David Jaramillo and Lloyd Reese

On June 3, 1985, 14-year-old Lloyd Reese and 21-year-old David Jaramillo left Reese’s Salt Lake City home at 173 E. 1700 S. with two other friends for an outing to East Canyon Reservoir. Reese and Jaramillo became separated from the others at some point during the day. When they failed to return home, friends and family members reported them missing.

No one really knows which direction two young friends took before they vanished.

Witness statements in 1985 Salt Lake City police reports don’t offer a route Lloyd Reese and David Jaramillo took.

The two were presumed dead, and authorities back then assumed Jaramillo missed a curve and drove into the water of the East Canyon reservoir in Morgan County. Is there a reason these two were going to Ogden?

The members of “Adventures with a Purpose” searched the water near the base of the East Canyon reservoir.  It’s the second such search conducted this month. It’s an area where a driver most likely could miss a sharp turn on the highway leading to Ogden.

At some point during the day, David and Lloyd became separated from their companions and disappeared. Neither of them has been heard from again. They were last seen driving a brown Datsun B210. Profiling evil podcast stated that they stole a license plate and put it on his Datsun but I can’t confirm or deny this information. Perry who is Davids’s brother was in the backseat as well as Perry’s girlfriend. Apparently, they stole a license plate because his current registration was expired and they thought this would help him avoid the police.

Authorities stated they had little evidence in David and Lloyd’s disappearances and aren’t sure if they met with an accident or foul play. Both of their families still live in the Salt Lake City area. Their cases remain unsolved. The friends they were with that day aren’t considered suspects in their cases.

David was a student at Salt Lake Community College in 1985. He also worked with his father at the New Grand Hotel.

It’s long been assumed that 21-year old Jaramillo missed a curve, sending his car and his passenger, 15-year old Lloyd Reese, into the dam.

But after two days of searching, a diving team didn’t find Jaramillo’s vehicle.

“Can I say 100% the vehicle is not over there?” Doug Bishop, a member of the team, asked. “No, but as many dives as they’ve made searching the area…yeah. Is it impossible? No. It’s not impossible, but we’re really good at what we do.”

The only vehicle found was a blue 1990 SUV, which turned out to be stolen.

The answers about their disappearance may lie with witnesses who were with Reese and Jaramillo that day in 1985.

In the 1985 police report, two persons, including a young woman named “Felisha,” were with Jaramillo at the reservoir. The report said “David had left them and driven off.” She told police “she could not believe he would leave without saying anything to her.”

Reese’s sister claimed she communicated with the woman on Facebook and said “Felisha” is now saying something different, but wouldn’t elaborate.

“I feel she may have answers, but may be scared to come forward,” said Thunder Alexander. “Whatever it may be, I think she has to put that aside and help our family, two families, get closure.”

She’s urging Salt Lake police to reopen the case and question “Felisha,” but has yet to hear back from them.

Theories on this are:

They took a curve too fast and are still in the resivuar.

They ran away together to start a new life.

They got abducted and were forced to become sex workers

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