Jennifer Kesse

Our story takes place in Orlando, Florida, with 24 year old Jennifer Kesse. Things were going well for Jennifer, she had recently purchased her own condo and things were going well at work and over all she was happy and things were going well. She had a boyfriend, he was long distance living a few hours away but the tried to see each other every weekend and recently had gone on a vacation together.

January 23, 2006 she had a normal evening. She spoke to her family, and she spoke to her boyfriend with the call ending around 10pm. During the night at some point her phone was turned off, and she didn’t make her usual morning phone call to her boyfriend. Calls to her phone went straight to voicemail. That day she never showed up to work, which was very abnormal for her, she always called or gave heads up if she wasn’t going to make it or even if she were just being late. Eventually her boss decided to call her emergency contact, her parents and let them know that she hadn’t showed up.

Instantly her parents drove the two hours from where they lived and headed to her condo. Using an extra key they had they went into her condo, and everything inside seemed normal. The door had been locked, there was even a damp towel in the bathroom and water in the corners of the shower like she had gotten ready for the morning as she normally would. The only things missing, were her purse, keys, and phone which she would normally take to work with her.

Her car was later found about a mile away from her condo, in a higher crime area parked at a different condo. There were no signs of her herself in the car. There was a surveillance photo which caught the car being parked, however it is too grainy, and only taking pictures every three seconds the face if often hidden behind fence posts and things like that, so it is almost impossible to tell anything from the video…

More recently photos have been released the show pictures of the car, and due to patterns in the dirt/dust on the car and things it does show signs of a struggle, looks like perhaps someone was thrown on the front of the car… either way it looks like something abnormal probably happened.

It also seems, that her condo was still being built up, there were a lot of workers around all the time, it has even been said that these workers would sometimes stay in the un-purchased condos so that they didn’t have to commute to get to work. Jennifer has spoken before of the fact that it made her uncomfortable, the would often cat call her or say things that made her feel uncomfortable. So, at that time of day she was leaving there probably would have been plenty of people around, many of them construction workers going in and out finishing condos.

The state of Florida declared her dead 10 years after she went missing.


Boyfriends always come up first, and some people still think that. However, he has a strong alibi that he was in the city he lives in three hours away.

Someone put a hit out on her

Someone she worked with. Rumours have it that she had been asked out a few times by a coworker. Others say that her supervisor was jealous of her. Either way these individuals would have been able to catch her as soon as she was heading to work.

The construction workers. More than one? One was arrested a few years after for Statutory rape, and he had worked on her apartment shortly before her disappearance. He was interviewed and passed a polygraph test.



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