Can you solve this mystery the FBI hasn’t been able to crack?

In 1999, a man named Ricky McCormick arrived at an emergency room in St. Louis, Missouri, complaining of breathing difficulties. Ricky had a history of heart and lung problems, as well as psychological issues. Despite his odd behavior, medical tests showed no physical problems, and the doctors believed his condition to be psychological.

After being discharged, Ricky asked to stay in the hospital’s lobby for the night. The kind nurse allowed him to do so, and he sat in a corner, staring at the front door. The next morning, Ricky left the hospital, called his girlfriend, Sandy, and told her he had spent the night in the hospital but didn’t specify that he stayed in the lobby.

This worried Sandy, as it was the second time Ricky sought medical help in a week. He had previously been released from another hospital after complaining of chest pains. Ricky’s paranoia had also been increasing, causing him to be jumpy and afraid of people outside the apartment.

Sandy urged Ricky to come to her apartment, but he declined and said he was going to a nearby gas station. Unfortunately, Ricky never made it to Sandy’s apartment or the gas station. His body was found two days later in a field, and the cause of death remains unknown. But later declared that it was natural causes.

The mysterious part of this story involves Ricky’s encrypted notes, which were found in his pockets. The FBI was unable to decipher the coded messages and sought public assistance. The notes contained symbols, numbers, and letters arranged in a way that seemed incomprehensible. The FBI hoped that someone might recognize the code or provide any leads related to Ricky’s death.

If you’re interested in helping solve the mystery, you can visit the FBI’s website for more information on Ricky McCormick’s encrypted notes.

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