Adrian Demont Washington

Information gathered using Charley Project, there aren’t too many website to him.

Born February 26, 1976, he lived in Austin, Texas and had a wife and three children.

May 25th of 2012 he was out driving a black 2001 ford expedition, around 9am he went to planet fitness. Then he went to pickup some dry cleaning, he was given the clothes for free because he was such a great customer to them. He is also seen on a camera that morning at a toll booth on the interstate, but that camera sighting is the last that anyone ever saw or heard from him again.

He often carried multiple phones and one of the phones he was carrying was found in Antonio a few days later, in good condition almost as if it had been placed… not dropped or lost.

People of interest: Aldo Ray Washington, a cousin of Adrians… he was the last person to see him alive. They talked frequently but after the day he went missing Aldo never even tried the number again. He has an alibi that he was with his friend Kenneth Ray Hamilton… but authorities aren’t sure they believe it and are wondering if Kenneth may also actually be involved.

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