Cami Sheppard

Cami was born in Thailand April 1, 1975 she and her twin brother Kim were adopted by our mom Erlene S Shepherd. Cami went to school and grew up in Holladay, Utah but sadly lost her mom to breast cancer at age 15. She loved nature,  the mountains and animals, her biggest love was birds..  Cami later on had 4 children 3 sons and 1 daughter, she also leaves behind a granddaughter and a grandson. 

Her sister received A voicemail from Cami stated her phone got stolen do not send text messages or anything.

2 weeks later Cami went missing she was a mother of four. Her sister said she went through some hard times but she never went a couple of weeks without contacting someone.

West Valley City police say around 12:30 p.m., they received a call from a crew working construction at 4100 South Redwood Road and the site of an old Kmart store.

April 6th Her body was found. Behind a vacant K-mart in a sewage drain, A survey crew stumbled upon a body in a sewage drain. The confirmed it was Cami. Police claimed that Cami went into the drain to keep warm. Her family doesn’t buy it. Her apartment is directly behind the spot where her body was found. If she was cold she would have gone home.

Her autopsy confirmed that there were no signs of a struggle. There is also not any information if the autopsy confirmed if there were drugs in her system or not.

April Her body was found. Behind a vacant K-mart in a sewage drain A survey crew stumbled upon a body in a sewage drain. The confirmed it was Cami. Police claimed that Cami went into the drain to keep warm. Her family doesn’t buy it. Her apartment is directly behind the spot where her body was found. If she was cold she would of gone home.

As painful as that was for Kristi, what one of the detectives then told her made the situation far harder to bear. The way the cops saw it, she had brought her death on herself. The detective suggested to Kristi that the 120-pound Cami had somehow lifted the 150-pound rusted lid off the drainage on her own and crawled down into the watery depths to get out of the cold.

Numb with disbelief, Kristi stared at him, realizing that the officers viewed her sister as one more addict whose drug-related death didn’t merit a serious investigation. Cami had always been afraid of water since as a very young child she’d fallen into a canal in Thailand and almost drowned. She could never have lifted the lid on her own. And why would she? Her apartment was a minute’s walk away.

“If we don’t have any leads,” the detective continued, “I’m just preparing you that we may have to close the case.”

The detectives got into their car and drove off. As the door shut, Kristi fell to her knees in shock, confusion and wordless rage at how they had blamed Cami for her own demise. “I was having such a hard time processing it all, that it even happened,” she said. “It was like it was just a bad dream.”

Cami’s sister says she has sent screenshots anytime someone logged into her sisters account and sent them to the WPD and she has also requested that her cellphone to be tracked and those requests have gone unheard. Her sister feels like they haven’t made her a priority at any point in this investigation.

Last year it is to beleived that that person who was logging into Cami’s go-fundme account and posting it to her facebook trying to collect money on Cami’s behalf. It continued from April to November The person who owns the gofund me was Brenda Combs. The gofund me has been taken down since but you can view her facebook here.

Now, in no way am I stating she is wrong we don’t always know what goes on behind the scenes of an investigation. If anyone has listened to Cold we know that there is a lot of things that the police don’t tell us or even lead us on to knowing because they can’t let the killer know they are on to them if they are ever going to make an arrest. Maybe they have mapped out her phone records and have found the ping as to where her last location was and where her phone was stolen and where the last person was who sent those facebook messages was. We don’t know this information maybe they have done nothing. But if anything that listening to cold has taught me is that there is a whole bunch behind the scenes stuff that we don’t get to know about.

We do know the detectives claim they have been investigating the case they went to the DA’s office to get a search warrant for cell phone records belonging to Cami Sheppard. This was denyed by the DA’s office

spokesperson for the police department said: “It is our understanding that Cami did not have her phone for two weeks prior to her disappearance. We consulted with the district attorney’s office regarding obtaining a search warrant for the phone and it was determined that seeking a search warrant would not be possible because although Cami Shepherd’s death is suspicious, there is not evidence that would classify it as a homicide or prove that a crime was commited that led to her death. Without proof of a crime, we are unable to get a search warrant.”

What someone does with a cell phone to track it is called Geo forensics I learned this at Def con among other things. (AKA exploding butt plugs and furry parties)

February 2nd her sister reported her missing this is two weeks after she received the voice mail.

The families private investigator theory is that she died and someone panicked and threw her body in there. Either she died and that person didn’t want to bring light onto themselves or there is the foul play here.

This is why having a if I go missing is so important and why this story hit me hard. I think everyone needs and if I go missing folder. If they had it in Cami’s case they could have accessed her Cell phone records and Social media and might have more of a lead than what they already have. Especially if there was possibly foul play involved
No suspects or person of interest have been named at this time this has been called an accidental suicide.

He still wants to find the person behind the cell phone text and is seeking information about who was with Cami on the night she disappeared.
Jensen wonders if there was some sort of an accident and someone panicked before dumping Shepherd’s body in the drain. If that’s the case, he says, the person would be smart to come forward immediately and offer an explanation.
This is to believed to be the same person who had stolen her cell phone. But it is not confirmed.

Maybe they have mapped out her phone records and have found the ping as to where her last location was and where her phone was stolen and where the last person was who sent those facebook messages was. This is to believed to be a big key in her disappearance her family says.

What I find interesting is that she had been missing Since Febuary, but her posts didn’t start back up for the go fund me until her body was found in April. -November 2018 So if someone was trying to post and act like she was still alive why wouldn’t they do it back in Febuary not when a body has been discovered? Was this just a way to taunt the family?

According to her sister Cami’s life wasn’t easy Cami became pregnant at 16 by her boyfriend, with whom she had four children in succession by the time she was 21. Cami and her boyfriend fought constantly, their children raised by the man’s parents. She started using cocaine and crack in early 2000, then meth in 2003, when she also encountered problems with the law with a March 2003, third-degree felony forgery conviction in an Ogden district court. A marriage ended in divorce and shortly after she became homeless.

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  1. I lived two buildings down from her in the complex when this happened (Still live here, in fact) and myself and several other single women in this complex have had discussions on what we think happened, because this hit HARD to home. I did not know her personally. It was scary. She was our age, right next to us, single female and the complex told us NOTHING. We have had a horrible homeless problem here. Because we have showers in the ‘clubhouse’ (it gets broken into frequently, check crime reports), a covered grill area to cook their meals and keep the snow and rain off, and a Smiths grocery dumpster across the street, the homeless LOVE this complex. Also, there are some tenants who ‘hang out’ with them. If you look at the reviews of the complex, like a month ago another tenant complained about the homeless hanging out with another tenant listening to loud music constantly on their balcony. It seems to be a thing here. I do not interact with them, ever. A downstairs former tenant of mine had a homeless couple living with him until he was evicted, and they went to another random tenants door looking for ‘glass’ (drugs, I was told). This behavior is common for the complex. Since Camis death they have hired a security guy who walks around sometime, although I haven’t seen him in awhile. Two months or so ago, my downstairs neighbor ( woman who lives alone) had to call the cops on a homeless man who watched her walking her dog and was asking other tenants which apartment was hers, then later was waiting outside her unit and scared her. The cops got him off the property. Stuff like this happens here. After Cami went missing, I was told people went to her apartment to see her and there were people inside who scattered when the door opened. They also found her keys thrown out by the dumpster by the side path(another neighbor told me both of these things and I am stating it as here say, not fact). Where her body was found was right underfoot of a path us residents (including me) would take to shortcut to the light on the corner to go to the grocery (they have since put in a new crosswalk). The complex even put in step stones to cut through the fence area. The people that would know about this path would be the residents who do not drive and the homeless who stay in the area. I was walking to driving school (on the corner) using this path when I came across the media and a vigil there. The complex did not tell us this had happened. There was actually an odor there for over a month but we did not know what it was (we were all walking over her ). Her apartment was the building across from the drain. I actually took pics with my phone when I came across the scene and looked it up when I got home and made a post on my private FB, freaked out. I still have the pics. There was NO REASON for her to put herself in that drain. She literally lived right there. Any outside person visiting her would not have known about that path/drain back there. I wish the complex had alerted the residents at the time because they might have had knowledge of who the homeless were hanging around back then. Also that way we could have been on high alert for our OWN safety. Later there were flyers, it was easily a month or so after, I think, that the family must have put up in our mailroom looking for info. The kmart plaza has since been bulldozed and a new plaza is being built and the path became unusable. Personally I think either she befriended them and invited them in, or she interacted with them at some point like being friendly or giving a smoke or something(they used to get aggressive here sometimes) making her a target and they followed her in by force. Something happened either way and they put her in the closest hiding spot they could think of and kept her phone. They might have thrown her keys after they were caught in the apartment. Seriously, it would have HAD to have been someone who knew about that hole in the fence. Not someone from the outside visiting her who would have come in through the front of the complex. Aside from the front , the rest of the complex is fenced off. I’d rather not put my name for safety reasons but my emails here (please keep that private).

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