Alexis Sharkey

Alexis Sharkey, was a stunning 26 year old. She was a newly wed, having been married for less than a year to her husband, Tom Sharkey. Tom, was a decent amount older than her, being 49 he was 23 years older than her. He had already been through a divorce and had grown children.

Shortly after getting married the two of them moved to Texas. I’m uncertain what Tom did, or does, nothing seems exactly clear about him, but Alexis was an influencer, working for Monat, a company that sold hair and beauty products! She had graduated High school in 2012 as the historian for her school. She then went on to graduate Summa Cum Laude from University of Pittsburgh holding a Major in Biology, a Minor in Nutrition, and a Minor in Psychology! She was not only beautiful, but well educated!

Thanksgiving of 2020 Alexis ate with her husband that morning, and then went to go spend a second meal that evening with her friends. Black Friday, around 6pm Alexis spoke to her friend, Tanya confirming plans they had for the next day to watch movies. However after that she stopped answering texts and posting on social media. As an influencer who made a living on her phone, it was really strange for her to go that long without posting a story to instagram. People started to worry.

Saturday Afternoon, Alexis was reported missing, sadly no one knew that she’d already been found! The morning of Saturday November 28th a public employee saw womens feet sticking out from a bush, the body had no visible wounds, but was completely naked. The man who found her said she was clean and perfect, it looked like she had just gotten out of the bath. Alexis was left unidentified until the next day, when finally it was determined the body belonged to Alexis and she was officially no longer a missing person.

Many people assumed that this was murder, however it took until January 29th of 2021 for the cause of death to be announced, it was strangulation… Alexis’s death is officially a homicide.

There are currently no suspects that have been announced to the public… however there are of course theories…. and the first one is the usual suspect of, the husband.

Her friends have made a lot of claims, claiming awful things about Alexis relationship with her her husband! One of them claims, that on a trip sometime in October of 2020 she had gone on a trip with Alexis and during this trip the friend claims that Alexis confided in her, that she had been scared for her life!

Another friend claims that she was filing for divorce, but otherwise didn’t talk about what was going on at home.

They said things like that he had been putting hands on her

“Throughout the trip, he was sending really awful, nasty messages to her,” said the friend, who asked to remain anonymous. “But one night when she and I were talking alone she said, ‘He strangles me and chokes me out and I black out and wake up on the bathroom floor every single time.’” (Source

Her family had to go around Tom who wouldn’t give them the body… or give her a funeral himself and work with people to have the next of kin changed in order to get the body to give her a proper burial. Was this shock? Or was he wanting her close still? It doesn’t sound great but it still doesn’t make him guilty.

The husband, says that people don’t know what their relationship was like, they weren’t getting divorced and they hadn’t been fighting. He claims that his wife was his world and that the loss of her has “Destroyed him.” It is also claimed that he is working with the detectives.

Friends, Alexis hung out with friends a lot, she also either partied a lot or made it look that way for her social…. could be either, but either way she was spending a lot of time with friends, and went out Friday night with someone we don’t know. Some on reddit are skeptic about some of the things the friends were saying to throw blame at Tom… as though possibly the friends already knew the cause of death. Is it possible that something happened while she was with friends and as a tight knit group they are covering something up?

Seb. Alexis for sure knew Seb, and for sure had dated him at some point… There are some rumors out there that she was having an affair with Seb… this could be reason for Tom to do something, or was Seb the one who had something to do with it? Is that where she went that Friday night was to see the man she was having an affair with?

A stranger/stalker… she was very beautiful and very public, who is to say she didn’t have someone stalking her or watching her. It is very possible that she left her house in a off mood and was caught off guard by someone who did something unspeakable.

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