Dorthy Jane Scott

Dorthy (32) was a single mother, working as a secretary, doing everything needed to make it with her son. She wasn’t known for partying, or even doing to much dating, probably because she had her son and wanted time with him when she wasn’t working.

Scott had been getting eerie phone calls at work, from a man, saying creepy things. The voice was familiar but she couldn’t pinpoint it to a name. He would say things of claiming love for her, as well as say threatening things. He did once leave a dead rose on her windsheild.

The Night of May 28, 1980 Dorthy’s coworker, Conrad Bostron wasn’t looking well at a company meeting so Dorthy and another coworker, Pam Head decided to take him to the ER. (did they?) They made a quick stop to check on Dorthy’s son, then went to the ER and she didn’t leave Pam’s side the entire time while they waited for Conrad to be looked at, turns out he has been bitten by a black widow.

Around 11 pm, Dorthy went to her car, she was going to pull it to the front to pick up Conrad, however it would never pick them up, he and Pam saw Dorthy’s car blaze past them and into the night, headlights so bright they couldn’t see how many people were in the car or who was driving.

Around 4:30 am her car was found burning about ten miles away, without her, or any kidnapper in the area.

A strange caller began calling Dorthy’s parents almost weekly telling them either that had her or that he killed her. He never stayed on the line long enough for the calls to be traced . Usually he called when her mother was home alone, though the last time he ever called her father was the one to answer.

On August 6, 1984 her remains were found by a construction worker about 30 feet from a road. There was dog bones on top, but she was there as well. Also found were a ring and a watch of hers. It is believed they had been there at least two years based on that they were charred and that was when a brush fire had swept the area. An autopsy was unable to officially determine the cause of death.

Shawn’s father was out of the state, and had a good alibi.

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