Bessie Ann Kutnak

Bessie Ann Kutnak was last seen in Cameron, Texas on August 16, 1992. Witnesses saw her on foot on FM Road 486 that evening. She was asking for directions and appeared to be disoriented. She said she was looking for cattle that had strayed from her land. She has never been heard from again. After her disappearance, her vehicle was found at her residence with a flat tire.

Kutnak was a farmer and rancher at the time of her disappearance, and made extra money doing odd jobs at local businesses. She was a loner and had no living relatives. An extensive search of the local area turned up no indication of her whereabouts. Authorities can find no evidence of foul play in her disappearance, but her case remains unsolved.

Kutnak was 63 years old when she disappeared in 1992. She had gray hair and blue eyes, and was known to usually wear a baseball cap and men’s clothing. It is believed that she may have been suffering from dementia.

What do you think happened to her? I would say she would be an unlikely target for a sexual predator, although nothing’s outside the realm of possibility. If she wandered away and died of exposure, why wasn’t her body found? A Google Maps view of the area seems to show mostly flat, open terrain.

I wonder if Kutnak may have taken a bus or hitched a ride with somebody in her confused state and ended up in a town or city far away. She may have wandered among the homeless before dying of illness or being hospitalized as an unknown person. Were there any living or dead Jane Does in Texas fitting her description? An elderly woman in men’s clothes would have been somewhat memorable.

She was also known to have some rough edges there were reports of her hitting a man with a tire iron when she worked at a texaco after that she got fired. Some thing that he said something to provoke her but this isn’t confirmed. After that she took care of her cattle and did odd jobs like mechanic work.

Could this man taken her cattle and then lured her and slashed her tires? And killed her?

The terrain doesn’t seem like something someone could hide in easily, it’s very flat with little woods around. I always go to the idea that she could be confused and became a part of the homeless population, though it’s been so long with no sight of her. I wonder if she’s a Jane Doe or her remains haven’t been found. I don’t feel she’s alive due to her age when she left.

She had no living relatives when she went missing

What if her cattle really went missing? What if someone stole her cattle from her and she was looking for them and got lost or maybe she saw tracks and tried to track them down. There is no evidence the cattle was ever found.

They originally found a Jane Doe a 250 miles away and they thought it might be here but it has now been ruled out as her.

Facebook posts say that she knew the Rinn Family and were suppose to help fix there car the day she went missing and is believed they were the ones that reported her missing but this isn’t confirmed.

Another post: My theory is… the sherif at the time has something to do with her disappearance! He told his employees at the time to “leave it alone and stay off her property”. I think he had her committed to a mental hospital and listed no next of kin, and she died alone. So sad because she was my dads buddy! 

…. and she indeed had next of kin!

But overall I say Aliens took her.

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