Arianna Fitts and Nichole Fitts

Arianna Fitts was reported missing from the San Francisco, California, area on April 5, 2016. She was last seen in Oakland, California, in ​January or February of 2016. On April 8, 2016, Arianna’s mother, Nicole Fitts, was found murdered and buried in a public park in San Francisco. It is believed that Arianna was not with her mother when she was killed. FBI website

Arianna’s mom Nicole was called to meet the baby sitter Helena Martin on April 1st 2016 She was believed to have traveled from her job at a Best Buy store on Harrison Street via a Municipal Railway Vehicle on the Third Street Corridor around 9:45 pm, wearing a blue Best Buy shirt.

Nicole struggled financially and spent time in homeless shelters. When she was staying in a shelter, she sent Arianna to stay with her father in Southern California. Nicole met a “street pastor” by the name of Lemasani Briggs. Lemasani offered Nicole and Arianna a place to stay and Nicole accepted. During this time, she paid Lemasani to babysit Arianna and paid her rent. Lemasani had a niece, Siolo Hearne, who started babysitting Arianna after a few months. According to reports, Lemasani was mean and abusive to Nicole.

She often sent her text messages calling her names, never gave her a key to the home they shared and read her private diary. Nicole’s sister and a friend helped Nicole move from Lemasani’s in November of 2015. Nicole moved to Santa Cruz, staying with various friends, but she kept allowing Siolo Hearnes and Lemasani’s other niece,

Helena Martin, to babysit Arianna. Helena’s husband, Devin Martin, would babysit Arianna, as well. When a co-worker offered Nicole a place to stay, she tried to retrieve Arianna, but the family refused to give Arianna back or allow Nicole to see her. No one had seen Arianna since the middle of February in 2016.

Reports state Nicole was very upset and urged by friends to call the police. On April1, 2016, Nicole finished her shift at Best Buy on Harrison Street. She sent text messages to her family stating she was going to San Francisco to meet a friend named “Sam”. Her family was confused because Nicole didn’t own a car and they had never heard of “Sam”.On April 2, 2016, Nicole posted on Facebook stating,

“Spending time with my 3-year old need this brake.” Her family doesn’t believe this was from Nicole. Her daughter, Arianna, was 2-years old, not 3, and the person used “brake” instead of “break”. Her family reported Nicole missing on April 5, 2016 and advised police they couldn’t locate Arianna either.

On April 8, a gardener in the John McLaren Park discovered a large piece of wood resting behind a clump of ivy covered bushes with an odd silver character painted on it. Underneath the wood, the body of Nicole Fitts was discovered in a fetal position, in an uncovered, but previously covered by the wood, shallow grave.[5] After her body was discovered, police focused their attention on the individuals who watched Arianna while her mother commuted 2 hours to go to work. Police identified three people of interest at a press conference, who were named as Helena and Devin Martin and Siolo Hearne.

Authorities then believed Arianna’s safety was at risk.During the investigation, police discovered Helena had served 6 years in prison for the murder of the father of her child. She and her family gave inconsistent statements and have refused to cooperate in the investigation.Arianna has never been found. HOW is this possible? What do you think about this case and everyone involved?

The sisters of Nicole Fitts told media outlets that they still believe that Arianna is alive, and one told reporters that she believed; “Someone wanted Arianna as their own [child].

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