Gretchen Anthony

She was an author lived in Jupiter Florida March 21 2020

She is currently missing her husband blaming her disappearance on Covid-19

Her family members say that isn’t true

David Anthony

 a neighbor reported a blood-curdling scream and a woman yelling “no, no, it hurts” the morning Anthony vanished.

Gretchen’s estranged husband David Anthony left the state and was arrested in New Mexico days later. He was extradited to Florida Thursday and charged with murder and kidnapping.

Coworkers said after Gretchen went missing, they received a suspicious email from her saying she had come down with an “acute case” of COVID-19. Rogers called the language used in the email “alarming.”

In the affidavit, police said they found Gretchen’s car in the parking lot of local hospital, but the hospital never had a record of her as a patient.

The document also said surveillance video showed a taller white male with dark hair dropping off that car. No female was ever on the video getting out of her car.

Police said blood was found in the garage of Gretchen’s home, and surveillance video showed a “water jug with a blood-like substance on it.”

The report said that the same male looked directly into a garage camera, grabbed it “with a gloved hand and [pulled] it down.” A witness identified the male in the video as David, according to the report.

She was never admitted into the hospital

Gretchen filed for divorced earlier this year.

At about 6:15 am on March 21, security footage from Gretchen’s home in Abacoa, Florida, depicts a tall man waiting within a screened-in porch. (David Anothony is 6 foot 7.)

Then Gretchen appears on the porch. Shouts ensue, including a voice demanding, “What are you doing?”

Cut to another security-video vantage point late at night on March 21: Someone lies on the floor of the garage, alongside a water jug that is smeared with blood. Next, a man attempts to disable the camera.

A Jupiter, Florida neighbor identified the man in the video as none other than Gretchen’s  husband, David Anthony.

Next, he would allegedly try to cover his tracks by using the coronavirus pandemic as a front

He sent e-mails to her work and text to her friends saying she had a sever case of Covid form her e-mail and phone.

investigators searched the house. There they found a rag and a couple of bottles of cleaning supplies. Towels and what was apparently blood were found inside the washing machine. There was broken glass, both on a stair landing and in the master bedroom, not to mention blood on a wall. and in the garage

Cell phone records indicate that on March 25, David Anthony was in Pensacola, Florida. An area jeweler later said that Anthony had attempted to sell him various pieces of jewelry, claiming they had belonged to either his mother or his stepmother, who had recently died of COVID-19. A friend of Gretchen’s would later determine that one of the pieces was a ring of Gretchen’s.

Next, David Anthony got especially creative. On March 30, he phoned Georgia authorities, who by then were searching for his missing wife Gretchen, and claimed that not only did his wife have COVID-19, she was also in hiding because she was a whistleblower who feared for her life, having exposed tax fraud at her Florida office. 

At about 10:30 p.m. on March 15, Anthony, 43, was spotted acting erratically at an outdoor plaza in Riviera Beach, Fla. He was allegedly “acting suspiciously by approaching young girls (approximately 15 years of age), pacing back and forth and sweating profusely,” the report stated He was caught by a police officer and ran from the cops when the cops got close to his car he repeativly slammed the officers hand in his door.

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