Ashleigh Love

Ashleigh was 19 years old, she had recently graduated high school and gotten a job at Arby’s while she tried to decide what her next step was.

On October 6, 2009 she worked a shift at said Arby’s before coming to her home where she lived with her family, watching a sports game, taking a shower and going to bed, her room was on the 2nd floor.

At approximately 2 AM her Mom, Tammy woke suddenly and saw a man running in the backyard with a shot gun, and instantly thought they had been robbed. She then screamed to the father to “Check on Ashleigh”

Ashleigh’s dad went to check and saw a horrible scene. He said “All of a sudden I see her face was just gone. I just started screaming ‘who would do something like this?’”

Ashleigh had been shot at point blank range.

Nobody in the house, including her two brothers heard the gunshot.

At first it was thought to be a robbery gone wrong, though no longer is thought to be so as nothing was taken and the killing seems so specific, also the man had been armed and a robbery wouldn’t usually involve a shotgun.

No friends or family were ever suspect, they have been interviewed and spoken to countless times and nothing has resulted.

Don’t think it was someone random: Theory someone she met online.

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