Kelli Bordeaux Friday 13th murder

Friday April 13, 2014

Fayeville North Carolina

she was a private in the Army

she went to fort brag

The Army called her mother to let her know she didn’t show up

she was going with friends on a firday night to a local bar and then vanished into thin air

Her moms first thought was she will be found in a few hours shes just at a friends house she didn’t really panic.

Then a whole day went by and she started to panic and called police

There was a massive hunt the next morning when she didn’t show up to work there were over 600 people who came out to search for her.

Everyone who knew her said it wasn’t like her to skip out on obligations she wouldn’t of missed formation.

They had several suspects

Nickolace Holder last seen with her and the bartender

Mike Boredoex her astrained husband broke up with him a week later

Justin Thomsan dating her at the time

There was also a theory that someone stalked her and followed her the night she went missing

Kelly was last seen at the Froggy Bottoms Bar where she was seen drinking, playing pool and singing kaerokee

Kelly gave Mike a $1000 and a one way ticket to Florida and said we are done this was a week before her disappearance

Mike publicly came back to Fayeville and stated that he and Kelly didn’t break up.

He was the concerned husband who was taking part of the media and the searches

Kelly’s mom wasn’t buying it. She flat out asked him if he did something to her daughter. He didn’t respond he just hung up the phone on her.

Mike called back and denied hurting Kelly. In the meantime Police are checking out Mikes alibi was he really in Florida when Kelly disapeared?

Because of cell phone laws police weren’t able to get ahold of Kellys cell phone records. But they did get her new boyfriends Justin Thomson to allow them to search his records. She was texting him that night. Justin didn’t see the the last text she had that night. She texted him Call Me. He said she was texting him that night and he was worried because she mentioned she was hanging out with the bar tender and he texted her telling her to be careful that guy is creepy. Nick Holbert

Nick said She asked him for a ride to and from the bar around 1-1:30 she asked for a ride home and she got out right at the entrance of medow brooke he said she said you can stop right here and i’ll walk

Kelly’s last text to her new boyfriend read got home safe I am tired and drunk call me tomorrow this was a 1:34 am

Nick Holbert had charges of when he was a teen of raping a 5 year old girl

He was required by the law to put down his address because he was a registered sex offender. It wasn’t unusual for him to jump form place to place. When he got the job at Froggy Bottoms he was actually sleeping out in the woods behind the bar.

What do you think happened?

At this time Police have confirmed that Mike and Justin both had solid alibis.

Kelly’s sister saw the text message and she told the detective that isn’t the way she sounds especially when she is drunk she wouldn’t of sent this text message.

Nick was corropertive with police he gave them a DNA sample did a pollygraph and passed and even allowed them to search his car.

They had no evidence against him but because he was a registered sex offender and didn’t register his address police were able to throw him in jail.

Kelly was confirmed to be picked up by Nick but when tested Kellys DNA wasn’t anywhere in the car. Here was the issue with the car. It was dirty filled with Trash Clothing he obviously was living in his car so it isn’t a surprise to detectives that they couldn’t get a DNA test that Kelly was there.

Nick used Netting, Duck tape rope to “protect” himself from wildlife.

There was a private investigator David Holburg that was following this case and was talking to Nick on his own he was trying to befriend him to see what he could get out of him.

The detective started playing games with Nick he made a fake doctument saying that if he came forward with any information that he would only do a max of 36 months in jail. He sat there and thought about it. He refuesed to sign though saying no they are just gonna change there minds

He also had a friend that looked like he was in an unmarked police vehical hang around where he was staying he would tell this detective that they were always watching him and he was getting very paranoid over it.

He convinced Nick to go to Froggy Bottom and start this all over he said lets take this step by step of that night. He drove him there and Nick went straight to the back about 300 feet of the bar. The detective asked him if he did something with Kelly and he said yes.

He told him Nick it is okay that you might not remember the middle stuff the bad stuff ( sometimes the brain blocks them out) but if you remember the end where she is I want to help you get this heavy burden on his chest. He was making it sounds like he was on his side.

David then called police to have them meet them at the makeshift burrial site.

31mins Nick talks about how she found out he was a sex offender and how she called him out and he snapped he knocked her out and took her back to his place and when she woke up he kept hitting her and couldn’t stop until she was dead. He claims he never had sex with her.

He said then he drove down a couple hundred of feet and pulled over and dug a grave for her and threw her in. He said you’re gonna find her jacket covering her a bag over her head. He refused to go to her grave site with police.

So the detective followed David to where he found her body.

Nick also admitted to making that last text on her cell phone

Detective called Kelly’s mother and told her what he found. He said her voice cracked and she didn’t know what to say.

Kelly’s mother says she thanks David for all the work he did and she still thinks today if he didn’t dig into this case her daughter would never been found. She was able to get up on stand and tell him how she felt. She told him to go to hell that she would never forgive him.

Kelly’s mom gave David Kelly’s dog tags. David goes to say if he knew her and her family before all of this he would of taken care of Nick as soon as he found him. He would of been the Judge Jury and exicutioner

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