Bullinger Family

Found in Caldwell Idaho his wife and his girlfriend and his 14-year-old daughter were found with gunshot wounds to his head They were from Ogden Utah

The women’s bodies were found June 19 in Bullinger’s shed on his recently purchased Caldwell, Idaho, property. A few weeks later Bullinger’s wife’s car was found abandoned at the Pacific Creek Campground in Teton County. A manhunt was launched, but Bullinger is still missing.

Cheryl Baker, 56 — his wife of nearly 10 years as well as Nadja Medley, 48, and her 14-year-old daughter, Payton Medley.

According to friends, Nadja Medley was Bullinger’s girlfriend of almost two years. Bullinger and the Medleys had recently moved from Utah to a house at 216 S. KCID Road in Caldwell, which Bullinger took ownership of on May 3, 2017. Cheryl Baker and Nadja Medley, according to their families, did not know about each other.

The last clues of Gerald Bullinger’s whereabouts came in July 2017. His Ford Focus was found abandoned in the Bridger-Teton National Forest in a remote campground near Moran, Wyo., on July 12, 2017. A week later, Bonneville County Sheriff’s deputies responded to a reported sighting of Bullinger but found no sign of him.

The investigation quickly spread across multiple states, including Idaho, where the bodies were found; Wyoming, where Bullinger’s car was found; and Utah, where Bullinger lived before moving to Idaho.

all 3 bodies were discovered in his shed in Caldwell. Nadaja was normally good about calling her friends so when she didn’t respond on the 12th of June her friend called police because they were concerned they haven’t heard from her.

Nadja Medley, 44, lived for her teenaged daughter Payton and only wanted the best for her child. Medley was doing everything she could to make ends meet and provide for her daughter, especially after her husband died of a heart attack 2014.

Payton’s friend Sydney Call opened up to In Pursuit, sharing, “Payton was the most kindhearted girl that I have ever met. She was so sweet, she wore her heart on her sleeve, and she had the brightest smile — she lit up anybody’s day.” As for Medley and Payton, “They were super, super close. They were friends just as much as mother and daughter,” Call adds.

Nadja was a massage Therapist Gerald came walking into her spa one day and thought he was single. Sometimes tho for “work” he was gone for weeks at a time.

Gerald asked her to move into his Caldwell home and start a new life with him. She was very excited.

On the weekend of June 9, 2017, Medley was supposed to make the trip back to Utah to pick up her horses, but she never showed. Not only did she not make it, but she wasn’t accepting or returning calls. on June 11th her friend calls police and notifies them she isn’t answering her calls. She kept calling police hounding them to do something finally on June 19th they went to look at the property in Caldwell and found in the shed his wife, his girlfriend, his girlfriends 14 year old and 3 dead dogs as well. With it being hot and who knows how long they have been there they were already decomposed and almost unrecognizable.

The house was in his wifes name not his.

Cheryls friends told media that she was going to go up to Caldwell to surprised Gerold because it was their anniversary and he had been “working so hard on this second house.” Well, it is to assume that she found out he had a mistress instead. No one knows what happened next except Gerold and he’s missing.

He went to utah and picked up his wife that was being serviced at a car dealership and ditched his truck this is though to get the police off his tail.

He took her car and then the car was found around the teton mountains and he has never been seen since.

There are several theories here:

One theory is that his wife found out about his girlfriend and came to confront her and kill her and that maybe she did kill her and then her daughter came running into the room and she killed her as well and then Gerold came in and struggled with her and then killed her.

I think that honestly what probably happened is that his wife came to confront her husband and when she came knocking at the door he grabbed his gun and killed her and then killed the other two and ran off and now is living a new life.

There’s another theory that the girlfriend Nadja grabbed the gun and shot Cheryl and then her daughter came in and was fighting to try to get the gun away and she shot her on accident and then he killed Nadja.

The gun was never found but it is known they were shot with the same gun.

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