopped by 6 feet of snow. Ms. Stanley claimed they were on their way to Suzanne but were prevented from doing so by the 6 feet of snow covering the land. This was obviously a false promise made by the prosecution to avoid a trial that would have cleared Barry.

The bottom of this story has a copy of the motion the District Attorney’s office sent on June 17 in response to Barry’s request. The prosecution claims in its answer that it may later utilize the things it took as evidence.

Part of the motion submitted by the district attorney’s office states that “the People have a claim to all property confiscated for use in a future prosecution.” “Moreover, since the People do not want to surrender the property, no hearing is necessary. Instead, we want to keep it safe in case there is ever a need for legal action.


– May 10, 2020: Suzanne Morphew reported missing.

– May 11, 2020: Search crews are called to the area she was believed to be in near hear Chaffee County home.

– May 15, 2020: Items belonging to Suzanne were found.

– May 17, 2020: Barry, the husband of Suzanne, shares a video with the public asking for help with finding her. It can be viewed at the bottom of this article.

– May 19, 2020: Authorities search the Morphew home.

– May 22, 2020: A separate residential property is searched, where a concrete foundation had just been poured

– May 5, 2021: Barry Morphew is arrested

-April 18, 2022 Murder charges dismissed.



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What True Crime Obsessed got wrong about Andrea Knabel’s case

It really upsets me that they didn’t even go to Erin Knabel who has been very upfront and honest and willing to do interviews about her sister.

Things they got wrong:

True crime Obsessed says that she was a PI and worked for missing in America – This is not true Andrea never had a PI license she did not work for missing in America she volunteered occasionally but this was not her full-time job. She didn’t get paid to do her volunteer time.

They said that this group had a 96% success rate of finding people. I can not find anywhere that proves that this is or is not true.

Andrea Knabel

True crime Obsessed says ” One of the women who found a missing person in 4 days flat is now missing” There is no evidence to support that they have found a woman who went missing and then was found in four days flat by this group or by Andrea herself.

True crime-obsessed says:

Nancy says she is Andrea’s best friend.

Andrea has two sons with separate fathers and both boys were with their dads at the time she went missing and both of them have been cleared.

They also state that Sarah and Ethan were living in Sarah’s mom’s house at the time and were also remodeling it. They were staying there to only help with renovations not living there full time.

True crime Obsessed also said that we have no idea why Andrea was staying at her mom’s house. This is simply not true. If you ask Erin who is so open and willing to talk about Andrea’s case you will know that Andrea was having some issues at the time and she was staying at her mom’s to get back on her feet.

Andrea Knabel

True crime obsessed also said that they talked to Erin which simply isn’t true! That clip in that they said they talked to her is from the documentary. They also imply that Erin is just saying she wishes she could go back and change the way things were that night when True crime obsessed says you’re lying just be honest with us.

True Crime Obsessed question for you…… HOW can you say to someone that they are lying about wishing their loved one would come home when you haven’t even talked to them? When they are willing to talk to you and express to you what really happened and not only do you parade around and make it seem like she doesn’t care about her sister’s disappearance when you won’t even contact her! When I have personally messaged you, Emailed you, tagged you and you won’t say a damn thing! How fucking dare you! You have no idea what Erin has gone through. Seriously you should be ashamed of yourselves.

Andrea Knabel

True Crime Obsessed also said that Sarah and Ethan were the only ones who got interviewed twice and said that Mike her dad wouldn’t answer to why they were interviewed twice. They also say that Mike said he hates Ethan and Sarah and they all just hate each other. Then they also say that Ethan and Sarah bail so they don’t have to be questioned anymore and move to Louieville KY.

They also mention that the family must hate Andrea and that is why she doesn’t have a key to the house.

This is simply not true Sarah and Ethan went to Louisville because they live there. They were only up here because they were helping Sarah’s parents renovate their house. The reason Andrea didn’t have a key was that she was possibly and having people whom her mom didn’t know and trust in her house and she didn’t want them in her home when she wasn’t home. And that is her right that is her house. I can honestly say I wouldn’t want random people in my home all the time.

Kentucky bridge

True crime Obsessed also said that Susette’s car was seen crossing the bridge the same night that Andrea went missing this is also untrue. Susette’s tole statement showed that she did not cross the bridge that night. And they called her a liar but they found the tole statement was at 3:16 pm not am

True Crime Obsessed: They also say that again Sarah hated Andrea and that Sarah was mad that Mike the dad was spending time looking for Andrea and not being there for her. And that her mom is nowhere to be found.

Again True Crime Obsessed you’re wrong Sarah did not hate Andrea and her dad loves all of his daughters they are all just grieving in a different way. Some people don’t want to be in the spotlight when it comes to these things. And that is okay her mom doesn’t have to talk about this.

True crime Obsessed also stated that Andrea was a different person from different people. And that she is struggling with something and they just don’t know what.

Andrea Knabel

I just want to scream right now guys…. Like seriously? If you had the decency to even just talk to Erin you would know what Andrea was struggling with and why she was not a chameleon.

True crime obsessed also said that Andrea’s case is connected to another case that was a big case this is simply just not true. Once they found out that this was a very big case with a lot of dangerous people they pull out and Andrea never worked on the case.

True Crime Obsessed implies that Tracy burned down his own building that had Andrea’s case files in it. They said Erin said that Andrea said that Sarah hit her. They also said that the fact that Andrea didn’t have a key to the house means that they didn’t want her there. Erin states that she doesn’t know if Sarah hit her or not. She wasn’t there she just knows what Andrea and Sarah told her. True crime obsessed also said that Erin was being suspicious and not giving them everything. And that Andrea was the black sheep and ganging up on her.

Which this isn’t true. Erin originally offered to give Andrea a ride and she refused to haver her do so she was upset that Erin wouldn’t allow her to stay with her which Erin didn’t want her in with her substance abuse and her bringing random people into her moms house and I can say I wouldn’t want drugs and random people in my house either. She said she didn’t want a ride and was upset and then was on her phone it looked like she was messaging someone. Erin said that she watched her sister from the window and noticed that she walked away closly after.

Adriann Barrett

True crime obsessed also says that the changed the locks to keep Andrea out. Which isn’t true. They weren’t trying to keep her out they were trying to make sure they knew were coming in and out of there house.

Andrea’s ex boyfriends girlfriend states that Andrea took over his meth business. And Then she says that Sarah and Andrea got into a fist fight the night before. She claims that her and Andrea were friends but I don’t know how much of this is true.

True crime obsessed also states that because of her meth use she was having sores all over her face because she thought something was on there.

Erin her sister has debunked this stating that no that is not true but in fact both her and Andrea have esema and it happends on there faces as well.

True Crime obessed also says that Andrea was using countorfit money they talk about the storage unit so in this storage unit is Andrea’s stuff as well as her ex roomates things in it as well. Andrea’s ex roomate use to do some film production and this fake $100 bill was money that they used in films but True crime obsessed says that she was making this counterfit money

True crime obsessed also says that Andrea had several different facebook pages what they don’t say is that a lot of those facebook pages were made after she went missing. Not before. She only had one page before she went missing and that page now has been disabled.

True crime Obsessed also said that Andrea was sleeping with Ethan.

They also state that Andrea was doing meth which is also not ture.

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Police Find a Missing Woman in the Most Unlikely Place and Finally Close a 42-Year-Old Cold Case

Robert Stevens believed it to be a typical day 42 years ago. He had no idea that dropping his wife Flora off at a doctor’s appointment would set off a series of occurrences that would result in her enigmatic disappearance and a protracted cold case.

He wasn’t prepared for the danger they were both in as he dropped Flora off at the doctor’s office. They had no idea that a mysterious peril was approaching. Would Flora and Robert be able to escape unharmed?

The amazing tale that follows has a startling conclusion that is almost too unbelievable to be true.

Stevens followed a pattern that included going to the doctor after running errands. Robert had no idea that this day, which had seemed routine, would suddenly change.

In anticipation of his wife’s arrival, Robert arrived at the doctor’s office. To his disappointment, she was nowhere to be found while he waited for her to appear.

He asked the receptionist for clarification in the hopes of getting any information but was given the puzzling response that his wife had disappeared. Robert’s wife mysteriously vanished, leaving him with no leads as to her location or answers. What had become of the missing wife?

That morning, Robert had a list of things to accomplish, appointments, and a sense of routine. He had no idea how soon his life would change irrevocably. His family was dealt a blow they couldn’t have imagined: a disappearance that would go unexplained for an extended 42 years.

The suddenness and seriousness of the incident left Robert unsure of what to do. He had believed that tragedies like these only affected other people, never his own family.

The date was August 3, 1975, and Robert Stevens was anxious. He couldn’t help but imagine that something awful had happened to his beloved Flora, who had vanished.

Flora was not the kind to just stroll off on her own at age 36. Could she have been abducted in plain sight by the medical staff? Robert was driven by a burning desire to discover Flora’s whereabouts and what had become of her.

Summertime in the Catskill Mountains of New York was always alive with mirth, merriment, and families on vacation. In 1975, Flora was a part of the buzz, working at the luxurious Concord Resort. It was a popular destination for tourists and locals alike. 

But one sunny summer day, Flora abruptly disappeared without a trace, leaving behind a mystery that has never been solved. Who took her away from the hustle and bustle of the Catskills?

The investigators assigned to the case were adamant about finding the truth. They made the decision to begin at the beginning rather than drawing any quick judgments. They found Flora’s connection to Lincoln High School in New York after a few days of investigation.

They continued digging despite having only that one reliable lead. Surprisingly, except for Flora’s husband Robert, they were unable to locate any sign of her relatives. The team was adamant about finding the truth and solving the Flora mystery.

The detectives on the case found themselves in a perplexing situation. No clues or leads emerged to help them locate Flora, leaving Robert helpless and clueless as to what could have happened to his wife. 

Did Flora choose to leave without a trace, or was she taken? Was it a pre-planned abduction or a spur-of-the-moment decision? The detectives scrambled to uncover the truth behind her disappearance, in the hopes of finding Flora and bringing her home safely.

Finding a missing individual appeared difficult in 1975 because police forces had the sophisticated technology they do now. Detectives had to work very hard, following up on every tip without the aid of monitoring equipment or family member interrogations.

It was a challenging task that appeared to have no hope of resolution. Nevertheless, police departments have come a long way since then, finding missing people and returning them securely with the use of cutting-edge technology.

The search for answers regarding Flora’s mysterious disappearance seemed to have no end. Days became weeks, and months went by without any progress in the case. The detectives were completely stumped, and could not figure out if Flora had been kidnapped, or if she had run away. 

After months of investigation, the detectives had no choice but to resign from the case and mark it as unsolved. Despite the lack of closure, the detectives never gave up hope of finding out the truth behind Flora’s disappearance.

Robert had longed for closure. He had given up on searching for his beloved wife, Flora, and decided to move on with his life. He tried to make peace with the fact that he may never know what had happened to her that fateful day. 

Yet, after years of unanswered questions, Robert finally found the closure he had longed for when Flora’s case was reopened in 2017 with new evidence emerging. His wait was finally over.

Senior Investigator Yan Salomon made a significant discovery in 2017 that may be connected to the long-forgotten case of Flora, a missing lady.

Yan was certain that this information—which had amazingly gone unnoticed in the case file—would be sufficient to reopen the investigation and restart the hunt. His discovery was a significant breakthrough that might have given Flora’s loved ones new hope. It was time to revive Flora’s unsolved case.

Salomon had, at last, made a discovery in his investigation after months of careful research. He was hesitant to share his results with the family because he wanted to be sure he had all the information.

In the Catskill Mountains, close to The Concord, the resort Flora worked at in 1975, he found a woman’s body. The woman’s identity was, regrettably, unknown. Salomon was adamant about solving this case and providing comfort to the woman’s loved ones.

Detective Salomon faced a difficult challenge. He had contacted the Sullivan County Sheriff’s Office and was in urgent need of a detective to assist in the identification of a deceased. This was not going to be a simple inquiry with almost 70,000 women missing in the United States.

Thankfully, the sheriff’s department was willing to assist Salomon in his quest to learn the truth. Now the detective’s task was to solve the case of a missing woman.

Salomon was adamant that the 21,894 active instances of missing women be solved. He understood the enormous and difficult task that lay before him, one that would call for a great deal of perseverance and commitment.

He knew it would be difficult to sift through the documents looking for any hints or leads, but he was determined to identify the body. He was prepared to take on this enormous challenge and bring resolution to the situation of the missing ladies.

Salomon left his team to finish their work and traveled to Sullivan County because he was determined to make a difference. When he learned that the woman he had found was from the same region, his instincts had been spot on.

Salomon and his team discovered an open case involving the body that was simply ready to be solved after conducting additional research. They were now one step closer to solving the cold case because of his perseverance and knowledge.

When his investigation went south, Detective Salomon was devastated. He was left with an unsolved case and a scant file to work with after learning that the body he had discovered was not Flora’s.

Salomon, however, was unwilling to give up or concede defeat and was adamant about moving forward. He was confident that there was still more to the enigma to be discovered, and he was the perfect candidate to do so.

A mammoth assignment was given to Detective Morgan of the Sullivan County Police Department to connect the case of Flora, who went missing, with the body discovered in the Catskill Mountains. Unfortunately, Salomon was spending too much time and effort on the case, so it was given to Detective Morgan.

He accepted the challenge, eager to solve this intricate puzzle. He set out to solve the case and bring the offender to justice with a steely resolution. Will Detective Morgan be able to tie the two cases together and provide an acceptable conclusion?

Detective Morgan was adamant about cracking the case that had baffled investigators for years. He was confident that there was a minor detail that had gone unnoticed or even some new information that would point them directly in the direction of the culprit.

Morgan looked everywhere with a sense of urgency until he found the important clue in an unexpected location. To his surprise, the effort paid off, and he quickly solved the case by discovering Flora in the most improbable of places.

When Detective Morgan uncovered the ID badge of the woman Salomon had located in the mountains, he was finally able to make a significant development in the case. It was revealed that she shared Flora’s workplace, The Concord.

Morgan also discovered that the two women had vanished at about the same time. This case development was significant since it offered a prospective lead.

Flora’s file had been stashed away, ignored, and collecting dust for 45 years. But today, everything has changed because to technology. It was time to discover the truth about what had occurred in the Catskill Mountains in the summer of 1975 and to finally reconcile Flora with her family.

But where do I begin? All they were aware of was the horrific event that had taken place. The hunt for Flora began using cutting-edge techniques and technology. Could the Catskill Mountains’ enigma finally be cleared up?

Detective Morgan was committed to learning Flora’s fate from all those years ago. He laboriously combed over the records, searching for any hint that might reveal the truth. But without any new information to be found, days slipped into weeks, then into weeks into months.

Morgan persisted though, not giving up until he found the solution. His commitment was steadfast and his resolve unquestionable. He was determined to discover Flora’s whereabouts and the past.

Flora vanished in 1975, and Detective Morgan was determined to learn more about what happened. He made a lot of effort to locate her husband Robert for an interview, only to learn that Robert had died ten years earlier. Detective Morgan had no idea that Robert’s passing would ultimately help his inquiry.

Robert never received any answers about what happened to his cherished wife. It gave Detective Morgan new hope that he could someday uncover the solutions he was looking for.

In Flora’s missing person case, Detective Morgan had reached a dead end. Making any headway appeared to be impossible without any living relatives to consult. But Detective Morgan was adamant about returning Flora to her house.

The detective looked for a novel answer because he knew that the investigators had no access to the different databases that were now accessible. They might just solve the case and return Flora to her family with a little luck.

When Detective Morgan went directly to the social security number database to look out Flora’s personal number, he had a sneaking suspicion that his luck might turn around. To his astonishment, he found a match after searching both local and national databases.

It was evident that her social security number was being used aggressively. Finally seeing results from his efforts, he was one step closer to cracking the case.

Could this truly be the solution to a 42-year-old mystery, Detective Morgan thought as he boarded the aircraft? His heart was racing. He had discovered Flora’s social security number, which had been missing for many years.

Was it truly her, though? Or is it really a scammer attempting to use her phone number? All he could do was track the number to its final location to learn more. No matter the cost, he was determined to solve the Flora mystery.

Something interesting was about to happen, Detective Morgan sensed. He knew this was a hint he had to follow when he discovered that the social security number was being used over 200 miles away in the tiny town of Lowell, just north of Boston, Massachusetts.

Detective Morgan wasted no time in traveling to the assisted living facility where his investigation had led him. He sensed that something significant was about to happen!

Detective Morgan was not about to disregard a hunch that he had. He called the facility and learned that Flora, a woman, had been residing there since 2001. The fact that she had the same first name, social security number, and birthday as he made it to coincidence for him to ignore, even though her surname name was Harris and not Stevens.

Desperate to meet the woman in person and solve the riddle of Flora Harris, Detective Morgan jumped in his car and sped straight to the institution.

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Man Escapes Farmhouse To Tell World His Family Has Been Trapped In Secret Room For 9 Years

A 25-year-old Dutchman entered a bar in the Dutch region of Drenthe. He had long, unruly hair and an untidy, dirty beard, and he appeared puzzled and disoriented.

The young man placed a drink order and struck up a conversation with Chris, the bar’s proprietor. As it turned out, the enigmatic customer had a terrifying tale to share.

The man continued by revealing to Chris that he and his five younger siblings had been residing in the cellar of their father’s farm house in Ruinerwold, a tiny isolated community close to the bar.

He asserted that they had been cut off from the outside world for about ten years. Under their “doomsday” father’s orders, the siblings “waited for the end of time” throughout.

In an effort to put a stop to their seclusion, this young man had finally been able to leave the bunker and leave the expansive land.

Chris helped the man call 911 — and now it was time for the police to go and see what exactly had been going on inside that farmhouse for so long.

What the cops found inside the home left them completely stunned. Watch the video to find out.

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Update: Bryan Kohberger affidavit Idaho murders

Adriann Barrett