Missing: Heather Kelly

According to Kalamazoo County Sheriff Richard Fuller, who talked about the missing lady at a press conference on December 19, Heather Kelley, 35, was last seen in public on December 10.

Around nine o’clock that evening, Kelley left her house and contacted her kids around ten twenty to let them know she was returning. According to the missing people poster, she was captured on camera outside a business in the Comstock neighborhood, but she never returned home to her family.

On December 11, Kelley’s abandoned truck was discovered three miles from where she had been captured on camera the previous evening.

According to Fuller, there is currently a person of interest in the case being held in custody on an unrelated allegation.

Fuller refused to provide any further information and highlighted that authorities are still looking for anyone else with knowledge about the case. This person of interest is none other than Kelly’s ex boyfriend. The FBI believes this is a homicide investigation and that her ex could be responsible

The evidence found in Kelley’s abandoned car, according to Fuller, led them to suspect she was probably the victim of foul play, he added at the news conference. In spite of this, he continued, “We have hope that she is still alive, which is why we continue to work [this as a] missing persons case.”

According to Fuller, several detectives are actively investigating Kelley’s case and following up on leads. They communicate with her relatives as well.

According to Nicholas Armold, director of public safety for Portage, “we’re going to keep moving forward on the assumption that we’re going to find her, and as a decent human being, I’m hoping we find her healthy and happy and we can return her to her family.”

Kelley has long blond hair, a weight about 130 lbs., and several tattoos. She is 5 feet 10 inches tall.

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