Holly Moore

19 years old she is living in Colorado she loves to spend time with her sister. the university of Colorado takes care of the elderly and taking care of her mom.

Her mom had MS March 6, 2015, Holly’s sister is waiting for her to pick her up for work. And she texts and called her when she was late. Their dad is concerned. The roommate answers the phone and the roommate says that she isn’t breathing she is seriously allergic to peanuts. Is that why?

When they got there the cop wouldn’t allow them inside Police said they passed away. She passed away suddenly they wouldn’t leave until they saw her. Her family’s shock the night before they said Holly died by strangling herself with an electric blanket.

Police didn’t see holly hanging she was down. They were told the roommate said he cut her down. She is a 6ft tall woman with a position of her she couldn’t physically hang herself and they said her hands were not in suicide position. They also said that her stuffed animals on her bed were neat and orderly and her dresses were color coordinated and that was not her.

She paid her rent two days ago and she was planning on going to go snowboarding. Police said that it was suicide and that was that. No signs of a struggle and a note on her leg. It had ten names of people that Holly had on her legs. They wrapped all the way around her leg. forensics says that they were written by two other people.

The way they were written was the same way the roommate wrote it. He denies this. He apparently worked at Wendy’s before when she did. He said that he saw her car parked outside and keys on the counter and her door was shut and they planned to go into the hot tub but he never asked her. They say Holly’s roommate isn’t a suspect. Holly’s family hire a PI they said someone cleaned it and the forensic expert that said that it is very unlikely that she hung herself with the way her neck broke when she died, her collar bone was broken which is a sign she was struggling to fight with someone not hanging herself.

Her collar bone was broken so they think they can’t commit suicide when having a collar bone broken. A medical examiner said he broke her collar bone and that this was part of the procedure but other medical examiners say that is very suspicious, Holly has been on anti-depressants 10 days before her death she stopped taking them. 8:23 pm on the night she died she sent a text to her ex. saying My body is desperately addicted to keeping me sane. He said tough it out. She said U don’t deserve a goodbye which the police took it as look it’s a goodbye.

But Holly’s family said that she has said that to him before. Holly’s sister said he was aggressive such as when she put down a window in a car and he slapped her and on her birthday he gave her birthday spankings in front of her family and she was crying saying stop till her dad had to pull him off of her. One month before her disappearance Holly’s dad got a call from her boyfriend saying Holly’s going to jump off the roof and he said what roof and he said yours.

He said I am in my front yard and she isn’t on his roof. He and her days before were fighting through text. That night she dies the names on her leg were sent to the ex-boyfriend in a text nothing else. Police won’t give them all of the evidence normally through suicide evidence they would give all of the evidence.

2019 DNA testing 2 other people were in the apartment besides the roommate that night. 15 months after her death her mother dies.

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