Why would someone break into a 100-year-old crypt and stole parts of a dug-up body?

According to police, someone broke into a 100-year-old crypt after entering a Colorado cemetery late at night. The vault and a casket within were found to have “severe damage” by the police. Only one of the mausoleum’s three crypts was harmed, police informed the LA Times. The theft of body pieces from a century-old private mausoleum in Wheat Ridge, Colorado, is being looked into by police. Upon their arrival at the Crown Hill Cemetery on Wednesday morning, deputies from the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department discovered a private mausoleum had sustained “severe damage,” according to a police statement. The agency said in a statement released on Wednesday that “it appears unknown suspects entered the cemetery during the overnight hours, forced entry into the crypt, and gained access to the casket.” When a casket was “pried open,” pieces.

the statement added, were taken of the body within.

Only one of the three crypts inside the mausoleum, which is owned by the same family and has three crypts, was damaged, according to public information officer Jacki Kelley, who spoke to the Los Angeles Times.

According to the LA Times, the early 20th century was when the dead in the mausoleum were interred.

According to Kelley, the suspects might be charged with felonies like third-degree burglary and mistreatment of a corpse.

According to the police statement, “the area was thoroughly searched, and the crime scene was processed for evidence.”

A request for comment made after regular business hours received no response from the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department.

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