David Glenn Lewis

David Glenn Lewis, 39 year old working in law, seemed to have a perfectly normal life.

On January 28, 1993 David’s wife, Karen, took their daughter Lauren to Dallas for a shopping trip.

January 31st was the super bowl, it was set to start at 5:30 David was there to start a tape to record the game. (His VCR didn’t have program to start at a certain time he had to be there to start it) Late that day Karen and Lauren return home from their shopping trip to an empty house. David’s car is gone, but his watch, wedding rings and all his personal belongings are in the house. Karen doesn’t panic, she assumes he went to a friends to watch the big game. At some point in the evening a plane ticket is purchased in Davids name from Dallas to Amarillo (Where they lived). It was a six hour drive to Dallas, or an hour flight) At 10:24 that night a John Doe is killed in Yakima Washington, with no drugs or alcohol in their system. John doe is wearing well worn military fatigues and no identification.

February 1, 1993 he doesn’t return home, his wife begins to worry and reports him missing.

February 2, 1993 his car is found in front of Potter County Courts building with the keys under the floor mat.

His wife knew something bad had happened. He recently had been threatened by someone, though he wouldn’t give his wife many details. He had been a judge in a nearby county for 4 years so there were probably plenty of people who didn’t like him and who could resent him.

11 years later, the John Doe in Washington is Identified as David. How did he end up in Washington? Why was he wandering the road? Who hit him? Why was a ticket purchased for Dallas to Amarillo? What inspired him to leave his house?

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