Abby and Libby

Abigail Williams and Liberty German, otherwise know as Abby and Libby were two middle school best friends.

They lived in a small town, in 2017 when our story happens there was a population of 2882

They had no school even though it would have been a weekday, some sort of snow day though the temperature was in the 40’s and it was sunny.

At 1:35 February 13th the girls were dropped off by Kelsi German, Libby’s sister dropped them off at the Monon High bridge trail. It’s a place that the girls frequently went, a common spot for pictures and a great chance to just see beautiful sights.

A photo went up to snap chat of Abby at the bridge.

When it came time to be picked up by Libby’s Dad the girls weren’t responding to calls or texts sent to them. He got out and walked the trails a bit looking for them. They were reported missing at 5:30 pm.

At first it was suspected that the girls had gotten lost or that one had gotten hurt and the other didn’t want to leave her alone or something, however the next day valentines day turned grim when the girls bodies were discovered town the hill a quarter mile from the bridge on some private property belonging to Ronald Logan.

Logan is not a suspect, though his alibi did get him jail time for violating parole, he wasn’t supposed to be driving and he went to the dump and to a resturant.

It has been described as an odd crime scene, though no exact causes of death have been released.

A photo and voice clip of the killer were found on Libby’s phone. The blurry photo and voice have been released, and many tips have been sent in but nothing actually leading to an arrest of who it is.

People think that the killer must be familiar with the area, possibly even had the spot pre-planned.

John Miller… honestly other than being in the same state I see nothing… He killed April Tinsley in 1988 and openly confessed when they caught him to a newer Murder only like a year before he was taken.

Daniel Nations, an Indiana man that threatened people on a Colorado Trail. He looks like the sketch. Is in jail on unrelated charges. Marijuana and failing to register as a sex offender… some say doesn’t match the MO

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