Delphi Murders update

The defense is saying that the men watching Richard Allen were Odinites, and the prison guards are threatening him. It has been confirmed that the guards that watch Richard Allen are wearing those patches and practice that religion, but they did not threaten Richard Allen. They wore the patches to work. Most people wouldn’t recognize these patches, though.

The Guards say the practice is North Odic Heathery, not Odinism

I could see it being two different things, like FLDS, which is the Warren Jeff stuff, and then LDS, which is totally separate.

Differences between Heatherly and Odinism

Heathen is considered someone who:

  • possesses a worldview aligned with the cosmological concepts of the Well and the Tree, and accepts wyrd and orlæg as cosmic forces;
  • engages in the gift cycle through reciprocity with appropriate divine figures—the gods, the ancestors, and the wights; and
  • is animistic, polytheistic, and/or panentheistic.

What is Odinism?

Odinism is a white supremacy movement whose members claim to worship Odin. The movement began in the late 1960s in the United States and in the early 1970s in England. In the US, Else Christensen founded the Odinic Fellowship and published her racialist views in her magazine, The Odinist. In England, John “Hoskuld” Gibbs-Bailey and John “Stubba” Yeowell founded The Committee for the Restoration of the Odinic Rite (also called The Odinist Committee, later called The Odinic Rite). Most notably, Yeowell was a member of the British Union of Fascists and National Socialists in his teenage years.

patches saying in Odin we trust saying that is white supremacy.

The “guys down the hill” could be two separate people.

Richard Allen

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