Missing: Joshua Amos

“We’re not going to give up hope,” Christina Simpson told Dateline. “I know it’s been eight weeks and one day, but we’re still hoping that somebody knows something — that he’s OK somewhere.”

Christina’s son, 32-year-old Joshua Amos, has been missing since March 19, 2023.

Christina raised her seven children in Caseyville, Illinois. “The four girls are older, then it’s Josh. So he’s number five,” she said. “He has two younger brothers.”

Josh grew up loving every aspect of Caseyville, Christina said Dateline, which is a small community. She remarked, “He likes being out in the country, loves being in the creeks. He loves being outside.

Josh’s daughters are 8 and 11 years old. Christina remarked, “He loves taking them out to the boats and swimming.” That was his main focus. Christina claimed that Josh and the girls’ mother, who is no longer with them, are “very good at co-parenting.”

Josh was living with roommates in Granite City, Illinois, roughly 20 minutes from Caseyville, at the time of his abduction.

When Christina last spoke to her son, on March 17, she said that everything appeared normal. We discussed his girlfriends and his weekend plans, Christina recounted. A month before, he had begun a new job.

Christina stated that Josh had only recently begun working at Precoat Metals in Granite City. It paid well, it was a fantastic job. He was really happy, she said. But he put in a lot of overtime.

Josh and Christina last spoke to each other at that point.

Christina revealed to Dateline that on March 19th, her youngest son called with some unsettling news. “While I was at work, my eldest son called.”

and apologized for scaring her mother, but we can’t find Josh,’” Christina recalled. He informed me that Josh had gone out with pals and that nobody had been in touch with him since.

The Washington Park Police Department received a report of a missing brother from Christina’s youngest son that day.

According to Christina, in the early hours of March 19, Josh went to Scarlett’s Cabaret, a club in Washington Park, with three pals. From Granite City, it takes a car about 16 minutes. They lingered there until 4:58 in the morning on Sunday, the 19th, according to her. Josh is captured on video in the parking lot outside the club, and you can then watch him leave the area on his own.

Dateline was informed by Christina that she spoke with the friends who were with Josh that evening. They claim that he simply left, she said. One of them stayed behind and searched for him, but they were never able to locate him.

Christina reported that Josh was seen again around five hours later at a train station.

a few minutes from the club. He talked to a bus driver while walking to Jackie Joyner-Kersee Center MetroLINK, according to Christina. “[The bus driver] claimed he appeared incredibly chilly and lost. He incessantly cited the need to return home. To Granite City he had to go.

Christina claims that after that, the bus driver assisted Josh in purchasing a bus pass. Christina stated, “Driver said to get on a bus, she would take him to Emerson Park MetroLINK.” At 6:45 a.m. at Emerson Park MetroLINK, he is captured on camera. He is spotted waiting for a train, but he never boards it when it arrives.

The last confirmed sighting was captured on camera at 7:28 on Sunday morning, according to Christina. Josh was allegedly seen on camera at Ee-Jay Motor Transports in East St. Louis, which is roughly five minutes away from the Emerson Park MetroLINK stop, she claimed to Dateline. Josh can be seen strolling around the parking lot. No one is pursuing him. There are no automobiles near him. We last saw him on camera at that point, Christina recalled. He was around two hours’ worth of walking from his Granite City house.

According to Christina, the Washington Park Police Department has conducted numerous searches for her son with assistance from the Illinois State Police Department.

In an email to Dateline, Illinois State Police Trooper Josh Korando stated that detectives had looked in the “areas surrounding the club [Josh] frequented.”

Josh was last seen on security camera leaving the parking lot he had just “walked away from in Washington Park and the area around Lincoln Avenue and 17th Street,” in East St. Louis. He continued by saying that although there have been many reports of Joshua sightings, none have been confirmed.

There is no evidence, in accordance with Trooper Korando, that suggests Josh’s disappearance was the result of criminal activity.

Christina mentioned that Josh’s friends and relatives had also been looking for him. “In all, we conducted five dog searches. Furthermore, we conducted two cadaver dog searches nearby, she told Dateline. Nothing has been discovered.

The night Josh vanished, everyone had gathered at a friend’s house to go out. Josh had left his cell phone there. “We consulted the bank. It has been very difficult to monitor him without a cell phone, bank account, or a license plate on a vehicle they can track because there has been no activity on his card, she said. “Several callers have claimed to have seen him, but each time it has proved out not to be him. That’s an emotional roller coaster, of course.

Christina claimed that she had heard numerous tales regarding the disappearance of her kid. “Josh was allegedly robbed that morning, according to a rumor. We were unable to demonstrate that, she said. “There are simply no leads or tips at this time.”

Christina admitted that she doesn’t really know what happened to her son, but she does have a theory. He had been quite cold, and she remarked, “We’re worried he fell asleep somewhere and just didn’t wake up.” He died from exposure to the cold.

Christina told Dateline that she is committed to learning what happened to Josh. She manages the Facebook page “Bring Josh Amos Home,” which is dedicated to helping her learn more about her son. Christina remarked, “I will always be grateful to the people who have helped. The pain “has been woven with blessings.”

Josh’s family is offering a reward of $2,500 to anyone with information that might help them locate him.

Christina remarked, “His girls need him home, his mom needs him, and his siblings need him.” “We want to get that phone call and just be able to hug him.”

Josh is 5’11,” 190 lbs., and has brown hair and brown eyes. He was last seen wearing blue jeans, a light grey long-sleeve crew neck shirt, and black Adidas tennis shoes. He has several tattoos including his daughters’ names, Bella and Mia, on his chest and a Chinese symbol on his right bicep. According to Christina, due to lower back pain, he has a very distinctive walk.

Anyone with information about Josh’s disappearance is asked to call the Washington Park Police Department at 618-874-0115

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