Crazy plane lady comes clean.

I think you all knew that okay are we being punked y’all I think we’re being punked here somebody’s tricking us before we get into today’s video I just want to let you guys know that this video is for educational entertainment purposes only in today’s video we are going to be going over the situation that was deemed the crazy airplane lady but I am telling you right now okay I did not come up with that term but it was going all around the internet and this has to do with a situation that happened back in July on AmericanAirlines now I know a lot of y’all have probably seen the video if not you have seen the meme of the woman who was yelling on the plane saying that a person or something or somebody was not real and ended up getting off of the plane now there was a bunch of sea theories that was going on around about this I mean the whole lizard people Theory came out all kinds of stuff Men In Black type of theories.

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she was escorted off the plane and a light was given to her and her memory was erased there’s been talks and rumors of her being replaced with a clone or a lookalike and the actual woman that was on the plane disappeared well we’re going to go over it today okay we’re going to go over a bunch of stuff I’m going to show y’all that clip I’m going to show you couple more Clips then we’re going to go over an interview, and I’m going to give you guys all of my opinions before we get into it. hi my name is Adriann I also have Facebook an Instagram and if you want to come and check me out so other than that moving back to the airplane lady now her actual name is Tiffany Gomez

and before I get into this I do want to say everything in this video is alleged I don’t know her I don’t know any of these people go do your own opinion I am just going to be speaking on public information that’s already out there I’m going to be showing you guys videos we’re going to be reacting to some stuff and then I’m going to be giving you my very unprofessional opinion okay so just to recap and make sure everybody is all caught up

Tiffany Gomez is a Texas womanwho went viral for an outburst on anAmerican Airlines flight on January 2nd of 2023 from what we understand Tiffanyis a 38-year-old marketing executive wholives in Dallas Texas and she allegedlyowns and lives in a very very nice homeand has a bunch of rental properties, sothis is what society would consider a successful young woman she allegedlygraduated from Oklahoma State University and when she had this Outburst on the plane she went super viral as arefresher for your memory here’s a clip of that video right HERE

I’m not going to after Tiffany got off the plane; she had some more interactions while in the airport and then outside and da da da da and we’ll get there in a few minutes. However, it wasn’t just that simple for the people that were on the flight. I mean, the things that she was yelling, the things that she was saying, and the things that she said after she got off the flight because of security reasons. American Airlines had to get everybody off of this airplane and I heard 3 hours before they could reboard, and I heard 5 hours before they could reboard you’re talking about a whole entire airplane and if any of you guys ever fly you know that if you miss your connection flight it can have a huge domino effect but when you have a flight that puts you back 3 to 5 hours because there’s a woman that’s on the plane yelling that there somebody’s on there that’s not real there’s a bunch of different things that can happen one it’s a huge inconvenience especially if you’re traveling with children all different types of things but also it could really stir anxiety in a lot of people a lot of people have anxiety to fly it was a mess now after this whole thing and after Tiffany was no longer at the airport she kind of disappeared for a while and it continued to go viral and the next thing you know

Tiffany pops up with this apology video and people were saying that’s not really her this is a clone she disappeared the government got her all of thesedifferent things but this video wentsuper viral too as a matter of fact ithas like 25 million views on Twitterthat’s how viral this went listen to this


I apologize and take accountability for my actions, they were uncalled for. My very worst moment was captured on video. Although the memes have been amusing, the flipside has been cruel. I’m thankful for my friends and family for supporting me through this. This experience has been life-altering and I hope to do good from it and promote positive mental health. Stay tuned!

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when I saw that apologyvideo at first I thought oh I don’t knowI I don’t know I had some kind offeelings about it some like like the ickas the Young Folks would say I had theick about it but whatever not my business she apologized she wasaccepting responsibility but nevertheless so then it went quiet for awhile until TMZ conveniently spotted herat the air airport wearing a verysimilar outfit that she was wearing onthe airplane the first time now listen again,

I want to remind y’all that this is my unprofessional opinion and thoughts here, but how many of y’all watched theJohnny Depp trial? How many of y’all heard the testimony from the ex-employeefrom TMZ now I can’t say what Tiffanydid or didn’t do or anybody that youknow knows her or the fact that sheis a marketing executive but I do findit funny that it was TMZ because we haveheard from other people that have workedat TMZ that allegedly TMZ does not justsit at the airport

waiting for somebody to come through; they get a call or tip, and then they send their camera Crews soit seems very weird that she justhappened to be wearing almost the same exact outfit, looking the same exact way and it’s TMZ The next thing you know is that on her Tik Tok account, she puts in viral personality and she says thatshe’s going to run this like a Halloween contest to get people to dress like her Check this out


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then on her Tik Tok she puts out that she’s going to be doing an interview and she was on her way to bar stools, and then the interview came out you guys and of course I wanted to hear what she had to say, like, girlfriend What did you see? Was it a lizard person? Was it an alien? Did somebody’s eyes do that little flutter thing did their eyes get real big if it wasn’t real I mean yeah to me she sounded like she had had a couple drinks but still I done had a couple drinks a time or two a day in my life some of y’all know what I’m talking about I ain’t never seen no lizard person or anything from having a couple shots at tequila I mean I don’t know about y’all so I’m trying to figure out okay she’s doing this interview she’s about to tell us I get to listening to this interview y’all and I honestly can’t even believe what I’m hearing

she literally gets up there and said that it was an expression of speech I’m telling you I’m getting the off and there’s a reason why I’m getting the off and everyone can either Believe it or they cannot believe it I don’t give two but I am telling you right now that that mother fucker back there is not real and you can sit on this plane and you can die with them or not I’m not going to it was an expression of speech. Let’s just pretend that what she said on the airplane was an expression of speech do you guys know what she was caught saying or what was recorded of her saying on the police body cam footage after she got off of the plane listen to this.

Are you freaking kidding me she saw something and Iemma tell y’all what I think she saw here at the end of this video but the fact that she literally got up there and said that she saw nothing and that it was an Express of speech I think I know why she’s doing that but it’s really it’s really frustrating to see in my personal opinion because again I think about say I was on that flight or some of y’all and some woman is screaming the things she’s screaming and then turning around and saying they’re not going to make it that plane isn’t going to make it.

well first of all thank God that AmericanAirlines did clear everybody off and do a full inspection because what if this woman wasn’t having an expression of speech and something was really wrong with the plane and they didn’t check because they thought she was just drunk or intoxicated or something like that but the fact that she sat up there and said that it was an expression of speech it was an expression of speech just was in my feels needed to get off that I was highly distressed um not a good look not a good look in her feels she was crying looking through the window pointing at the plane telling the officers that the plane was not going to make it oh and that isn’t even it y’all this now this is one of the new Mysteries.

To me I have no idea how she didn’t get arrested she’s standing outside the way she ends up talking to the police officers and she throws up that her dad is a cop which oh my gosh like oh my gosh it’s just so wild to me that this chick flipped out on this airplane like this then got off the plane was basically telling everybody they didn’t she didn’t care about anything clearly she was in some kind of fields okay and then when she’s asked to leave she’s being the way that she’s being and then she’s outside telling the police officers that she’s recording them the whole time and that her dad is a cop it is just so bizarre that this chick didn’t go to jail I mean that cost the airline probably 10 20 30 4 thousands and thousands of dollars and then disrespectful afterwards it’s like somebody has an accidental plane somebody you know different things like that these are things that you I don’t know this situation is just crazy to me and then she sits up on this interview and just like yeah I didn’t see anything yeah you know it’s expression of speech you know I just I was in my feels that day I was just like you know I was just kind of emotional just was in my feels needed to get off that I was highly distressed um now what do I think about all this I think it’s ridiculous the story that she’s trying to feed everybody now I mean I think it’s so ridiculous it’s just soridiculous what do I think I think shewas drinking and I think she wasprobably on something.

I think she probably took something maybe some psychedelics or something like that and maybe she really thought she saw something at the time and she doesn’t want to come out and say that now so it’s easier to just say it was a phrase of speech or something I it’s just absolutely ridiculous I think she could have taken something now for everybody that believes that she’s like a CIA plant and she really saw something I am not mad at you about it either I am not do I think there’s some weird stuff that goes on yes absolutely but in this case I think she was on something she don’t want to admit it and she’s sitting up there saying all this stuff and now she’s trying to capitalize off of it what do you think a mess huh a mess what do y’all think about the she didn’t see nothing it was just a she was in her feels she was in her feels y’all let me know what y’all think in the comment section down below.

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