96 year old woman was found in a freezer

After her 96-year-old mother’s body was found inside a freezer at a residence, a lady from Chicago has been prosecuted.

The 69-year-old Eva Bratcher is accused of covering up Regina Michalski’s death after her body was discovered inside the house.

Sabrina Watson claimed that she was the one who called the Chicago police to check on her grandma because she sensed something wasn’t right and told them.

According to Watson, “it started with a health check and it concluded with someone being found in the freezer.”

Nobody had seen Michalski in years, including her relatives and neighbors who lived next door.

“I did suspect she was no longer alive and with us. I did not suspect her being found in the conditions she was found, and where she was found,” Watson said

“The residents of the basement claim that her mother passed away. When I asked the owner for her mother, she replied that she was in a nursing facility in Wisconsin since they knew she had passed away, according to tenant Hector Yanez.

Watson, who had been estranged from her grandmother, dialed CPD from her home in Kentucky to inquire about her. She shared an apartment complex in Chicago’s Cragin neighborhood with Watson’s mother.

Watson added, “I can’t really explain it. “If you want, call it intuition.”

When the police checked on her grandmother’s well-being, they discovered her body in a freezer.

“I had a sneaking suspicion she wasn’t still alive and with us. I had no suspicion that she would be discovered in the circumstances that she was,

She said Michalski was a Polish immigrant who survived World War II.

Building residents believe their landlord may have placed the body of her elderly mother in the freezer. They said trash has been piling up for some time, and they had a feeling something wasn’t right.

On Monday night, authorities removed a freezer from a garage behind the multi-unit apartment building

Inside was a 96-year-old woman’s body. One location where occupants claimed they had no access was the freezer.

Yanez, who resides on the top level with his family, claimed that when the body was discovered, the police detained his landlord, who resides on the first floor.

They shattered the doors to get inside because Yanez “didn’t want to open, and there was so much junk inside the flat that they could not even walk inside,” Yanez said.

Yanez claimed that his landlord and her elderly mother had been residing in the first-floor apartment for many years.

Yanez recalled, “When I came downstairs, they informed me that they were looking for the owner because they got a call from out-of-state indicating that there was (an) old lady who probably passed away, and she never buried her.

The old woman’s long-time neighbors claimed they hadn’t seen her in years, and the building owner was giving the locals conflicting accounts of her mother’s whereabouts.

No one had access to the garage, he added.

Nobody, nobody, she used to rent the garage to one of the downstairs residents, but after a while, she stopped doing so, Yanez claimed.

He said he believed that change happened about three years ago.

CPD are calling the incident a death investigation

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