Jessica Chambers The girl who was burned alive.

Jessica chambers was 19 who lived in Cortland Mississippi

small town of about 500 people

December 6 2014 was just a normal day for Jessica

9 am she started off the morning picking up her friends Kiesha and Quintion they drove around in her car for a while and smoked some weed. She then took Quintion home first then Kiesha.

She then got home around 12:30 got in her jammies it was around and fell asleep on the recliner. She was started awake around 5:30 by either a text or a call. Shortly after that, Jessica left the house. Later that evening a 6:48 her mother received a call from Jessica saying that she was going to get something to eat.

Lisa Chambers pointed out that there was no music or background noise which was highly unusual for her daughter leading the senior Ms. Chambers to believe her daughter was not alone.

Glenn Williams. he and Latroy Rudd Which is the brother of Bryan Rudd which is Jessica’s ex boyfriend we’re traveling to Cortland from Lambert, MS, when they saw a fire. He said he had to go up and down two hills before they got to the scene. He also added that he looked behind him down the road to see if anyone was around. The two had been drinking beer and we’re nervous about driving so had chosen to take the back roads as to avoid police. He also said that he did not know the number to call for the fire department ( you don’t know 911?) so Mr. Rudd was the one that made the initial call. The two stayed on the scene for about 2 minutes leaving before ever seeing Jessica or anyone else.

The First responders arive around 8:12 They see this car on fire a blaze they can’t even tell what color the car is at this point. They see what looks like a zombie like figure coming out of the woods on the passanger side. First responders realize it is a girl who’s flesh looks like leather it is black charred her lips are gone her mouth is black her hair is fried it looks like someone took her finger into a light socket. She had 3rd degree burns over 93% of her body the first responder said she was only in her underwear he got a blanket and wrapped it around her. She kept complaining that she was cold. They asked her her name they said she said Thessita Thambers when they asked who did this to you? 8 responders said they either heard Eric or Dereck now what’s interesting about that is that during the first trial they said that she just said Eric or Dereck but in the second they said she said Eric set me on fire but that was never in the original report. There was also reports on one responder who asked Eric who and they swear she said no like no not Eric in the first report that was taken that day. This responder said he still has PSTD over this.

One Responder said: A middle aged African American man was said to be wearing a blue shirt and seemed suspicious he kept looking up at the car and where Jessica came out of and staring in a daze the police told him to leave and he kept staring off until he left. If police thought he was suspicious then why didn’t they question him?

She was rushed to the hospital at 8:15 police call her father to let him know what happened he was divorced from Jessica’s mom Lori but they lived close to each other Ben’s wife ran over to her house to let Jessica’s mom know what had happened they went up to the hospital. The doctors said there was nothing they could do she would need skin graphing on 93% of her body and her lungs were charred black they would need a lung and heart transplant ASAP and they simply didn’t have that on hand in this small town so her mom held her hand all night and told her that it was okay to go and she took her last breath around 2:00am I find it interesting that once she was at the hospital they said she didn’t say a word but at the scene of the crime they claim she did.

Jessica was currently dating a man named Traivs Sanford who was currently in Jail for Marijuana distribution. The police thought maybe Travis put a hit out on her from jail maybe he thought she was cheating on him. one week later after he gets out of jail he is shot with a shotgun outside of his home in Cortland. While his two kids were inside the home. Travis was in jail for 7 years

Interesting enough Ben Chambers had made several statements saying that he was not racist but he didn’t approve of bi-racial relationships and that if he ever found out who did this to his daughter he would personally like to make them hurt the way he has.

Ben Chambers has also had a past of using Meth he spent two years in jail for his meth use but now works for the police department repairing there cars. Ben Chambers has never been a suspect in the eyes of the law but social media has another opinion.

Quintion was interviewed he said yes he was with her in the morning but denied seeing her later that day he did say that a Derek Homes who was a registered sex offender was stocking Jessica

Every one in town named Eric or Derek was interrogated including Derek Homes who had a solid alibi he was rubbing his mothers feet at the time of the murder he was out in his back yard rubbing his mothers feet his mom, brother, and neighbors testified to this.

Jerry King found Jessica’s keys about 0.08 of a mile from the road of where her car was found. King in his original statement said he was pushing his daughter in her stroller and found the keys then he put them in the bottom of the stroller and called police to return them when he got home.

On trial Jerry said that he drove up in his car then saw something shiny he thought his daughter would like to play with on the road parked picked it up gave it to her and then called police when they got home to return the keys.

He also stated that police wanted to know where he found the keys so he took them to the spot and they placed them like he said he found them and put a little marker and took photos like they were crime scene photos

These keys were tested for DNA later and it was said in the first trial that Jerry’s DNA was not on the keys and that Quintions was. The second trial determened that Jerry’s could not be confirmed but Quintions was not found on the keys but there were 4 unknown males DNA and two females DNA on the keys one being Jessica.

Her phone was found under the passenger seat’s door it was broken but DNA was never tested on the phone.

Jerry did not go to the second trial because it came out that he was a sex offender.

The police were able to obtain a contact list of everyone in Jessica’s phone and cell phone and text messages this took over 3 months to finally obtain but they eventually did.

In doing so they found out Quintion erased all of his text and calls from Jessica he said he wasn’t going to need her in his phone anymore because he wasn’t going to contact her anymore. The FBI agent questioning him and they said they didn’t ask him why he deleted them at the time.

Quinton said they basically had a friendship and they had sex one time. This was the only time and it was in her car. He said the sex happened the same week of death He erased all communication between the two of them the same week she was found murdered. He said he was scared of being connected to a girl who passed away.

They were also able to get surveillance from the M&M stop which is a little shop to get gas, and food basically the only stop in this one town so a lot of people hung around there.


November 29 Jessica calls Quintion for the first time she calls him too but she didn’t save his number in her phone.

December 2nd she goes into the emergency room Quinton was with her

December 3rd she asked Jessica for sex and she denied him

December 4 she broke her phone Quinton texted her saying i’m horny and she text back Oh lord naw

December 5th she asks him for money for something to eat he then says I would like to eat you.

minuets later there is surveillance at the M&M gas station Quintion is seen walking to her car that is there at the gas station and then talking to her and then walking back to his home.

December 6th: Day of her murder

Surveillance video at the M&M gas station 8:55am getting breakfast

9:01 she sent a text she was at her house

9:06 Quintons mothers car leaves

10:04 she calls Quintion last 63 seconds

10:008 shes at the M&M

10:09 he text her saying shes ready

10:10 am jessica is on camera talking to two guys then she is seeing pulling into Quintions driveway they head south on US 51

10:15-10:47 Driving circles on back roads

10:18 am she calls Keishia Myers who is her friend

10:33 am Jessica calls Keishia again

10:47 am Quintion calls his sister the same sister who has Eric on her hand

11:00 She drops Quintion and then Keishia off at there houses

12:30 she gets home and takes a nap until about 5:00

5:25 she is at the M&M store

she calls Quintion at 5:29 she gets his voice mail

5:34 he calls her back

Her cell phone pings at taco bell and he said he was with her the second time he was interviewed so this adds up

He claimed to get a ride from Taco Bell with Big Mike but Big Mike said he was at the tittans game and this can be confirmed.

6:30 her cell phone pings around his house

He said they went back to her house and smoked weed for about 30 mins in her car.

7:00 p.m. — Some children put a freezer pizza in the microwave, smoking up the whole house. Cortland and Pope fire departments respond to a call of a possible structure fire at the home of Julia Chambers, no relation to Jessica Chambers, but she is a relative of Quinton Tellis.

7:30 her phone pinged at the scene of the murder

7:43 calls Jessica

7:43 text saying Bae I’ll see you tomorrow a friend is coming over sweet dreams

He was at a dollar store in Batesville at 7:45

8:04 her phone is also shut off

8:12 first responders responded to the car on fire

8:30 police call the dad

But they never took Quintions phone his phone was inconclusive

They never searched his house or Shed there was a gas can in his shed but they can not say if it was empty or not.

They don’t know where either party was at 7:26 they said someone went into Quintions driveway but they can’t prove who it was or what car it was.

The DA stated that he walked up the street get to his sisters house go to his house get the can of gas set her on fire and drive back up to Batesville?

Jessica was connected to pope which is 3-4 miles south so she wasn’t at his house at that time. Which is the murder scene

Cell phone towers if you are picking up one you are already connected to your gonna be connected to it until you fully run out of service being connected to it.

She had 3rd degree burns her mother held her hand until her last breath. When she was at the hospital she wasn’t recorded saying anything to her mother about who did this and why

What if she had a can in her car a gas can and she was smoking weed in her car her car caught on fire she had a gas can in her trunk in case she ran out of gas when you live in a rual area some people have a gas can in the in case you run out of gas They did say they had one gas station in town at the M&M store and she was smoking weed maybe her car blew up blew up the gas can and she swerved off the road while the car was on fire. what if she didn’t change her oil and it blew up. All it takes is she was at the gas station right before she gets some gas on her pants smokes some weed gets a spark on her pants it sparks she takes her clothes off hit hits the gas can and blows up the car. Maybe she is saying an-accident on Eric.

Put your tongue at the roof of your mouth Tellis kinda sounds like Eric

Police never thought this was an accident they automatically called this a homicide

Robert Lynn said he knew the real Jessica that she was hard into drugs and that she was a gang girlfriend but not in the gag she was selling them drugs.

Quintion claims not guilty he also passes a polygraph

Did Quintions sister do this?

First trial the DA was saying that Quintion strangled her in her car, then took her car to the crime scene to distance himself then walked to his sisters house got her car got the gas can in his shed went back to the crime scene and set her on fire.

The first autopsy also said she had gas in her lungs which indicated someone poured it down her throat

the second trial Sherry said she picked him up at the crime scene then he goes to his sisters house go back to his house car is seen pulling out they think then he goes back to the scene put her on fire and then goes to Bakersville.

Quintions sister also took the stand the second trial and said she was with Big Mike which they already disproved that Mike was at the game and wasn’t with either of them is lying she said she was with big mike and he wasn’t he was at the game at the titans game.

DA says Quintion drove her car to the crime scene walked to his sisters house walking distance is a 43 min walk to his sisters house. This wouldn’t be possible according to the DA’s Cell phone data for him to do this and get to Batesville before her body was found Crime Scene is 6 mins from his house Batesville is 10 mins from the crime scene

But if he got a ride if it took him 6 mins to get to the crime scene got a ride which was a 7 min drive and a 4 min drive to his house and another 6 min back to the crime scene and another 6 mins to get to Batesville. Not including anytime waiting for a ride or getting the keys from his sister or the time to take the gas can from his shed that is a total of 29 mins that would be cutting it close. They stated they both had 47 mins where there was unknown whereabouts of both parties. That is possible but cutting it very very close.

FBI agent said he saw a 5gallon gasoline on Quitions shed thing is a lot of people have gasoline in there sheds everyone has access to it.

Eric Hill is Quintins sisters cousin same on her hand

in another interview she said that Eric was an ex lover

Quintion is right now in Jail for using this other woman who was murdered named Ming He was charged of using her debt card and is still waiting trial for her possible murder

Police files of Jessica chambers been deleted?

Ming found with about 30 puncture wounds to her neck and chest area

Quntion was seen and verified to be around Ming the same time as her murder. Neighbors of Ming said Quinton was strange he would knock on there doors asking if they knew when she would be home and was kind of stocking her. Cellphone records said that he was within 200 yards of her when she died.

speculation is that they were together and they they got into a fight and he strangled her and then he thought she was dead so he drove her car down the road and lit it on fire for good measure. Threw the keys and her phone on the side of the road.

He went to a jury trial but it was a hung jury. There was no DNA on her phone or keys that connected him to the murder. Having his phone ping off the same cell tower they said wasn’t unusual they lived in a small town and a lot of the same cell phones pinged off the same towers.

The next witness to take the stand was Kesha Myers. Ms. Myers testified that she was a close friend of Jessica Chambers and was introduced to Quinton Tellis through her. She also stated that Tellis was in the car when Chambers picked her up at about 10 that morning.  The trio rode around to “just hang out” and smoke marijuana for about 1-2 hours. They dropped Tellis off first on Hwy 51 near M & M grocery. She elaborated that Chambers also got out of the car and exchanged a hug with Tellis adding that although the hug appeared to be reciprocated, she had the feeling Chambers was afraid to hug Tellis.

“This is beyond murder,” Jessica’s father said then. “This is a revengeful, hateful killing.”

Tellis, now 29, is serving a five-year sentence in a Mississippi state prison after an unrelated conviction for burglarizing an unoccupied dwelling, according to jail records.

FBI agents targeted members of gangs named “Black Gangster Disciples,” “Vice Lords” and “Sipp Mob,”

17 gang members arrested after her murder

She went to this house for teen’s/ young adults for a month called Leah’s House it is somewhere to help you get back on track the family said when she came back she was an inspired woman and seemed like she was getting her head back on track after her brothers death. She seemed to be her old self again. But a week after she got back she said her friends were in a fight with her her words were “These bitches think i’m snitching” rumors were that since her dad was a mechanic for the police that she was an informant and was going to get some of the gang and drug dealers in trouble with the law.

Bryan Rudd is interviewed his thoughts on what happened to Jessica.

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