Debbie Collier Updates

Here are some known updates on the Debbie Collier case.

In the 911 call made by her sister Diane Shirley.

“The paint went everywhere, and the driver was trying to convince my sister not to tell the cops that he was driving because he was out on parole,” Shirley says. “And there was a stipulation to his parole that he could not drive.”

He however is not on Parole but does not have his driver’s license.

Collier’s husband, Steven Collier, also told the dispatcher that his stepdaughter, Amanda Bearden, found his wife’s purse in the home. But her purse was with her in the family dollar surveillance video.

Daughter Amanada Bearden did not call 9-11 right away when receiving the venmo saying they are not going to let me go. She did not call until the next day but stated on the 9-11 call that she did in-fact call.

Barbara Bearden, the stepmom of Debbie’s daughter Amanda, died suddenly on July 28 at the age of 62.

photos thanks to Deerfoot memorial

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