Brianna Maitland

Brianna Maitland was 17 years old when she decided to move out of her parents home, they were on good terms but Brianna wanted more independence and decided to move in with her friend Jillian. She was working two jobs, one as waitress and another as a dishwasher. She also was working toward her GED.

March 19 of 2004 finished her GED and in order to celebrate she went out shopping with her Mom. The two spent the afternoon together, and her mother described her as anxious but she didn’t want to pry so she didn’t ask too many questions. They talked of how she might go to school in the fall as she had now got her GED, she was looking into community college. Brianna had to go in time to get back to her job, so her mother dropped her off and she made it to her dishwashing job later that evening. She clocked out of that job at around 11:20 pm that evening. A few co-workers invited her out to a late dinner, however she declined saying she needed to get some sleep because she had her other job in the morning. She got in her car, and left the job, however she never made it home.

The first night, her roommate didn’t get too worried, she assumed she had stayed at her mothers, since they had been together that day. However after three days she decided to call Brianna’s parents, and they hadn’t seen her either so Brianna was reported missing.

March 20, a car was found abandoned, backed into an old abandoned barn… once the missing report came in the two cases were connected… it was Brianna’s car that had been found abandoned. The car seemed like it had been in a minor accident but was still in working/drivable condition. The car while backed into an abandoned barn was along the usual route Brianna would have taken to head home.

In the area of the car they found a womens fleece jacket (which was determined not to be Brianna’s), an empty water bottle, and some loose change. IN the car they found two uncashed paychecks of Brianna’s, her drivers license, her contacts, and her migraine medication along with some of her clothing. The doors of the car were unlocked, but the keys were missing.

Theories: Three weeks before going missing, there had been an incident started by a “Friend” of Brianna’s and she ended up in the hospital… and Brianna did press charges and there was a criminal case starting, so some people think that this person might have been involved, though she has been cleared by police.

Hitchhiker: there are some who think she picked up a hitchhiker and that it turned out to be a setup and they ended up kidnapping her.

Drug deal. This was looked into a bit, and the cops even talked to a few drug dealers who did admit to knowing her however there were no signs of her nor any real ties that could be found to connect her disappearance to them.


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