Does Idaho state have a case against Bryan Kohberger?

Authorities are convinced that they have the right guy Bryan Kohberger but does the evidence they have against him add up?

The authorities if they are correct are saying that it would have taken Kohberger eight minutes to murder the four victims get in his car and drive away. That leaves very little wiggle room in this case.

They said they saw the getaway car a white suburban and there were several sightings of the suspects’ vehicle on the King Road area occurring at 3:29 am at 4:04 am the suspect car can be seen entering the area a fourth time and can be seen driving eastbound on Queen Road stopping and turning around in front of 500 Queen Road apartment number 52.

Then at 4:06 am you can see the vehicle driving back westbound on Queen Road when the suspect vehicle is in front of the King Road residence it appeared to unsuessfuly attempt to park or turn around in the road the vehicle then continued to the intersection of Queen Road and King Road where it can be seen completing a three-point turn and then driving eastbound down Queen Road at this point it is between 4:08-4:10 am and there are no more sightings of the suspect vehicle. It isn’t until 4:20 that it is seen exiting the area at a high speed. There is no record form the state if and when the vehicle parked at this time. It is assumed it parked and was in this little back parking area. from 4:09-4:19 is the assumed time frame.

The state is implying that the suspect vehicle belongs to Bryan Kohburger and that Bryan Kohburger alone in this extremely narrow window of opportunity of when the car was parked of approximately around eight minutes to brutally murder four healthy young individuals and this would allow one minuet each of killing and another minuet to start the car that was around the corner and make it back down to 1112 King Road to be caught exiting the neighborhood at 4:20 AM.

Police believe the killing happened between 4:00-4:20 AM Could Bryan have been driving and if he did could he have murdered and started his car in eight minuets or could this car have been patrolling the area as a look out?

This would explain the theory of a killer approaching on foot.

The police have footage of a white vehicle being around that area of the time of the murders. They said they were looking for a 2011 to a 2013 Hyundia Elantra. I do want to note while Bryan Kohlberg does drive an Elantra it is a 2015.

The police have a list of 22,000 white Elantras registered in the system. They also state that they are still looking for all of the murder weapon pieces. The only piece of information they claim to have found was the Elantra.

Kohberger’s attorney has filed in court to see these findings against there client because the police have not revealed them. His attorney is accusing the state of trying to hide it’s entire case they say it is unclear what police first relied on in focusing in this investigation on Bryan or the Elantra or any Genetic Genealogy.

How the car was first identified is a mystery to the defense and like with the DNA they are demanding answers Bryan Kohberger’s lawyers want to know exactly how the police were able to identify specifically a white Hyundia Elantra based off of these blurry images of a white sedan. They also claim that they have an analyst working this was heavily relying on a video of a car heading in the wrong direction at the wrong time.

His lawyer writes there is no explanation for the total lack of DNA evidence from the victims in Kohberger’s apartment, office, home, or vehicle.

On November 29, 2022 a WSU police officer queried that a white Elantra as registered at WSU as a result of that query he located a 2015 Hyundia Elantra with the Pensylvania license plate registered to Bryan Kohberug .

The question remains if they had his name by November 29th then why wasn’t Bryan brought for questioning about his whereabouts the night of the murders?

They could of even asked him for a DNA sample to clear him. They could have compared the DNA that was apparently found on the Kinfe sheath. But instead they to covertly follow him across the country the FBI may or may not have been surveilling his parents home. Why are they doing this backward ass DNA process? Now do they not want to show their work on how they collected trash from his families home on December 27 2022 ran that back to Idaho perhaps planted his DNA on the Kinfe sheath and case closed.

It doesn’t matter that there is no blood evidence from the victims. It doesn’t matter that there is no connection between Bryan and the victims. Maybe it doesn’t even matter if that isn’t his white Elantra. We’ve got to get DNA at the scene and that is irrefutable. There is no evidence of a stalker. There is no evidence of any social media contact between the suspect and the victims.

These are all narratives that have been told by figures who are complicit in the cover-up and no this isn’t a conspiracy theory. This is conspiracy to cover up a crime and frame an individual in order to protect the organized crime that is happening in Moscow Idaho which the police force is likely involved in but are protecting. Why else would they go to such lengths?

If you are willing to convict Kohbergh which is sentencing him to death you must also be willing to concede the eight-minute window he would have had to kill these victims and get into his car and drive away. You must concede the total lack of DNA evidence. A lack of any motive. A very shady investigation. Inconsistent vehicle identifications. A prosecution that does not want to hand over their hard evidence. And no connections what so ever to the victims. Now I am not saying that maybe the police have something and they aren’t sharing and I get not sharing it with the public but not sharing it with his defense is just wrong. When you are going to convict someone of this horrible crime you need to make sure you have the right guy. I think everyone can agree with that.

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