Andrew Sadek

Andrew, age 20 lived in North Dakota, he was a student about to start a new Masters program he has been accepted to in the fall.

He was proceeded in death by his brother, Nick who died in 2005 at a railroad crossing.

In 2013 Andrew was arrested for Felony charges of selling Marijuana, instead of going to prison and ruining his future he agreed to be a Confidential Informant for local law enforcment. He ended up doing three under cover buys from two different people… he was supposed to do more but he stopped staying in contact.

He was seen leaving his dorm room May 1 2014, and then wouldn’t be seen for almost two months, until June 27 2014 when his body was discovered.

His body was found in the Red River with a gunshot wound to the head, and wearing a backpack filled with rocks. The weapon was never found.

The night before he went missing he watched a movie with his roommate, he was then see on video leaving after 2am with a backpack and his phone, though his phone was not on so it couldn’t be traced.

When he was found he was wearing a jacket, different than the sweatshirt he was wearing on the video footage from when he left, also a jacket no friends and family recognized.

Autopsy came back undetermined, despite this information police ruled it a suicide very early on and never conducted a homicide investigation.

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