Did Bigfoot kidnap this woman?

Today, we have a missing person case about Theresa Hartley, who is missing from Florida. She went missing on March 10th, 2023, after her car broke down. Her friend followed her in her car to help but returned without Theresa, who was nowhere to be found. Robert, who has been taking care of Theresa due to her memory loss, reported her missing on March 15th.

The county sheriff’s department doesn’t suspect foul play. Search teams have been looking for her in the national forest, but so far, only some items belonging to her were found. There are various theories about her disappearance, including the possibility of her getting lost, foul play involving her friend, or even extraterrestrial involvement due to reported UFO sightings in the area. There is no conclusive evidence yet, and people are encouraged to share their theories and information about the case.

Tammy Heartley missing do you think bigfoot took her?

There are UFO Sightings around that area around the same time she went missing. Let’s not forget about bigfoot could bigfoot have taken her. What do you think?

UFO seen in St. Augistine FL

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