Adriana Hutto

September 16 1999 born

7 years old lived in Esto Flordia

She was diagnosed with ADHD and was considered a wild child her mom Amanda really struggled with her.

Her brother AJ was 6 at the time. He was more mellow and calm the total opposite form his sister.

August 8th 2007 They had this pool in their backyard and above the ground blow-up pool that the kids were not allowed to go into Amanda the mother claims that AJ came in and said mom Adriana was in the pool. Now, this was odd behavior for her seeing Adriana was scared of the water and never learned to swim.

Amanda just brused this off as she thought that Adriana was just playing by the pool but after the kids were being quiet for a while she went to go check on them and she saw AJ trying to save Adriana. She says that is when she realized he was trying to save her from drowning.

The mom called 911 right away and they sent her to the hospital. AJ went with his grandpa while his mom went with Adriana to the hospital. The nurse says she remembers asking Amanda if she had any questions and she asked wheres the vending machine.

Adriana was pronounced dead moments later, and the police automatically were writing this off as an accidental death. AJ’s grandpa was telling police he needs to come in and talk to police.

AJ claims that his mom held his sisters head under the water so she couldn’t scream for help and held her down. The investigators now think there might be fowl play they go and search the house they think the kids might of been abused. The search the house and the house is a complete mess not to mention there are no toys in the house. She said well I took away all the toys away as a punishment and hid them in the shed well they check the shed and there is no toys in there.

There were reports of the kids not being fed Amanda had another child before these two it was just a baby when she left the baby in the crib and an hour later had passed away. Now, this does happen quite commonly but to have two kids die in her home?

The prosecutor offered her 10 years and she declined it and wanted a trial 6 months later they have a trial and now 7 years old was on trial his statements were inconsistent but again he’s 7 honestly most of the time even an adult brain with trauma blocks things out let alone a 7 year old.

The autopsy examiner said there were bruise marks on Adriana’s face that were identical to the way AJ described his mom pushing his sister’s face down.

This pool mind you was 4ft deep she was 7 she should of been able at that age to stand up in the pool. A jury came back 2 hours later and determined she was guilty and sentenced to Jail for life. But some people think this boy lied about the whole thing. What do you think?

AJ has now been adopted into a good family and now is 19 years old.

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