Death by Teletubbies


first glace it looks like a trolling account

one of the first tweets says

Look me in the eyes Sharron I am your husband.

Second tweet said Harvest is coming and it has that creepy baby sun photo.

Someone else wasn’t even @ing this account they just said something about teletubies in a tweet and the teletubies updates account write if I were you I would stop talking before something happens to your 2 kids Lisa.

another tweet was can you please let my 3 beautiful starving children inside your restaurant so they can eat please answer this is urgent. @chills

so there is this account called SharronTelubby this account tweets @teletubiesupdates what is this account Dave please stop doing this, come home.

@teletubbiesupdates says leave me alone Sharon you cheater I never should have married you.

She replies with I am so sorry Dave I miss you our kids miss you. please just come home.

He tweets back to her Oh, I am coming home. I’m coming home with a gun and you’re all gonna fucking see god tonight. You made me do this Sharon.

Sharon replies to say No Dave, please don’t

The next tweet from the Teleubieupdate said Let’s put the pistol down Sharon

The Sharon account and the update account were both created on the same day

some tweets from the @sharontelitubby

Dave please don’t hurt me


where are my children

Then teletubiesupdate tweeted the sun but it is in black and white and it says the harvest is near.

on October 1st 2017 sharon tweeted

who’s knocking at the door right now It is 2am I am scared.

the next day she tweeted The divorce had to be done Dave you were hurting me.

2 days later

What are you doing whit that gun Dave

This is Sharon’s family we managed to get on her account if anyone has any information on Sharon’s disappearance please let us know.


account quoted you will never find her.

Sharon’s account

Dave please surrender yourself yourself it will make everything easier.

Dave says Okay, I surrender I’m driving to me and Sharon;s house where you’re all at right now. I’ll be there in about 20 minutes 6er which apparently means Run in Russian

Sharons account tweets

Okay Dave I see you now outside from the window. Thank you for surrendering but what is that in your hand Dave?

Does anyone know what Dave means by “run” why did he say it in Russian?

Dave tweets you should of ran when you had the chance

Then he tweets a photo of cops outside of his pace and he says I guess I get what I deserve.

If you jump back onto the Sharron account it says we have a public statement on the Sevier County Utah incident earlier tonight.

A public statement is now being issued David “Dave” Hutchinson (this alias) Real name is still unknown had his home in Salina county Utah surrounded by Sevier county Sherrif’s Department of the Murder of Sharon Hutchinson (The ex-wife), Katie Hutchinson (The daughter), Aiden Hutchinson (The son), Rebecca Jewles (Sharon’s mother), and Franklin Jewles (Sharon’s Father) However when surrounded by police Dave pulled a Glock 19 mm from his back pocket and shot himself in the head. Dave was found that he ran a parody Teletubbies account that consisted of unusual, dark, tweets none of them relating the kids T.V. show He admitted to the murder of his wife Sharon and her family relatives all of Dave’s followers believed that this was all a hoax.

on the 12th Breaking news the man that shot himself in the head was not Dave he is still on the loose lock your doors. Teletubies updates wrote they will never find me with a creepy stick figure and a dead cricket.

on the 15th Sharon Teletubbies account says I offed Dave.

Then one of the Teletubbies updates page there was a Teletubbies song playing backwards was on Twitter.

Sharon Teletubbies account posted a video of this woman screeming.

Then Teletubbies Updates posted:

Gary is my real name it ends tonight my MPD is slowly killing me everyone in the basement is dead I can’t keep living like this.

Fuck this account. I seriously need psychological help. I have multiple personality disorder and the voices in my head are controlling me.

This was released in 2018

My name is Kevin Samson. I am the last living child of Gary Samson (you probably know him as David Hutchinson) and Sharon Samson. Both of my siblings, Katie and Aiden, were murdered by my dad. Police never caught him because everyone assumed this was a joke. I have no idea what he’s done with their bodies but all I know is that this has been extremely traumatic for me. Me and my dad both share birthdays. Today I turned 14 and my dad would have been 37. Our lives have been so secluded for the last 5 years that our home in Salina, Utah (Sevier County)

Some people believe this is true and that David (Gary) killed his whole family but his followers thought it was a joke and because people didn’t take it seriously he was able to get away with it. Thing is I can not fin any information on any of these people who supposedly lived in Utah. Now there is a chance that all the names had been changed and that is why my search is coming up flat. But honestly I think it is all fake.

Some link him to the serial killer Gary Sampson some others think that

Dave/ Gary post a photo of the missing Madeleine McCann who disappeared in 2007.

This post was posted and some people say it was decoded to say november 1st

Changed his profile to a bloody hand for a second

the teletubbies account also changed their location to this for a little bit “CU111717” meaning “see you november 17, 2017

Dave Hutchinson is also a sheriff in Hennepin County which I find curious that is the same county that George Floyd got murdered in and was head of the sheriff’s department at the time of George Floyd’s murder.

Overall tho there is no evidence of murders in Utah on those dates or with those names. So I am not convinced that this story is real I think it is a made-up story that has been turned into something way bigger than it really is.

Some people think that this is a real serial killer and this is his way of saying his real murders and getting his guilt out others say that this is a way of a murder admitting to his crimes in plain sight. No actual murders have been linked up to this The IP address has never been located.

November 1st was Sharonteletubbies last post

Now in this particular note from Kevin I want to note that he said Sharon Hutchinson and in the police report, it says Sharon Hutchinson

Gary Sampson no Samson was a killer who did murder his wife and 3 children he was he was sentenced to death and died in 2001 so a lot of people also think this was a play on from that.

So this does not add up so apparently the police took over the Sharon account and in the report it was Susan Hutchinson

And apparently Gary Samson legally changed his name to David Hutchinson. A lot of things just do not add up to make this a true story.

if you add all the numbers up in this note from this “son” Is 112 which would be November 12th also you think that any 14-year-old kid doesn’t have social media or know how to work an account? That seems odd.

I don’t know if this Youtube Channel with Dave Hutchinson. There is some creepy stuff on here but one video shows a man walking down to a cellar and you can hear a woman crying in pain.

That song that was being played backwards is called Dave’s Song by Whitney

Garysampson111117 tweets Thank you Kevin now the location for this pinged in Denver CO but again anyone can put where there location is anywhere the IP address has never been tracked

teletubiesupdates was sending people saying you’re on the list or YOTL with disturbing photos with an animal being hurt. and would also say CUI13D which said see you in 13 days.

TeletubiesUpdates account got suspended.

sharonteletubbies wrote teletubiesupdates was a joke until I made it all up as I went along there you go Einstein’s.

The actor who use to play Tinky Winky is named Dave Thomson he was actually fired after 70 episodes ‘interpretation of the role was not acceptable’

other thoughts that it could be based on David Mohney who was a man who recently got divorced he claimed his wife was an alcoholic who hit their children I won’t go too into it but he ends up killing her and injuring 2 kids and killing one of them before killing himself. This is very similar to the tweets it was in October that this happened but it happened in 2013 not 2017 so could it be based on it and just a game someone decided to do on Twitter for whatever reason I know some people have gotten too deep into this could it be based off David? Maybe? Some people think it is one of his surviving kids that made this Teletubies account. I really don’t know but what I do know is this particular twitter story was fake.

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