Is Drake Bell’s Disappearance Related to Missing 15-Year-Old Girl?

The last time anyone saw Alyssa Rogers, 15, was around 7:30 on Wednesday. Rogers, who was last seen wearing dark blue trousers and a black and white button-up shirt, was reported missing and in danger by the Daytona Beach Police Department.

The same police station soon after made a similar tweet about Bell being “missing and endangered,” placing the two disappearances only one and a half hours apart. On Facebook, comments suggesting a connection between the two events swiftly gained traction.

Bell, 36, has now been located, and law enforcement authorities are reiterating that there was no connection between the two crimes. However, the Daytona Beach Police Department revealed that Bell’s last known whereabouts before going missing were in the area of the Mainland High School neighborhood.

“At this time we can confirm law enforcement officials are in contact and Mr. Bell is safe,” a Daytona Beach Police Department.

When police commented on the original post about Bell to inform the public that he had been found safe, members of the public posted responses asking if Rogers was found with him.

“Does he have the 15-year-old with him?” one user asked in the Facebook post.

“I pray he didn’t have that girl with him,” one user added.

On Twitter, a user speculated the two might be connected and, if not, Bell’s disappearance would overshadow Rogers’.” Alyssa rogers went missing 1.5 hours apart from drake bell in the same town and he was last seen near the high school,” the user tweeted. “if they’re related this is Not good, but if they’re not, I feel awful that a child went missing the same time as a celebrity and will be overshadowed.”

Following the post, Daytona Beach police issued a clarification to their Facebook page to dispel the allegations and let people know that the two disappearances weren’t related.

The comment read, “No connection between [the] two cases, they are believed to be unrelated.”

In comparison to the post regarding Rogers, the police department’s post concerning Bell attracted a lot more internet discussion. The post regarding Bell received 5,500 likes, 6,300 comments, and 26,000 shares as of 3:45 p.m. ET on Thursday. The response to the post about Rogers was jarringly different; at of 3:45 p.m. ET, the post had 191 likes, 270 comments, and 681 shares.

Bell, who played Drake in the Nickelodeon TV show “Drake and Josh,” also has a career as a singer, songwriter, and music producer.

records with Drake Campana’s name on them.

Bell has a criminal record involving a young victim, which is probably what sparked the new social media claims. He entered a guilty plea in 2021 to accusations of child endangerment and disseminating information detrimental to minors. He had earlier entered a not guilty plea.

According to NBC News, Bell made inappropriate internet conversations with a girl in 2021 who was 15 years old, met him online, and went to one of his performances. At Bell’s sentence, the victim spoke and called him a “monster.”

Bell was given a two-year probationary period.

Bell’s encounter with the law changed in 2015 when he was allegedly caught driving under the influence and taken into custody. He was incarcerated for four days, according to Variety.

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