Elizabeth Salgado

Moved to Provo to be around more Latter Day Saints, spoke very little English and didn’t know all that many people. She had served a mission, and already gotten a degree and was 26 years old.

April 16, 2015 she was seen leaving Noman Global Language school, walking to her apartment.

Her last text was to her sister, but it was shorter than a normal text and didn’t sound quite like her.

No activity was ever on her bank card

Remains were found May 2018 (Three years later) in Hobble Creek Canyon in Utah county, 15 miles from where she was last seen and area that is normally closed the time of year she went missing. It was off in a weird area, not somewhere you’d find hiking… was eventually found by someone who was looking for a camping spot and needed to take a bathroom break.

More recently released some of her teeth may have been missing.

Two of her uncles did live near.

Also theories by some, the person who found her.

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