Cassie Stoddart

In the fall of 2006, Cassie was a beautiful girl who had just started her JR. year at Pocatello High School.

September 22, 2006 she went to her aunt and uncle’s home to watch their house and their pets while they went out of town. She would be with three cats, and two dogs.

As many teenage girls would do while house sitting, she had her boyfriend, Matt, come over. He came to the house around 6 pm. Another few “friends” also came over, Brian and Torey. Cassie gave them all a tour of the large secluded home before they began watching a movie. During the movie how Brian and Torey said they wanted to go to the movie theater instead. The two boys left, however they wouldn’t head towards the theater, instead they went down the street and put on some horrifying face masks they had waiting in their car as well as dark clothes and gloves.

They went back towards the house and entered through a basement door they had unlocked during the tour of the house. The purposefully began making loud noises, breaking objects and being extremely loud in order to scare the couple they knew were watching a movie upstairs. They even turned off the power hoping that they would come downstairs to check the breaker, however they didn’t come down so eventually the boys turned the lights back on.

While they didn’t go downstairs, Cassie and Matt were upstairs feeling extremely un-easy. Between the noises and how nervous the dogs were Cassie begged Matt to stay there with her so she wasn’t alone, but his mom said no, if Cassie didn’t feel safe she could come over to their house but the teenagers could not stay in the house alone together all night. Cassie was very responible, and refused to leave her families home, Matt left the house at 10:30 and Cassie was alone.

Upon hearing Matt leave, the boys waiting downstairs turned off the lights again, waiting for Cassie to come downstairs to the breaker, however she didn’t. Eventually they headed upstairs and began to terrify Cassie. Brian opens and slams shut a closet door, trying to make things creepy. They were hoping it would be like a horror movie. Once she sees the horrifying masked figures it is said she asked who they were and said that she was going to “Kick their asses” Possibly her last words. They ended up stabbing her multiple around 29 times, 9 of the blows being fatal.

After brutally murdering Cassie the boys headed back to their car. There is recording of the boys talking about how they had just murdered Cassie. They drove up a trail and burned and buried the clothes they had been wearing… in an attempt to conceal the evidence.

Saturday, Matt tried to call Cassie many time, given the obvious fear of the night before he was worried. He wanted to go check on her but had no transportation. He asked Torey to take him over there, but Torey claimed he didn’t have enough gas and refused.

Cassie was found by her 13 year old cousin when the family returned home Sunday afternoon, the cops were called at 1:55.

Upon the initial discovery, Matt was blamed… but the evidence quickly pointed away given how stupid the boys had been with recording tapes and with the fact that Matt had left with his mother before the murder. Upon finding the tape of the boys after they killed Cassie, they found more tapes, one from the planning stages of the murder on September 21, 2006. A quote from said tape is “We found, and sad at it is, she is our friend, but we all have to make sacrifices…”

Eventually, confessions were given, and all evidence was found. Both boys were given 40 year sentences. (Which WTF they will be in their 50’s when they get out, how is that okay?)

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