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Justin and Nick Dimel hearded cattle and they were on there way to Brymer Missuori to pick up a check for $250,000 worth from money from selling there cattle. Garland Nelson owed them the money. This wasn’t uncommon Nick and Justin had gone on trips before for selling there cattle.

Nick’s wife Lisa had talked to him on July 18 2019 and little did she know that was the last time she would hear from him. She worked at the hospital doing night shifts so by the time she got home he was already asleep and she slept in and he was gone before she woke up.

Justin and Nick flew to Missouri on July 20 and were set to board a flight home from the trip from Kansas City to Milwaukee on July 21 but never got on the plane.

Three months later, human remains found on Nelson’s farm were identified as belonging to the brothers. Nelson shot and killed the Diemels and buried their bodies on the farm, according to prosecutors’ claims in court documents filed in Caldwell County, Missouri.

“I never got to hug or kiss him goodbye, he just literally left one day and vanished,” Lisa wrote.

She barely slept or ate in those first few months but had to learn to keep going for her children. The family’s dog Kira died from a broken heart from losing Nick, she said.

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