Deorr Kunz

July 10, 2015 at Timbercreek Campground near Leadore Idaho.

People on the trip: The parents, Jessica Mitchell, Vernal “Deorr” Kunz sr. Maternal Great Grandfather Robert “Bob” Walton and friend of Great Grandfather, Isaac Reinwand. (Parents didn’t really know Isacc before the trip)

Parents run into Leadore to purhase a few things. The parents say they took Deorr and that there was someone staring an abnormal amount at him. However there are no other witnesses that recall seeing him in the store.

Parents claim they went to fish at a nearby reservoir, leaving Deorr with the grandfather and they returned because they wanted to show him minnows they thought Deorr would like however the grandfather has said he thought that the kid went with them. While Walton insisted that the boy was last seen with his parents, Mitchell and Vernal have maintained that they left their son in the care of his great-grandfather as they went exploring the campsite. Both of their accounts of the child’s disappearance suggested that DeOrr must have been alone for at least 20 to 45 minutes before anyone noticed his absence. 

He never went anywhere without his Toy Money, cup, and blanket, all of which were left at the campsite.

Deorr had been wearing boots several sizes too large for him.

Call to 911 made at 2:35

No signs of the child were found, missing posters were posted everywhere, everyone was on alert looking for the missing toddler. However due to how secluded it was, and other information it seems highly unlikely that the child was kidnapped.

Klein Investigations came in to look and quit, basically saying the parents knew more then they were letting on.

Sheriff at the time, Lynn Bowermen listed them suspects after they failed several polygraphs and after he claims they couldn’t keep their story straight. In interviews mother has claimed that she was stressed, sleep deprived and blocking things out so she was remembering more things.

A year after, the couple was evicted for not paying rent, and the landlord allowed investigation of the property. They Found in the search include four matchbox cars that were previously described by the parents as “missing and they did not know where they were,” as well as a camo jacket, that boy’s parents say he was wearing on the day he went missing, according to the report.

The couple had been engaged, however split after the disappearance. Jessica is now married.

Robert Walton died in June of 2019. The family had claimed that he felt guilty and that guilt took a hold of him and impacted his health. However he said that he wasn’t that close to Deorr and didn’t hold him and kiss him like women do.

Marshburn investigations, there have been several PI’s in the case. There has been a hit of human remains up at the site of some sort. Campground was closed for a while. Current sheriff list them as “Uncleard persons of interest”

Father still has the Monkey and a truck in his vehicle.

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  3. I think something happen at home with the baby and they went to the camp site to use as a cover story. I think grandpa knew and they brought the third guy and was really willing to say he was weird and throw him under the bus but it just didn’t go that way . It’s not possible if he was taken it wouldn’t be any baby cups and toys left behind what kidnapper have you heard of that takes the child’s belongings as well. Nothing of the child’s was found at the campsite. If it were animal attack like they discussed remains would have been found , clothes bones etc. notice on the snippet of the interview the mother said he (baby deorr) HAD a cute laugh and the dad corrected her saying has you can’t said had. Clear giveaway . The parents know. And we’re they givien a lie detector test? Was the house tested for blood and also check areas around the house and headed to the campsite where the child could have been buried. Was the camper or tent/ campsite tested for any dna that he was even there . Something happen to the child before they reached that campsite .. police should have focused on the house and cars for trace Evidence outside of that campsite.

    • Both mom and dad took several polygraph tests and failed ALL the tests….BOTH PARENTS BOTH FAILED

  4. I believe that deor was at the campsite until the parents and deor went to stagestop after leaving stagestop the boy was killed either accidentally or on purpose and the cover up began. They parents disposed of the boys body outside of leadore and made up the we got lost looking for deasel fuel to account for their time away from camp. After returning to camp bob and Isaac did not realize deorr was missing so the parents pretended to fish then fed bob the why weren’t you watching him story and sounded the alarm. If a timeline of when they left stagestop till they got back to camp is known then I would map and area around the outskirts of leadore based on that timeline and look for the baby’s body in that radious ret pd 1545

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