Caelob Mosley

Caleb Mosley wasn’t himself the last time he was seen alive, Texas officials say. Having suffered a concussion, the 20-year-old was “disoriented” and shirtless at the Dollar General in Teaselville, with “deep” scratches running along his exposed torso, according to missing person posters shared by his mother and family members.

A bloodied man in jeans and boots was what witnesses saw before Mosley disappeared around 10:30 a.m. on July 16. Five days later, deputies found Mosley, dead and near where the search for him began, investigators told news outlets.

While combing the area with a drone, deputies spotted a body in a wooded area behind the Dollar General on Thursday, July 21, TV station KLTV reported. A short time later, Cherokee County Sheriff Brent Dickson confirmed that the body had been identified as Mosley, according to KYTX. The sheriff’s office did not announce a cause of death. It is also not clear how Mosley suffered a concussion prior to his disappearance, or where the scratches on his body came from, but McClatchy News has reached out to the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office for more information.

Credits: Sun The Star

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