Angela Green

Angela Green was last seen June 20, 2019, by her daughter, or anyone else willing to give any substantial information anyway.

It was on that day that she and her daughter, Ellie, had a small argument… Ellie can’t even recall what it was about and she left the house to go stay with her boyfriend for a little while.

After she couldn’t contact her mother for 3 days in a row she went to the house to talk to her, and her mother, Angela was no where to be found. Her belongings, passport, purse, phone were all at the house. Her father said a that time that Angela had gone to the hospital for a mental condition…. July 16th he would claim she had died of a stroke and didn’t want family to know.

Eventually a very distraught and upset Ellie needed to talk about it to someone and informed her aunt of what happened. Her aunt, was extremely angry at the delay of information and that there was no funeral or memorial for her sister.

Ellie decided to go to the state to obtain a death certificate, non existed in the state of Kansas. It is then that Ellie files a missing persons report on her mother. When she brought this up to her father… he couldn’t remember what state she died in??????

Once reported missing the police go to do a wellness check and they speak to Ellie’s father who tells a very different story than the one he had been telling. Now, he tells police that Angela went out partying with friends and then she never came back. She was not someone who was a big into partying.

There has never been a funeral or obituary… however Ellie fears her mother is no longer alive she wants answers as to what happened. The father has a criminal lawyer and they never give out comments. Though no person of interest or suspect has ever been officially named.

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