Atreyue Kolomana Finai

Rhonda Strem, His mother reported him missing on March 12 2020

The last time she saw him was on March 10, 2020  He was wearing a pair of jeans and a maroon T-shirt with gray sleeves. She said he usually wears tighter jeans with Vans shoes and T-shirts.

Atreyue car was found on March 12 at the Walgreens on St. George Boulevard locked with the keys inside and his phone

He has two kids He wouldn’t just abandon them or his car like that.

He lived with his mom his mom said he was going to go play X-BOX with a few friends and then come home and he never came home.

She messaged the friend he was suppose to meet up with and he said he hasn’t seen him in over two weeks.

He had a girlfriend who was in Pahrump Nevada She thinks he might of gone to see her but it isn’t like him not to tell anywhere where he was going and leave his car behind. She was able to talk to the girlfriend who said he was suppose to be there on the 11th but he never showed up

Strem said this wasn’t the first time he’s gone missing. He went missing once before, but she was able to track him down in the same day. She said she’s called every one of his friends.

His Mother said her son has suffered from some mental health issues in the past. She also said he had mentioned a few weeks earlier that a man was threatening him.

Atreyue also deleted all his social media accounts except for Snapchat, she said, and there have been people who have been messaging him, but he hasn’t opened any of them.

He is a Pacific Islander man with brown hair, 6 feet tall and about 285 pounds. Finai also has a large tattoo on his neck that says “Samoan,”

No Funds have been pulled from his bank account either.

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